Does fear control people?

When I think of the word fear, I think of a deer in the headlights standing frozen in time. There is no concept of time and there is no concept of thought. All that there is, is fear. It freezes us in time and nothing else exists but the fear of what is coming in the now, what is in the moment right now, death.

And if it is not physical death of the body coming for us, it is the fear of whatever negative consequence is about to occur in our life. That is a change, a change in the self-awareness of our physical molecules and how they vibrate within our conscious reality. There becomes a new reality within our emotional thoughts and physical reactions. Our reactions create a new paradigm of reality based in the fear we feel.

In that reality, there is certain change and unwanted behavior conducted by the fear generators. This fear installed into you is programing you, not to behave the way you want to behave. That is some serious control. It is a death in a way, a death of self if you comply to what you want verse what everyone else or your government wants.

This form of control is a form of negatively creating reality away from the positive. It is a form of creating reality, not from love, not from compassion or reasonable compatible conversations between two people. It is a form of creationism made from fear, with a goal of a new matrix of reality that is fear based for all of us to live in, to live life by and react by and be consensual to authority within this environment.

Is this what you want?

I truly believe if we as individuals, male and female, girls, and boys, young and old all living in society, start to live life on our own terms and not by what some government or corporation can dictate, we will truly find freedom. We will all learn to master our fear and recognize how it is truly controlling us and truly manifesting a reality of life that we truly do not choose.

They are choosing for us with fear as the catalyst, our unconscious consent to live life in a fear-based society, and it is a life of death, of darkness, of compliance and in complete fear of life. I do not want this, do you?

What are you afraid of? Have you ever thought about it? Are you afraid of dying? Are you afraid of spiders? What about being confined in a box? Claustrophobia anyone? What about getting an uncurable disease? There are hundreds of things to be fearful of.

How does it limit us ? How does it limit you in your life?

How does it stop us from healing our bodies and continuing our path of spiritual growth? It halts it, yes.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about how your habits might be in direct relation to what you fear? Or maybe you are afraid of being rejected? These fears hold us back and destroy our true path in life ultimately controlling our minds.

When we live in fear, we live without love. It is what fraudsters do. They put us in fear which causes an emotional reaction and gets us to respond in a way that is against our nature. This is what we must overcome to live in a peaceful life of harmony. In this blog post I am going to talk about does fear control people? 

Does fear control people?

So, you want to know… does fear control people? Yes, fear controls people, masses of people. It has been happing for centuries through propaganda, acting, the lies of pharmaceutical ads and corrupt evil people that want to control the world.

And it is all done through evil intention by elite organizations of people in power called the Rothschilds or called the Globalists. They are the ones that throughout the centuries have made up that 1% of the corrupted wealthy.

They have been in control of our society, our thoughts, our banking systems, and their whole goal is to get into our minds and brainwash us all because they want full control.

How do they do it? They do it with fear.

Fear is basically a very strong way to control the mind, and this is done mainly through our televisions, satanic movies, satanic music and with some doctors that follow big pharma trying to pollute not just our minds, but our bodies with poison and dead food.

They give us no hope and make us fearful of manmade diseases, diseases in general and they want us to buy a cultural lie that death is the end. When in truth, we do not die.

News Flash – We never die because our soul is everlasting. It is only the shell of the body that takes death. Yes, the body does die, but our spiritual soul does not die, we are an everlasting-ever-burning light of love, soul consciousness and we are God created. Yet, we are taught to fear death and that death is unknown.

This is a lie, death is not unknown, and death is not the end, it is only the beginning. Like my father would say, “Death is just like walking through an open door.” Once we get to the other side, we have been transformed into another world of bliss.

Mind control has been such a large part of our society, it destroys our trust in what we think of as our superiors and in our government. In truth we are all equal.

We can have this same mind control over our own psyche, our own life, our own health, and our own immune system. We just need to take control over our own decisions, and our own thoughts. In that simplicity, we can change our reality, we change our world.

As Cathy O’Brien said on the Charlie Ward’s show: “Fear is the bases, the primary bases of mind control.” She stated very clearly that this whole Covid-19 lockdown situation is about mind control for a larger agenda such as the new world order of the globalists. She says to paraphrase, that fear is just another way of adding mind control to our society and she said that “Financial control is another form of mind control because it keeps people in a slave mode and dependent mode.”

That is so fascinating. I believe that banks do this quite often. Have you ever tried to get a large amount of money out of your bank account? Sometimes it is very difficult because they make it seem like your money is not your money. Maybe it is not your money once it is deposited into their bank? Even if it is insured? Well, what a thought.

They do not tell you that in the fine print. I am just reading between the lines here. These banks then lend it out to others for loans and make interest on those loans. So, of course they do not want you to take it out of their financial institution.

Many people do not know how banks operate fundamentally, they think of their bank as a holding place for their money and that their financial institution has their best interests at heart. This is furthest from the truth. The reality is that it is all business, that is all.

Have you ever heard of some couples who have been together for years maybe 40 years or more and when one passes away, the other one must take control of the finances? The surviving loved one does not know anything about finances, and they are completely lost. They are put in total fear about how to live life now and there is lack of knowledge to living their day-to-day life without understanding of how to manage their money. This is very sad.

