Health benefits of Beta Glucan – A miraculous supplement!

Since the 1940s and well into the 1970s and beyond when Beta Glucan was discovered to have immunity stimulating abilities, this macromolecule has had a profound impact on the human immune system.

This remarkable compound helps improve our innate and adaptive immune system to function better along with a whole list of other health promoting qualities that our body can benefit from.

Most people don’t get enough fiber in their diet according to nutritionist Karlene Karst, R.D., of Nutritional Nutrition. This is due to our fast food nation consuming large quantities of salt, sugar, highly processed foods and rancid oils. What is our solution?

Well, it’s Beta Glucan, a superfood as some may call it or a phenomenal nutrient packed supplement. It’s not just a supplement, it’s a food – a miraculous one at that. So, let’s find out more about it.

Here in this article I’m going to talk about: 1. What does Beta Glucan do? 2. Health benefits of Beta Glucan, 3. What is the best source of Beta Glucan? and 4. Beta Glucan side effects.

What does Beta Glucan do?

Beta Glucans are sugars which are biologically active and called polysaccharides. A definition found best quoted at the website PubMed states: “These glucose polymers are constituents of the cell wall of certain pathogenic bacteria and fungi.”

According to this article, Beta Glucan strengthens natural killer cells and macrophages, giving them what we would think to interpret as a superpower, a major advantage over normal immune system functions.

How it works

This YouTube video: How Beta Glucan Works, portrays this process well, by Mapac E-Commerce.

They supercharge the immunity cells which intensify them adding inner cellular energy to help fight infectious diseases at an advanced level. It’s kinda like jump-starting a car battery adding an extra oomph of potency.

This jump start is giving our immunity cells a prolonged immune booster and the Beta Glucan adds receptors to the cells allowing it to kill faster for longer periods of time to protect and prevent sicknesses.

There’s a research study, a Stanford Study where the scientists show that Beta Glucans can prevent sickness because of how well it impacts and improves our immune system and how it has the ability to prevent cold and flu.

Adding Beta Glucans to the diet is super beneficial and can’t be overlooked as a consideration for healthy living and as a therapy for fighting infection and disease. It does this by helping our immunity cells to secrete antibodies better, to kill bad bugs more effectively.

What is Beta Glucan?

Health benefits of Beta Glucan – a phenomenal food supplement

Beta Glucan is a powerhouse immune booster.

Heath benefits of Beta Glucan includes incredible increase in macrophage activity, boosts white blood cells, helps in nutrient absorption, helps to slowdown digestion, reduces bloating and abdominal pain, helps improve hepatitis infection, reduces symptoms of crones diseases, lowers cholesterol levels, LDL and high blood pressure.

Pain, disease, suffering By Pixabay

Plus, it does even more because Beta Glucan helps out our gut microbiom, helps fight cancer, helps fight stress, reduces irritable bowel syndrome, helps lower triglycerides, reduces bad mood swings, helps fight allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, brings forth contentment-a healthy feeling of well-being, is anti-inflammatory, helps kids heal faster from ear infections, helps canker sores, it helps breakdown tumors, helps in respiratory infections, helps patients with taking chemotherapy, helps in colds and flu, helps decrease lime disease symptoms, is used as an aid, an IV drip for AIDS patients or low immunity patient and helps our bodies to not just fight infectious diseases faster, but helps us to heal our bodies quicker.

According to Dr. Weston from Sunwarrior, Beta Glucan helps the cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol up to 10% and increases our hormonal response by making us feel full.

Dr. Paul Haider says that taking Beta Glucan is beneficial because it is a super supplement which will allow for a disease free life and says that it is an anti aging supplement.

He also says that children can benefit from it as well reducing their risk of infection. He says to take around 240 milligrams a day, although I’ve heard other doctors say to take more.

Healing with Beta Glucan By Pixabay

Check with your doctor to find out the right dosage.

