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Childhood immunity is a time in a child’s life where the building blocks of their immune system is designed to set the stage, the foundation for their whole life.

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Yet, there are so many children growing up without a fighting chance and this disrupts the immune system’s growth and learning process. This is the same situation happening with infant immune systems not being strong enough for all that life throws its way. What is causing this to happen?

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Why are some children always ill? And how can we make it better? How do we assist in building up the immune system for our children? These are questions that need to be asked and answered by doctors and people of authority. We can’t be in the dark anymore.

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It’s not just toxics in our air, water and the unhealthy foods being consumed by children. It’s a number of variables.

It’s the commercial T.V. programming industry telling people to buy cleaning products that are harmful, chemicals that are killing good microbes and much more.

These products destroy not just the bad bacteria but also the good beneficial bacteria – the ones that help children build strong immune systems. It’s like taking antibiotics which are wiping out helpful microbes that are living in a symbiotic relationship with us.

Toxic substances will do more harm than good. This steadily growing sterile environment we are creating in our homes, in our offices and in our soils is unhealthy and very scary to the survival of our species.

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In this blog post I’m going to be taking about what it means to be growing up healthy, what infant immune system development requires, how to boost kids immune system and I am going to go over a good toddler immune booster or maybe a few.

Growing Up Healthy

Having a healthy childhood is awesome as much as it’s imperative for combating future diseases. Growing up healthy brings vibrant health into children and as they age, they become resilient and resistant to diseases.

This will allow our children to thrive well. This is done by giving them the best healthiest life possible. So, what does that mean? How then do we do it?

Healthy living

It means allowing our children to explore and experience a toxic free world by encouraging them to eat organic nutritious foods, introducing them to beneficial bacteria from farms and teaching our children to create a long-standing relationship to their environment in a non-sterile playground.

If these lifestyle changes can be implemented at an earlier age, our future children will have a higher quality of life. Toxic sanitation practices are affecting our children’s bodies.

The use of chemicals in most store bought products are adding solvents into tissues which creates endocrine blockers.

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We can change this epidemic toxic sanitation habit by making natural sanitary gels from Aloe Vera plants (by Wellness Momma) and washing our hands more frequently with soap and water.

I believe the hard part in making change possible is when the big corporations are telling society what to do and how to live life all in the name of profit.

We must start finding a way to make small lasting changes and do so naturally.

This must be done within the confines of city life, commercial programming and toxins polluting our habitats, all the while having that never ending need for consumerism.

It’s challenging! Let’s make life easier as it is already by being pure and bridging simplistic hygiene practices with natural products to the forefront of daily routines.

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Growing up on a farm has many advantages. One is the many bountiful good bacteria roaming around everywhere, even in the air – which allows the growing immune system to learn about its habitat.

If children don’t become exposed to farm bacteria in all its various forms than there is a lack of defenses and an inability to combat sickness and diseases.

This can lead to illness which will occur frequently in the child’s life. This can also lead to potential life threatening diseases obtained at a very young age and into adulthood.

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In a nutshell, as time goes on its much more difficult to overcome these diseases because the immune system never had the chance to be exposed to the right kind of immune building bacteria. That bacteria in which has the information to help us fight to survive.

When children don’t get this bacterial information passed on to them, it puts children at a disadvantage and the immune system is compromised even sometimes for years of the child’s life.

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Hopefully scientists will find that this can be reversed at an older age or compensate this in some way, someday. I believe it’ll be a hard journey to obtain how this can be done, but it’s not impossible.

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The good news is that scientists are getting closer to understanding bacteria in its many forms and gut bacteria in our microbiom by understanding how our immune system works in regards to what we need to be exposed to very early on in life.

In an article by Dr. Mercola, he talks about the importance of the microbiom to be healthy in the guts of babies and toddlers early on during their advancement.

He says that this is needed because how specific microbes can determine the health of how immunity develops and can either hinder the immune system or enhance it.

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I grew up on a farm and it was a lot of fun! The farm life gave my sister and I the freedom to explore our environment in a different way than our counterpart city kids.

They are introduced to different bacteria than farming children and in that way are not as exposed to as many bacteria in their environment as they should be.

Sheep By Pixabay

My sister and I were introduced to many immune builders like the oils on our hands from the sheep wool, the bacteria on our farm animals and much more.

We were exposed to birds, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, ducks, horses, chickens, lamas, rabbits, hamsters, frogs and polliwogs, plus many bugs helped to build up our immune systems.

A kid holding a farm chick By Pixabay

Being exposed to good bacteria early on as a child grows helps build the foundation to strong immunity.

