Health Ranger’s – Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort – Product Review

This is a Product Review for Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort 10oz (283g) and I want to tell you how amazing this little mineral is and what it can do for your health. Many of us try to get nutritionally complete from eating foods and it is not always possible, therefore it is very important to supplement with vitamins and minerals to satisfy our daily nutritional needs.

Have you ever had muscle spasms, pain like tendinitis or elbow tennis, or maybe you have experienced fibromyalgia, PMS or chronic pain? This product will greatly reduce your pain symptoms and I mean greatly reduce it, no joke.

I highly recommend looking at this product from the Health Ranger’s store because Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort is a miracle in a bottle and does just that, calms the muscles, restores peace within, and provides a centering of the self with a hint of energy to start the day.

Sound interested? Yes! Let us dive into the nitty gritty details of this fabulous mineral.

How Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort Works

What I love about Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort is how well this product works. It relaxes muscles that tend to spasm or are cramping involuntarily, and it controls your body’s metabolism so that it is not out of whack while at the same time, giving back to your cells some energy.

It also helps maintain the calcium levels in your cells so that the mineral content becomes evenly regulated and, in that way, it makes it much more balanced for better functionality.

Thoughts on Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort – my personal testimonial

I started taking this product three days before my menses and I have experienced a miracle. This product it turns out, is what I have been looking for to ease my pain and suffering for over 30 years. I had the best menstrual cycle I have EVER had. And this is saying something.

This product is my saving grace. Before I ever found Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort, I would experience Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and dysmenorrhea. Once I took this fabulous product, I had no symptoms; none!

For the first time in my life, I did not have to take Advil, any pain killers like Midol and drink coffee to subdue myself. This is truly a miracle for me.

What you need to understand is that I am the type of woman that when she is on her menses, a nightmare situation occurs.

When I am on my menses: I get very vocal because the pain in my body is so deep that I shake and vomit, I have diarrhea, and sometimes I faint. I also endure muscle cramping for over 8 hours or more on every menstrual period for two to three days in a row. And this has been going on for years!

This is no fun and is something that I have had to deal with for a very long time and it is pure suffering. No one should have to go through this type of agony every month.

I have heard that some women have it worse than I do, and this occurs for them for 7 days straight. That is seven days of pain and needless suffering. If this sounds like hell, it is. It often causes women to miss work, miss school and have friends and family that think you are literally insane and possibly crazy.

Then there are those women out there in the world that have never ever experienced this type of discomfort and body pain that comes with menstruation. They think people like me who have dysmenorrhea should just deal with it or are faking it. What they fail to realize is that this disturbs our life so much so, that our life stops in its tracks to have to deal with this horrifying dis-ease. We have no choice but to deal with it and that means suffering through it in pain. These women do not understand and do not know what our pain is like and have no right to judge something they do not fully know about.

The worst part is every gynecologist I have ever gone to will not help with this condition; they just put you on the pill as if that is the answer to all mad menstruating women. I tell them they can go where the sun does not shine because now, I have come to learn that this body problem it is about nutrition, detoxification, and hormone balancing. That is the key to fixing this problem and a big part of it is this product: Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort – that is the key ingredient and my newfound marvel.


My second menstrual period after taking Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort, I felt amazing as well. I had no PMS, and no warning that my menses was coming. That never happens. I always have breast tenderness about three days before starting my menses and aching pain down my legs and backside and I still had no symptoms when taking this product. That is incredible!

I just had one episode of pain for about 3 hours which included nausea and cramping only. This is still phenomenal! Usually, I have it for days not hours. I took Advil only once during this cycle about 800 milligrams. That is still pretty good considering I would normally be on ibuprofen for about 3 days straight every 4-6 hours until bleeding ceased. This Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort is a wonderful product.

So, even if this is not the complete cure all powder that I needed, I have to say it helped me 95% and that is still a miracle for me by reducing the number of pain pills I must swallow. That is pretty darn good. I have to say that this product is a big part of living a happy calming life. Especially now that I realize how deficient I was in my body lacking this amazing mineral.