It also might be reverent to see if it’s based on body weight as I’ve heard that this may be a factor that needs to be considered, especially if taking it by pill form.

There are many manufacturers out there, so it would be wise to do some responsible research to find the one that’s best suited for your body.


What is the best source of Beta Glucan?

What is the best source of Beta Glucan? This depends on the type, because there’s: pill form, food form, IV, and creams for topical usage.

As always I’ve heard getting it into the body by food form is always the best way, however there are some really good supplements out on the market worthy of study and consideration.

If you’re immune system is suffering from a disease and you need to fight the battle better, taking it in a concentrated pill or liquid form might be best for you.

So, let’s talk about what is the best source of Beta Glucan in food form.

Reishi Mushrooms

Because Beta Glucan is a simple sugar called a polysaccharide, it’s also a prebiotic soluble fiber.

Beta Glucan is in algae, seaweed, a friendly bacteria in Brewer’s yeast and also is in bakers yeast, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum grains, and funguses like mushrooms such as Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms.

Maitake Mushrooms

Therefore, we consume it in our foods naturally all the time. Dr Burg has a great YouTube video on the best food to take, Maitake Mushroom. He says it reduces fibroids in women, it shrinks tumors and fights cancer.

He said there’s a good supplement to take called Maitake De Fraction. Definitely something to check out.

Dr Burg has also stated in other YouTube videos that Nutritional Yeast is a very good source of Beta Glucan as well and he highly recommends it because it’s also high in B- vitamins.

However, he suggests getting a natural source of it, not fortified with B vitamins like a good deal of nutritional yeast that is out on the market today.

Dr. Donald J Cox, P.H.D., states that in his opinion the “Yeast-Beta Glucans”are the best to take due to the fact that the human body has an ability to identify with the bacteria in the yeast better because our immune system cells recognizes these bacterial cell walls and is easily able to communicate with them.

Brewer’s Yeast

I think this is so interesting because when I first started my menses or what I now call my Moon at age 13, I went to the kitchen cabinet and found our Brewer’s yeast in a big glass jar that we used to put on our popcorn for movie night and ate most of it up.

I stuck my hand in it and chowed down on almost 1/2 of the yeast bottle. I was then caught in the act with it all over my mouth and hands contaminating the jar.

It’s so funny now, when I think back on this episode. Little did I know what my body already knew and wanted: a nutrient packed food of Beta Glucan.

Beta Glucan side effects

Are there any Beta Glucan side effects? It depends on what form of Beta Glucans one is taking.

The answer is no, there’s not any hardcore side effects when taken orally.

There are however some noted side effects when taken by IV like with AIDS patents or applied to the skin like in a cream or gel.

These side effects could be joint pain, pain at the injection area, fever, vomiting, rashes, headache, fatigue and a feeling of vertigo.

At the website WebMD, it depends on how it’s taken and how much. They do state that there haven’t been reports of any side effects when taken by mouth, so unless you take it too much you might get an upset stomach just like overeating.

Headache By Pixabay

Most people eat it so there’s no issues. Like anything anyone would take, taking too much of a good thing isn’t good, just like not taking enough of a good thing isn’t good either.

Besides getting a little stomach ache, Dr David Haider says that the only things that may occur with eating too much Beta Glucan is getting skin rashes or getting a headache.

This is good news and means it’s safe to take orally without worrying about any adverse Beta Glucan side effects.

Unless you’re allergic to it, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Because Beta Glucan is in the form of a soluble fiber which everyone does need, it feeds the gut bacteria in our stomach lining, and according to Plant Based Science – London, it’s in fruits that have pectin.

They are big fans of getting it in oatmeal. They said eating a healthy dose around 3 grams a day or 70g of oats will help reduce fatty liver.

Just make sure you’re eating organic oatmeal and to also find a source that isn’t radiated.

Oatmeal and strawberries

Most foods in the USA are usually radiated.