According to the television show NOVA, the science behind growing up on a farm talks about a farming life that has many beneficial bacteria.

They live in its surrounding atmosphere which helps promote a strong immune system and has been shown to prevent asthma.

Bacteria By Pixabay

These scientists in the show are trying to bring the farm bacteria into the city life to help fight infectious diseases.

The take away is that farm life is a natural process we should all adventure in and bringing that bacteria to the city life is a fantastic idea.

What a blessing to have beneficial relationships with good bacteria. They help us thrive!

We shouldn’t be in fear of bacteria because we ourselves are bacterial animal organisms too.

Therefore, don’t keep the kids too clean because every now and then a little dirty hand is invaluable!

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Infant Immune System Development

Infant immune systems are so delicate at this stage. How do we help our infants develop their immunity? Well, we help our little ones out by paying attention to four major contributing phases.

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These phases will play a big role for the duration of their lifetime as they become adults, needing to obtain strong lasting immunity.

In order to get the immune system established these phases need to be implemented early – before their immune system is matured enough so it can become knowledgeable of the correct foreign invaders that may attack it.

These phases are: 1. the health of mothers before conception, 2healthy nutrition during pregnancy, 3. natural childbirth and 4. breastfeeding.

Healthy pregnancy By Pixabay

1.  The healthiness of mothers is necessary for a number of reasons and mainly to maintain pregnancy for the full term. If women aren’t healthy before conception it will be much more difficult to conceive because there could be infertility issues.

It’s also extremely important because while a woman is in pregnancy she is the immune system for her growing fetus. She has to protect her fetus at all costs while it’s in the safety sack of her womb.

Infant in women’s womb By Pixabay

The mom has to safeguard her unborn child and help it sustain itself for all trimesters until birth. If the mother isn’t healthy enough she may lose the baby in miscarriage causing a natural abortion.

In order to get pregnant a basic healthy body is needed. Better yet a very healthy body is ideal; resilient health is needed for the unborn child to thrive well.

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Being unhealthy can cause complications making it harder for the mom to birth a healthy baby which could cause a surgical procedure called a cesarean or C section.

No one wants a baby entering into this world having a traumatic experience as the first thing they experience. That is sad!

Pregnant C-Section Scar By Pixabay

C sections tend to be scheduled by doctors for convenience and this should never occur. Woman’s bodies are meant to give birth vaginally.

Cesareans should only be done on the mother and child if they are in a life threatening situation or when no other options are available.

Mom and newborn By Pixabay

There’s no way an infant should experience this unnatural way of coming into life. Infants shouldn’t come into this world knowing sickness and pain as the first experience.

Plus, if the baby is born ill or with birth defects it’s much harder for that baby to sustain a good quality life and it’s harder to get over illness faster. At the website Prenatal Education, they have tools and resources for “moms to be” looking to create fertility.

Planning out your pregnancy and birthing process is becoming more popular as women are having children later in life.

A fetus feeds inside mom’s womb By Pixabay

2.  During pregnancy the fetus is constructing a foundation of immunity right from the mothers umbilical cord. The connection between mother and child starts to build immunity by receiving oxygen rich blood, antibodies, some white blood cells and natural killer cells.

This is the beginning stages of immune system development. This is why it is equally important to stay healthy as the pregnant mother will be eating for two, passing on specific genetic DNA information for her growing child.

Baby growing in mom’s belly By Pixabay

3.  Natural childbirth is crucial for the health of the infant. Women who are about to give birth need the support and strength of their doctor or midwife to assist. It should be as pleasant and natural as it’s meant to be.

Henna-Maria Uusitupa who is a microbiome researcher and appears on Ted Talks, says babies who are birthed vaginally have better immune systems than surgical cesarean babies because they lack biodiversity of microbiom exposure from their moms which only occurs in the birthing process.

Cesarean birthed babies lack multiple bacterial colonies and one in particular is the Batcteroidetes phylum colony based on a study done on infant immunity.

This includes vaginal fluid, fecal mater and skin bacterial inoculation. When a baby is vaginally birthed it gets another layer of its immune system seeded with these fluids that have instructions for the infant, passing on to the baby vital survival information.

New born Infant By Pixabay

This will help boost endurance outside the womb, the extreme external environment of our oxygenated world. Vaginal birthing is truly the most powerful natural vaccine that nature and God intended.

If a woman is going to have a planned or emergency surgical cesarian, then it’s imperative to inoculate the baby with the mom’s vaginal fluid once the baby is given to the mom.

This is called vaginal seeding and can be done in private, in a relaxed way with family. This is the best way to get bacterial colonies infused into the infant after caesarian surgery.