This will be a product that I will continue to take. I realize that other things still need to be adhered to for one to stop dysmenorrhea like continuing to practice healthy living and nutrition. Such daily habits that are important to continue are exercise, good eating habits, meditation, drinking plenty of water, drinking herbal teas, sleeping well and of course keeping nutrition levels up is imperative. Also, hormone regulation and organ detoxification might be something to investigate with your doctor or a master herbal practitioner.

I would say to sum this up, taking Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort for women who are having severe menstrual pain every month, is a God send. Tell every woman you know about this amazing product!

Testimonials, what others are saying about Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort

“Best Magnesium Ever

Mar 24, 2021

I love this magnesium product along with mobility. I put in my orange juice every day. Mixes well in my juice. If you have any muscle problems, cramps in legs, nerve pulls you will experience a better quality of life. I never want to be without it now. Thank you health ranger for great products.” Brenda K

“I can’t say enough good things about this product

Nov 06, 2017

I had been taking a lot of Ibuprofen for the past few years after a back injury but now after about 5-6 weeks on this stuff and the MSM capsules that go with it I’m barely taking any at all. I mix it in a few ounces of water and it doesn’t have a bad taste which I appreciate. I can’t say enough good things about this product.” G

No result like COMFORT

May 07, 2017

I was having excruciating muscle cramps. Day and night. Brought me to tears. Took and tried several tablets but no result like COMFORT! I still eat a teaspoon of mustard per day, drink Tonic water occasionally, and massage muscles. BUT COMFORT has done just that …given me rested muscles and COMFORT to sleep. THANKS!” Karen

Muscle soreness is minimal

Feb 22, 2017

Only on it for 4 days and I weight lift 5 days a week, my muscle soreness minimal and delayed onset muscle soreness is gone and I train until failure. LOVE THIS STUFF !!!!!! Daniel J

Pros and Cons of Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort:


1.  It immediately calms muscles that spasm, are cramping or muscles that are sore

2.  It immediately makes one feel centered with a feeling of more energy

3.  The good comfort feeling lasts hours throughout the day

4.  It tastes good (in my opinion) like plain yogurt

5.  It provides minerals the body cannot always get enough of from food

6.  It can be taken at any time night or day

7.  It does not keep one up at night nor does it make one fall asleep; it is comforting to muscles

8.  Regulates metabolism

9.  Allows for normal looking poo when going to the bathroom, doing a #2


1.  It is grainy like hard sand

2.  It does not dissolve in water, therefore one must drink it up fast

3.  If not cleaned out of the cup afterwards, it can dry on the cup making it hard to clean

4.  It tastes tart or sour so putting it in fruit juice or smoothies may be best

5.  It is not a cure all for dysmenorrhea, but it calms it down about 95% (personal experience)

6.  Some loose stools may occur and could be the side effect of taking too much

In Summary

Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort in basic terms, does the job. If you are looking for that feeling of calm or comfort, the title of the product does that, it brings a sense of comfort to your body, a relaxation and calm within the muscles. At times there are moments in life where our muscles ache and or spasm involuntarily. We need something to help this when it happens.

This is where Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort shines because it settles the body back to its center and gives back the minerals that the body needs to relax and feel at ease within itself.

I take it right away, first thing upon arising for the day. It positively helps me to get going in the morning and I feel a sense of peace that radiates from every cell of my body.

The sad part is that most people are not taking this super important mineral and are lacking its benefits because not too many people know about this miracle product and that is so heartbreaking – many people are magnesium deficient.

I invite you to try this product out for yourself and see if it brings you that calm feeling that I get every day.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase it by clicking on this link here at the Health Ranger Store.

The Cost?  $22.95

Please leave me a comment below and tell me your miracle experience with Health Ranger’s Chief Originals Magnesium Comfort.

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