These toxins are not healthy to consume and can be harmful. Check out Dr. Axe in his YouTube video: Winning the battle with your immune system, he talks about using a probiotic to aid and improve gut health and says to avoid sugar.

The reason to avoid sugar is because it not only is GMO, (genetically modified organisms) but it causes an imbalance in our gut flora.

Be careful not to pair sugar with Beta Glucan as that would defeat the purpose of getting healthy and fighting off diseases.

Fighting off diseases


In conclusion, adding Beta Glucan into your diet whether it be by taking a pill or by eating it is important; finding the best source for your diet should take some consideration.

Ask your doctor or nutritionist what would be the best form to take and what dosage is needed for consumption, despondent on what health condition you may suffer from.

Eradicating stressful inflammation is a key point in getting healthy.

Many people are looking for something different and adding food supplements like Beta Glucan can offer to help manage chronic diseases.

It’s amazing to me that it’s not well-known and that even though this information is on the internet and has been studied for over 80 years by scientists, some doctors don’t offer it to their sick patients.

Either some doctors, (not all doctors) know very little about it or know of it but choose not to implement it into the dietary needs of their cancer patients or anyone with sickness and disease.

With so many people being affected with malnutrition, autoimmune diseases, cancer, stomach disease and many more ailments, this alone should be implemented into every patient’s health plan as a foundational therapy for immune building.

What I know for sure is that adding this miraculous supplement into the diet is a must have. How often do you eat Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi?

How often do you eat seaweed or yeast?

Hopefully, as more people come in contact with Beta Glucan, the world will wake up to this fabulous immune booster and demand more supplementation from our health care practitioners.

I truly believe this can become a reality because what’s so fascinating about Beta Glucan is how well it enhances our immune cells by allowing those cells to better identify friendly bacteria verse bad bacteria, pathogens and fungus.

The scientific research can’t be disputed. This is why it’s so important to take Beta Glucan seriously and this is why autoimmune diseases are on the rise, because the opposite is occurring.

Remember there’s lots of people in our world eating unhealthy fast foods that lack fiber and eating all the wrong kinds of fats.

This is a simple remedy to fix because it’s easy to go buy some nutritional yeast, the right mushrooms or oatmeal and add them to your diet to eliminate bowel discomfort and improve immunity.

Maybe eat organic oatmeal once in a while, or take Beta Glucan in supplement form, there’s plenty to buy.

If you need another reason to take Beta Glucan regularly, just know this: it has nutritional fiber, contains B vitamins, is water-soluble, has minerals, trace-minerals and amino acids that protects us in our day to day survival.

You never know that in trying something new and different, how adding it to your diet what health benefits may assist your immune system.

That in itself is worth it and plus, it may help you to overcome a disease or kick the flu where the sun don’t shine.

Take a chance on some Beta Glucans and live another day in a healthy vibrant way.

Living life vibrantly By Pixabay

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  1. It would indeed be beneficial. More so if you take is as part of your natural diet. That would be our preference. Thanks for this extensive explanation.

  2. Hey thanks for your post about Beta Glucan- I didn’t actually know you could get it as a supplement until reading this! I eat seaweed, Shiitake mushrooms and nutritional yeast so I must be getting some already but obviously I don’t eat them on a daily basis. Is this something that I will benefit from in the small amounts I gain through eating those foods, or to get the most from it should I be taking it in a higher dose in supplement form on a daily basis? Thanks again for alerting me to these health benefits – I’m very conscious of what goes into my body and I truly believe we are what we eat! Cheers, Lindsay

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thanks for your in-depth comment. I appreciate it. I know isn’t it amazing? Truly this is a Godsend food supplement! You know, because there’s so many people suffering from pain and disease these days, most people take it in a pill form. Although it’s used as an IV too. Eating it as food is the first step and a great way if you’re already healthy. If there’s an underlying health issue, consult your doctor. Also, do some research on the different supplement companies out there that are providing this in concentrated pill form. Best of heath to you. 😊💖

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