Breastfeeding By Pixabay

4.    When a child is breast fed, immune building properties are installed in the baby by sucking on the breasts to obtain colostrum and then milk.

The skin and mouth connection has infection fighting properties assisting the child in eliminating contamination to other toxic bacteria.

In this way, breastfeeding is refining and redefining our concept of the immune building process by literally creating a healthy constitution for the baby.

Colostrum By Pixabay

The main food needed right after infants are born is colostrum. This compound contains a healthy dose of proteins, amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins and nutritional minerals that the baby needs.

After the colostrum is gone, mother’s milk is fed to the infant which has a compound in it called Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) which continues to feed the baby’s immune system for a good two years or more if needed.

HMO provides protection against pathogenic infection, assistance in growing gut bacteria to help form the microbiome, assists growth of the intestinal flora, the intestinal tract and helps the immune system to grow and blossom.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that mothers should breastfeed their newborns within an hour of birth and continue to breastfeed for a minimum of six months and up to two years or more. That’s amazing information!

Breastfeeding By Pixabay

The sad part about most mothers is they don’t breastfeed or they don’t have the ability to breast feed. Choosing not to breast feed is a selfish act, especially if the mother has the capability to do so.

However, more and more mothers are choosing not to and prefer to use infant formulas which don’t have the vitamins and minerals or bacterial compounds that are found naturally in breast milk.

These infant products are being manufactured to mimic mother’s milk, but they’re just not the same as the real thing! Also, infant formulas are usually highly processed.

Besides who wants to consume something unhealthy? I don’t know about you, but yuck! Your infant is developing its tastebuds so do your baby a favor and do some research to find the best liquid substitute.

Or better yet, pump your own breast milk and put it in a bottle for your newborn to drink, if you absolutely cannot breastfeed.

How To Boost Kids Immune System

It’s important to know how to boost kids immune system on a day to day level. This can be done by making sure your kids are eating a healthy wholesome diet as well as getting them to play outside.

They need to be eating organic unprocessed foods which includes daily meals high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These foods need to be fruits, vegetables, fermented foods, berries, eggs and yogurt without the sugar.

Organic fruits and vegetables By Pixabay

Eating as close to a natural diet as possible will help your children not just grow well but build up immunity.

One way to do this is to introduce them to how foods are grown by showing your kids how to play and work in a garden; even if it’s just planting one vegetable plant or weeding together.

There’s fun activities to be learned because seeing what a garden is and how valuable it is to grow vegetables is part of living a healthy life.

Gardening By Pixabay

As a child growing up I loved my gardening lessons and it was one of my favorite outside activities. My father made sure my sister and I had adequate seed planting skills, from how to plant vegetables to harvesting them.

Gardening lessons gave us those natural immune builders we needed to build healthy immunity.

How? Well, we dug our hands into the dirt directly and at times ended up eating some of it. As kids we were always trying out everything to see what life was about.

Fresh organic carrots By Pixabay

We would eat right out of the garden without washing our vegetables. Living on an organic farm we didn’t need to.

Eating a fresh strawberry, tomatoes or a carrot dug right out of the dirt/sand or a corn off the cob was delicious!

We even played with bugs, compost warms and of course chased the chickens, played with the chicks and got chicken poop on our skin. This helped us build our immune system.

So, if you are looking to boost your child’s immunity, feed them good organic foods and let them play in dirt as it is fundamental to building a healthy immune system.

Vine ripe tomatoes By Pixabay

Now, whether or not your child eats dirt, getting the exposure to dirt and those microbes is essential. There’s lots of talk about eating dirt these days and even though it’s not too popular, it’s an interesting subject.

Who knows maybe scientists will show us what specific bacteria in dirt is needed? Maybe it’ll be a pill that we’ll need to swallow in the future to help make our immunity stronger?

One thing I do know is that the only real reason we need to be washing our fruits and vegetables is because of pesticides and preservatives that may be on them that are too toxic to ingest. Otherwise dirt, organic matter isn’t harmful.

This is why sometimes I eat raw organic beets. Even though I wash the dirt off of them, there’s still dirt embedded on the root vegetable that I cannot eradicate. So, why not consume it?

It’s needed for gut health anyway. Besides dirt being beneficial to our intestines, I’ve never been sick eating dirt.

It’ll be interesting to see in the future how more information is gathered on this topic. In the meantime teaching kids to learn more about nutrition is important for a healthy immune system.

Toddler Immune Booster

Childhood is filled with colds and flu. This is something every parent has to deal with quite often. Kids seem to get sick frequently and this is due to an immune system learning how to fight infection – the ropes of its bacterial environment.

