Definition of autoimmune disease – Immune disfunction and rejection

It is devastating to find out if you have an autoimmune disease and not know why or what is going on with your body. It can ruin people’s lives and cause the pursuit of happiness to be stalled. If you know what I am talking about, you have been on a rough road trying to heal and recover and you probably have seen too many doctors, have been in much pain and are fed up with your condition.

I do not know what that is like, but I have known others in my life that have had their path to happiness halted. Fortunately, I have had surprisingly good heath over the years, and I have not encountered anything that is affecting my immune system on this level, at least not that I know of currently. However, there is still reason to watch out for it as it is becoming much more common, almost epidemic in our ever growing technological civilization. It is very high in women where the percentage of autoimmune disease is higher than it is in men.

We all need to have a watchful eye on our health, even men too because in our society today, it is becoming more and more toxic. We have more air pollution, chem trails, GMO foods that we ingest, specifically when they are not labeled, rancid oils, radiated foods, over consumption of sodium chloride, dehydration, malnourishment due to poor nutrition and a never ending fight against chemical poisons that are in vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter medications, smoke inhalation, poisons in our water and food like glyphosate, chlorine, bromine, solvents in our makeup and chemical cleaners we use daily to tidy up our homes.

We are being bombarded with toxins in our environment and it is affecting our internal environment. Consequently, our immune system is protesting and becoming less efficient at defending us when we need it to never give up on us. In this blog post I will be talking about the definition of autoimmune disease and why do autoimmune diseases occur.

Definition of autoimmune disease

What is an autoimmune disease? Definition of an autoimmune disease as we need to compartmentalize it is not that complex because it is an immune system that is broken, malfunctioning and out of whack, period. It is an immune system that is not functioning property like it is supposed to do. So, it does the opposite of what it is designed to do: attacks itself as a foreign body.

Why do autoimmune diseases occur?

Why do autoimmune diseases occur? This is a great question that has many variables attached to it. Many in the medical field do not really know and can only speculate. There is not much known about autoimmune diseases. There are some health experts or health educators out in their field that do feel they know. Let us dive into a few.

1. The need for pathogens: As Dr. Mercola says on his website, he believes that our bodies are, and I quote: “…. crying out for dirt.” What is in dirt? Bacteria. What is it that we are made of? Bacteria, thousands of them and not all have been identified by science especially in the gut micro flora or microbiome.

He states and I quote: Ironically, the very advances that represent all that is modern in the world – hand sanitizers, treated water, refrigeration — have created their very own set of diseases.” Basically, our diet, our current living environment day to day are becoming void of bacteria, pathogens’ and other viruses that are an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle.

We are in an active war against ourselves. We are at war with pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Dr Mercola states: “Today much of our food is pasteurized, irradiated, sterilized and made so that bacteria – even the good kind – can no longer survive. We need them for our survival and specially to thrive well.

Do you not see that this is so especially important in a reality we must grasp? If we fight against our natural world and our bodies, our bodies will fight against us. Why? Because we are a part of them and they are a part of us and because being exposed to nature’s bounty of life is nature’s vaccine.

It is our God given right to be inoculated with life and to allow life to protect us from anything that would harm us. Just as it is known that all life on earth is alive and here to assist our survival, so is it our responsibility to survive within that natural world and form a partnership within it.

2. Missing microbes in the microbiome: According the Dr. Axe on his website about autoimmune disease, he states that when Bacteroides fragilis bacteria are not in the gut, there is an imbalance of homeostasis. Science is showing that without this bacterium, autoimmune diseases are erupting in our populations more aggressively than ever before.

The evidence is pointing to an inflammation of immune cells. According to the article this strand of bacteria is in danger of going extinct. Yet, it is a much-needed pathogen that helps to manage our body chemistry and inflammation. He also recommends eating dirt to help heal the flora and fauna of our internal power source, that microbiome.

3. Genetic predisposition and environmental hazards: According to Very Well Health, it is known that if you come from a family of autoimmune disease, the offspring are likely to be predisposed to it as well. It is in the family genes. Specific ethnic populations get some awfully particular types of autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and psoriasis.

Some people, however, may only get an autoimmune disease if there is what is called an “Environmental trigger” or a catalyst of toxins that are introduced into the body that it cannot handle on its own.

Very Well Health states that environmental conditions that may affect the human body to bring forth that autoimmune condition is at 70% of all people getting an autoimmune disease. Such toxins like inhaling smoke from cigarettes, taking in too much salt in the diet and being exposed to sever infections such as Epstein-Barr which is a human herpesvirus. That is a high percent.

Even higher, Dr. Weil on his website says: “Of the 50 million Americans who have autoimmune diseases, 75 percent are women.” That’s very interesting. I wonder if it’s because of being exposed to too many toxins rather than our opposite sex. I am not sure, but it is fascinating.

We must look at our internal and external environments. What types of toxins are our bodies being exposed to that instigates, confuses and disorientates the body’s immune system? Our bodies cannot handle the fighting, the overwhelming mismatch of signals on what it must do, is causing immune dysfunction at a very fundamental, real level. When is too much, too much? This is when autoimmune disease shows its face to the world.


Eating a healthy diet full of good bacteria, not dirty contaminated poisonous food, breathing air that has healthy bacteria, not polluted air, playing in the garden within healthy soils, not contaminated ones, having intimate social gatherings with like-minded individuals, engaging in passionate sexual activity with lovers, and being exposed to our natural environment is essential to life and being immune fit.

Dr Weil says on his blog post that there are over 80 autoimmune diseases that are known. This is outstanding! If anyone thought that a civil war was going on, yes, it is, inside our bodies especially when our immune system starts to fail.

Autoimmune diseases commence when the immune systems get confused by attacking itself, producing antibodies and more white blood cells form to flood the system by going on the attack. It is war, war with our own internal body tissues, organs, blood, everything… we become unidentifiable to our immune system and so it attacks the very thing it is trying to protect, you.

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