How does one get financial help after a loved one dies? There is no partnership in one partner having all the information and the other partner has nothing. That is financial control too, in a marriage.  

Our government has financial control over us currently, by keeping the poor poorer, having us pay high taxes, creating inflation by printing of more money and thus by ultimately making the rich richer. Again, this is financial control. They do it also by rigging the stock market in their favor. It is abusive and mind controlling.

Cathy O’Brien also stated that because history was rewritten, we must take back our power and we must get out of fear. One way to do that is to know our true history.

How do we do that?

She simply says that: “We have to know where we’ve been to know where we are going.” So, in essence, we need to learn the truth about how we got to this point. She says we need to live life in intention and joy and find our purpose again after it has been destroyed. And as Charlie Ward says we are moving from darkness into the light.

Yes, I agree, we are truly in a transition, in history right now. We are not here to be controlled in our lives and to continue being in slavery. We are here now in this time to be learning about our true history and about learning how to love ourselves deeply.

We have been suffering in slavery for so long. It is time to break this bondage by reclaiming inner peace and freedom of thought. It can be done. It is a daunting task currently and very challenging in our times, but regardless of the struggle, we can do it. Persistence is key, and knowledge is power. Cathy O’Brien says, “we can reclaim our self-control and self-purpose.” 

How do we do this?

Self-Reliance and learning are the keys here, along with love and understanding of each other.

Cathy O’Brien hits the nail on the head when she says that: “Knowledge is our defense against mind control.” In her background history if you do not know of it, she was forced into sex trafficking at an early age for 30 years and is a survivor of the CIA’s Mind Control program called MK Ultra.

She is a beautiful person who can teach us all about our dark history in America and globally. She says that artificial chemicals being added into our foods, our air our water and our oceans are also a form of mind control.

An example is the additive aspartame, which is put into many candies and gums, it dumbs down the body, it dumbs down the brain. It embalms the body with formaldehyde because it turns into this chemical once our body reaches over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and it usually is between 93-96! That’ is pretty scary. Again, more fear food for you. Are you going to let it control you?

Did you know that this was in your gum? Yes, we are embalming ourselves with additives like aspartame. Gross! And if you do not know it, formaldehyde is used in preserving dead people to slow down the decomposition process of death.


What I want to speak to here is that fear is truly a trap of the mind. It is a trap to our daily life and how we are going to behave in this life of our choosing. It dictates us negatively into compliance. It dictates what we do, how we do it and who we answer to. It is a lie that we must live in fear, and this lie needs to be demolished with awareness and action.


Watch yourself react to fear. Everytime you go into fear, see what your body does, see what you think in your thoughts and be objective to yourself so that you can change the trap.

Ask yourself what does this fear want me to do? Then do the opposit. Breathe and think about it.

Fear can put your body in a paralyzing situation just like the deer in the headlights. It compromises our thoughts and our body and causes our health to decline, our immunity to weaken and our strength to diminish.

So, I ask you all to please stand together and say no to fear because fear has been controlling our lives for over a year with COVID lockdowns, masks, and this ritualistic satanic way of living. It is not right; it is not normal; it is abusive, and it is not what God intended for us.

Now it is time to have discernment and bring ourselves to a higher level of consciousness in what we choose to put in our bodies. Nature provides all the solutions to us in the natural world and in food because these answers are all God given.

We need to just be kind to ourselves and start now with the foods you are eating and make a conscious choice to choose organic foods that are full of life. Start now with no masks, start now with no poisions, start now with no lockdowns, start now with the word NO. No, I will not comply to stop my life.

Choose foods that are not dead with poisons and preservatives that not just dumb us down mentally overriding our minds and contaminating our blood and our spirit. Choosing foods that have energy is something that our DNA, our cells in our body will understand and know. Your body will thank you for it because it will feel the life force within it.

Remember that light pushes out the dark, love overcomes the hate, and life creation is the manifestation made by God.

He gives us everything we need naturally here on Earth. We need nothing else other than what is God given, nature given and provided naturally. This is what the satanic order does not want you to know. Like it is some secret. If we are God-fearing men and women, we already know the truth of things.

In the times we are in now, there has never been a greater need to be loving ourselves more. Even though it is quite challenging, it is what is truly important. We must learn how to love ourselves more and, in that love, we can love others, we can radiate it out of our hearts and minds to others as we pass them by on the street or look into their eyes when we talk to them.

Spread the love, now this is important, spread the love everywhere because it is something quite foreign to most individuals, and just in that alone, I feel we need it more and more. We are not taught that in some families or by television or by society. I say this because our media is so far from love, it is fear based and they are having almost nothing positive to say. I say to you, turn off the television, turn off the propaganda, turn off the hate and the terrorist shows that promote a lower vibration of living.

Now, furthermore as we learn about how to love ourselves and heal, we learn deeply how much we have suffered along the way. It is a true transformation, a true transition into the light of love, peace, and tranquility. If we can have control over our own minds, get out of fear and stop doing what we are told instead of what we want to do for our own enlightenment, we can find our way gracefully.

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