A fabulous toddler immune booster is echinacea. Some well-known beneficial qualities of echinacea include reducing anxiety in children with ADHD, reduces inflammation and infection, has cancer fighting properties, is antibacterial, has increasing antioxidant powers, provides assistance with colds and flu, plus much more.

Echinacea flower By Pixabay

Dr Gus gives a really good explanation of its benefits in this YouTube video: 9 Benefits of Echinacea – from cold to cancer. It’s a wonderful herbal supplement that some people overlook.

When I was little and feeling sick my parents would always give me echinacea tincture as it was our staple “go to” herbal supplement. They would also pare echinacea with goldenseal.

The goldenseal would be mixed in honey to get it down easier. I remember my parents mixing it in a spoon with honey and this brown golden color had a very distinctive smell. I actually liked it whereas as a kid I didn’t care too much for the echinacea.

Goldenseal planet By Pixabay

Echinacea was like medicine it seemed to me more so than goldenseal because of the honey mixture.

According to ModernMom on YouTube, a good toddler immune booster isn’t just echinacea but it’s also vitamin C, and zinc.

ModernMom talks about providing these immune boosters to children a few weeks before cold and flu season to prevent sickness or to give it to them when they are starting to feel sick; either time is okay.

Don’t forget to talk to your pediatrician about dosage. I believe the best echinacea tincture for children is Dr. Schulze’s children’s echinacea. You can buy his tinctures for children and adults.

A good tip is to keep sugary foods and drinks away from children during the cold and flu season. The reason behind this concept is to prevent the delicate immune system from being lowered because it needs to fight off infections or viruses.

Sugar compromises the immune system function causing added stress and viruses to linger longer.

If your child needs sugar, try organic fruits and dried fruits as a good substitute. Finding a simple solution goes a long way in helping your child feel better.


In conclusion, if bacteria helped our immune system function get going with a basic foundation for health from our mom’s immune system to fetuses and then to infants having been vaginally birthed, breastfed, and as toddlers running around barefoot on a dirt playground, than it follows that our internal and external environment shapes our immune system and predicts whether a life is lived in diseases or in health.

Having a safe toxic free climate is crucial for proper immune development. A big portion of our immune system starts in the guts and skin contact through vaginal birthing, therefore having the right bacterial colonies inoculated into infants at birth has a big impact and plays a huge part in infant immune system development.

As infants and babies grow into toddlers and then into adulthood – building up the immune system as we age is important for preserving our shield of protection. This will help prevent diseases later on in life by bringing excellent health into a mature adult microbiome.

Keeping our eye on immune builders like echinacea, goldenseal, vitamin C and zinc are truly wonderful herbs to give to our kids. Presently as children become adults they will need to know how to maintain their immune system to keep it healthy.

Good nutritional supplementation is needed. If children are given the right health giving immune boosters when they are young, then as the immune system function develops, it can be free to be exposed to a natural environment where it can continue to be the first line of defense and fight, defend, attack and build its network system of strength.

A fighting chance By Pixabay

If you can give your child a fighting chance to build up good bacteria by allowing your children to run free on a farm so they can learn about the natural world around them, then do it.

Maybe visit a farm and get your little ones excited with some exposure. Or at the very least allow your children toxic free surroundings and neighborhoods to play in.

Maybe find a local garden to plant vegetables in with your family. The sad truth is that not living in a positive healthy world is making it harder to eliminate stress and diseases and the risk of death is greater.

Even if a child survives into adulthood he or she has a higher probability of always being ill or having a significant sickness throughout their lifetime – thus not being able to truly live life joyfully and healthy.

As an adult it’ll be harder to heal the body, repair cells, detoxify and grow in resilience to our biosphere. In turn that child who is now an adult cannot pass on a strong diverse genetic immune system network to their offspring.

It’s very unfortunate because this is happening with so many children already. The whole point is to not just survive, but to thrive in a healthy strong stress free body and pass along DNA that has strength and vitality in it to the next generation.

Your health is your wealth and keeping your children’s immunity robust is paramount in this ever changing world.

By Gerd Altmann

A beautiful Healthy World By Pixabay

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  1. I was born unhealthy with autoimmune diseases, and most of my life I was a sick little boy. Until I become so ill I could not work any longer did I learn how to strengthen my immune system, and even though my symptoms have not gone away completely changing what foods I eat and expose to chemcial-loaded products has changed my life


    • Hi Jeff,
      Oh how amazingly resilient you are! I am so happy that you made that correlation to chemicals, foods and your immune system. It’s invaluable information and so important to stay healthy. Good quality of life is vital for longevity and survival. Yes, you are inspiring to me. 🤠😍❤️🙏🏻

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