Does eating sugar feed cancer? Food for a quiet unseen disease

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Our world has been infiltrated with sugar. As a society and in our own family tribes we don’t know what life is like without traditional advertised sugar.

For most of us in our population we do not know what it’s like living life healthy and I mean vibrantly healthy. What could life be like living without diseases such as cancer?

Some people are so sick all the time and there’s no hope for recovery. Why? Isn’t nature and God on our side?

I say yes. First and foremost we need knowledge to help ourselves because in this amazing universe that we all live in, it IS here to support us and our everyday needs.

Haven’t you ever heard that God helps those that help themselves?

Yes and yes. I believe we can say yes.

If one is not willing to try, there’s no hope for recovery.

So, here’s my thought- we just have to obtain the right formula to allow for healing. If we don’t have the right information, we’re not going to know how to beat cancer or any other diseases for that matter.

It’s a challenge to not allow disparity to take over, mentally and physically. Let’s not let depression take over; it can really set into the mind and body if allowed.

I say take back your power and let’s find some answers. In that way you are helping yourself succeed. The answers are out there.

Vibrant healthy living means we are basically glowing with robust vitality and that we have this inner energy that regenerates and flows with ease throughout our cells creating inner strength in our immunity while having endurance in fitness.

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The beauty of being healthy is in the rewards it brings. It’s so worth the efforts, the time and the money to do it right because it means that within our cells and in our minds, we are able to thrive well and live a long life.

The truth is that we can all live without white sugar, high fructose corn syrup and all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and survive just fine.

In this blog post I am going to discuss does eating sugar feed cancer, and how does sugar feed cancer cells?

Does eating sugar feed cancer? Food for a quiet unseen disease

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Does eating sugar feed cancer? Yes! Yes it does. Even though there’s many people out there in our society or even people in our medical establishments that are not directly saying it does, evidence is pointing in this direction.

I believe it’s only a matter of time until it becomes mainstream knowledge that if one has a problem with insulin, then eating sugar may have a higher price tag connected to it. One will have a higher risk factor for getting cancer because the percentage of getting cancer will be higher.

A person with the inability to metabolize sugar efficiency, will have future health concerns and only if this is the case, then a spoonful of sugar is NOT your friend.

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A spoon full of sugar goodies comes with a BIG price, your life and that can include cancers, many types of cancers.

So sorry Mary Poppins, but does that spoonful of sugar have a substitute of stevia in it instead? If it does then I’ll take the raw honey or stevia otherwise; No thank you very much!

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According to Lewis Cantley, PhD, who works at the Meyer Cancer Center in New York, he believes it does contribute.

On the website WedMd: Cancer and Sugar: Is There a Link? Dr. Cantley says sugar increases insulin levels in the body which could contribute to cancer because of those higher insulin levels. This is something to think about especially if one has been diagnosed with cancer.

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Please consult your doctor first and foremost before changing your diet and take a good hard look at what kinds of sugars you are consuming daily.

Some sugary foods spike insulin more quickly than others like high fructose corn syrup and all white sugars versus natural fruits and vegetables or carbohydrates. You can view this on a glycemic index chart.

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This worldwide habit of eating sugar has caught up with us all. The staggering amount of cancers that are popping up all around globally is a testament to an unbalanced environment inside and outside ourselves.

Do you ever wonder why so many people eat so much sugar? Yes, it’s something I’ve been thinking about too.

Sugar is so readily available and accessible that buying almost anywhere is easy. Why?

Well, it’s because eating sugar is the most encouraged activity in our society and probably one of the most enjoyable experiences we all have from childhood and onward. Just look how much candy and cancer are proliferating around the world.

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Just watch TV commercials that advertise it. When you eat French fries and have ketchup on them, you’re eating sugar! We don’t think about sauces and salad dressings especially when we think we’re trying to be healthy!

Watch your family and friends buy it. See everyone around you who’s eating it, having sugar parties, going to the ice cream shop and experiencing sugar cravings. It’s everywhere and so hard to get away from because it’s in almost everything that we eat!

No wonder cancers are so rampant. Sugar is food for cancer cells. Now, let’s explore why…

How does sugar feed cancer cells? A disfunction in cellular metabolism

At Dr. Mercola’s blog Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease,” his blog states that sugar brings damage to our cells, specifically our mitochondrial functions.

So, how does sugar feed cancer cells? We’ll, let’s take a look at what Dr. Mercola has to say on this subject. Dr Mercola says and I quote:

The mutation of a cell, fed by your daily sugar habit, may grow into cancer. Cell mutation from sugar consumption occurs after mitochondrial damage.

That is truly astounding!

We are not being taught this in school, yet many children have lots of sugar throughout their day.

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A 2008 Belgium study shows how cancer metabolizes sugar and how our mitochondria are affected and I quote:

“[Otto] Warburg believed a defect in the mitochondria of cancer cells allows the cells to use glycolysis to fuel growth, which suggests cancer is actually a metabolic disease that is affected by your diet.

That’s eye-opening to know that sugar not only feeds cancer, it’s also a catalyst for cancer to start replicating. Wow! Does that not give you chills?

This process allows the cancer cells to grow and multiply because sugar is feeding the cancer cells the right nutrient formula that it needs to replicate in that mutated cellular environment.

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So, in essence he is saying that our genetic inheritance is not responsible for creating cancer!

This is huge. Its like a big lie is being busted here. You’re family genetics are not causing cancer. Genetically you could be more predisposed to cancer, but it’s not the cause of your cancer.

It’s the internal environmental conditions in our bodies that are being setup for allowing the cells to mutate, to become damaged and then to turn into cancer cells. This is phenomenal!

Dr. Mercola calls this activity and I quote a “defective energy metabolism in cell mitochondria.”

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There’s a man named Dr. Thomas Seyfriedwho wrote a book called Cancer as a Metabolic Disease and he has written many scientific papers on this topic. He is saying that cancer is not genetic, it’s a breakdown of our cellular metabolic functions.

Here in this YouTube video you can watch him speak: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease with Dr. Thomas Seyfried.

Knowing this we can all start to reevaluate our diet. By understanding that our internal environment is vital to health, we can make the proper adjustments in which foods to eat.

Knowing that what we eat is a direct correlation to either creating health or creating illness in the body, there can be no denial that we manifest our own healthy body or a sickly body.

We need to pay attention to our bodies better on a much deeper level in the enlightened awareness of how food consumption, especially sugar utilization affects us.

Again, this goes back to what I was talking about earlier in one of my other blogs. We all need to be eating in a state of mindfulness and loving consideration for ourselves. We must start connecting with our bodies intuitively by practicing mindful eating.


Realizing now that sugar is so detrimental to our cellular metabolism and is actually harmful, why would anyone want to continue down a destructive path to disease?

We as a society already know that eating sugary foods and drinks causes obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses. Why wouldn’t it be a risk factor for cancer as well?

Doctors, people in authority and even some scientists need to stop ignoring this major component to cancer and start helping their cancer patients get well by eliminating processed sugar from their diet.

I hope that any cancer patient’s family will help make the changes necessary to start the healing process, especially if doctors are not going to be that caring. Otherwise, we have to rely on ourselves first and foremost.

Today we learned that yes, sugar feeds cancer cells and how that process makes us sickly.

I hope through this blog post you’ve been able to make a connection between your own diet and cancer because this is about life and death.

Which do you choose? Are you going to choose sickness and death or are you going to choose life? I hope that you do choose life. Life is so awesome and so amazing.

It’s much easier to live life pain free then in pain, struggling to live life each day with illness is much more difficult.

May you be blessed with an abundance of vitality and vibrant blissful healthy living.

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