Chioggia Daikon Juice – a refreshing bittersweet beverage

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I love drinking fresh raw juice. Lately, I’ve been experimenting new juices to see what combinations work well and I’ve been trying to incorporate more bitter vegetables into my diet.

Bitter foods help reduce sugar cravings and help balance out digestion.

According to Healthline, bitters are an immune booster because they help facilitate stronger immunity, and help in reducing overall stress.

Here is a really good bitter juice that I came up with the other day with leftovers in my refrigerator. I absolutely fell in love with this juice and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Chioggia Daikon Juice


1/2 to one cucumber – peel and sliced

5 celery stalks – wash and cut out bruised or bad parts

1 Chioggia Beet – slice it into chunks

1 lemon – peel lemon and add the whole lemon with seeds

1 apple – cut up into chunks

1 medium-sized daikon radish – cut it up into chunks

Take all the ingredients and juice them in a juicer to extract all the liquid.

Serve and Enjoy

(Note: Honey can be added into your glass of juice and stirred vigorously for a touch of sweetness.)

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