How to build a strong immune system – Some good tips for staying immune fit

Building up immunity is very important especially in this day and age because of our current environmental situation.

With more toxins in our environment many people are getting ill, incurable diseases, getting cancer and having failing health.

Being sick is a detoxification process that our bodies are forced into when our immune system is no longer able to fight the good fight.

If the body doesn’t get the toxins out through elimination of sweat and regular normal bowel movements, then sicknesses occurs so that we can detox.

Here in this blog post I’m going to talk about how to build a strong immune system, natural immune builders to help you build back your immune system, foods that build your immune system and vitamins that help boost your immune system.

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How to build a strong immune system

There are four key players that affects the immune system and cause added stresses. How to build a strong immune system depends on correcting these four points which are:

1. Irregular sleeping patterns, 2. Too much sugar consumption, 3. Malnutrition and 4. Dehydration.

First, maintaining a healthy immune system requires high quality sleep every night. This will keep you alert and also help your body maintain a healthy weight.

Being consistent in your sleep schedule will reduce stress because stress can cause the immune system to weaken.


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Secondly, we need to reduce sugar consumption. Sugar causes nutrient loss which depletes the human body causing it to keep feeling hungry and eating more food.

This will create stress on the body and force the immune system to work harder. Most sugar products out in the market are GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

If one is to eat sugar, consume organic sugar and reduce the amount taken.

It’s really hard to eliminate sugar in our society because sugary foods and drinks are acceptable everywhere. It’s not “in” to be sugar free.

Even organic sugar can deplete nutrients in the body so, finding a great way to eliminate it from the diet would be highly beneficial.

Thirdly, eating foods with no nutritional density will lead to malnutrition even in persons who have obesity. This basically is starving the body’s requirements for nutrients.

This occurs with eating foods high in GMOs, sugar, lots of sodium, preservatives and basically all low quality fast foods.

This is partly why overeating happens and malnutrition kicks in. The body is not satisfied and craves nutrients.

The fourth key player is dehydration which is lack of water in the human body. By not drinking enough water one isn’t able to flush out toxins causing stress and sickness. Our bodies are 70-75% water. Drink filtered mineral rich water.

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Try to avoid drinking from plastic bottles or from the tap because many cities add toxins to the water, chemicals like fluoride, chlorination and others.

Plastic bottles have chemicals in them that leach into your drinking water and into your body. There are many other toxins in water so be selective.

Remember the goal to maintaining a strong immune system is to reduce stress, toxins and eliminate nutritional deficiencies.

Natural immune builders

Where can one find some natural immune builders? In your garden of course!

Well, according to Dr. Mercola, a major player in natural immune building is benign pathogenic microorganisms found in dirt.

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Get outside and play in some dirt. This can be done with your children outside in the sunshine or just do some gardening.

Natural immune builders such as herbs and sunshine are linked to good immunity. Why should we get some sun? Well because vitamin D is actually a hormone our body makes when we come into contact with the sun.

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Sadly, the majority of our population has vitamin D deficiency and whenever this occurs the human body will start to age and break down quickly. The first sign of this is decaying teeth.

One can get a vitamin D test from your doctor to check levels.

Some natural immune builder herbals are organic Astragalus root, organic Eleuthero root and European Elder berry. Some of these are added into vitamins and these are the herbs I take daily.

Other herbs I take occasionally are garlic, ginger and turmeric (taken with black pepper for absorption) which are chopped up and added to my stir-fry. Yummy!

According to Dr. Berg, turmeric, garlic and sea kelp are natural immune builders.

However, my favorite “go to” immune builders are herbs from Dr. Schulze’s. His echinacea is the best and his vitamin C I love.

So, creating healthy immunity starts with a nutrition plan to keep your immune system strong. Don’t delay, start protecting yourself today by getting some sun rays and eating herbal plants.

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Foods that build your immune system

Foods that build your immune system are important to ingest. It’s a great idea to add them to your diet.

Foods that build your immune system have benign pathogenic microorganisms.

So, consider fermented foods other than just yogurt like kimchi, sauerkraut, carrot, beets, turnips (the root vegetables) and any fermented vegetables to keep the immune system strong.

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Some vegetables like broccoli has a compound in it that helps eliminate free radicals which in turn help build up the immune system.

According to Dr. Mercola this substance is called sulforaphane. Calciferous vegetables have this molecular compound.

Especially with how fast people are aging in our toxic world; it’s important to still eat these green vegetables. Even broccoli sprouts are pretty good at hosting a lot of sulforaphane. Or take a probiotic in pill form as well.

I like to eat my probiotics after dinner to help supplement my nutrition before I go to bed.

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Many different cultures in our world embody fermented foods and they experience a higher quality of life.

Check out some Natto that is a Japanese dish. Experiment with these types of fermented foods if you haven’t tried them before and find a way to implement them into your daily diet.

Vitamins that help boost your immune system

Why would someone want to consider consuming vitamins that help boost your immune system? Keeping up our nutrition uptake assists the immune system to be strong and healthy.

With a toxic environment, our soils being deprived of valuable nutrients, processed foods filling our shopping carts and autoimmune diseases on the rise it’s a wonder that we’re surviving at all. And I believe we are doing just that, surviving.

What we need to be doing is thriving. We need to be living our best lives in health and harmony.

The immune system is constantly being compromised and bombarded with unwanted invaders, thus, it has to work harder to fight infection.

To help fight this invasion and reverse this problem, take a really good multivitamin. It’s your nutritional insurance policy as some would call it.

I have found that most persons of authority recommended to not only eat a higher variety of organic foods but to also eat bio activate foods which are higher in nutritional value – meaning nutrient dense.

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It’s these foods that are grown in high quality soils that we need.

Sometimes these foods aren’t readily accessible so a good multivitamin does the best job. It doesn’t hurt to also add in B vitamins, D3, Vitamin K and Vitamin C.

Some people need higher doses of vitamins to get the immune system strong especially if one is sick. Check with your nutritionist to see if a higher vitamin dosage is needed.

Doctors only get 3 hours or fewer of nutritional information in medical school, therefore consult with a certified nutritionist.

However, always consult with your medical doctor if you’re unsure or you are under a doctor’s care.

According to Dr Mercola when taking B vitamins it’s good to also eat the foods high in B vitamins to maximize nutritional absorption.

It’s equally important to find the right multivitamin. Not all vitamins are the same.

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Buying organic and raw is a high priority because we want to minimize toxic exposure to too many chemicals and toxic metals.

When you buy your vitamins, think about buying not just organic and raw, always buy them unadulterated-without added fillers, and with fermented ingredients as well.

I try to buy a multivitamin with immune building herbs too. Finding the right multivitamin for your immune system is imperative to making an impact on your immune system function, to get it at an optimal level.


In conclusion, building a strong immune system requires simple implementation daily. Stick to healthy habits and you’ll be ahead of the game. Anything that causes stress can cause a lowering of the immune system.

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What stress do you feel in your life? Do you have a good stress management plan? Are there foods that you’re allergic to?

Eliminate foods that are not in harmony with your body. Is there a person who causes negative emotions to arise in you?

Are you isolated or lonely? Do you have a good nutrition plan? Do you buy organic high quality foods?

There’s good stress and bad stress so, start to work on how you can identify the bad stress and improve your health by looking at what is impacting your immune system.

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Find out what stressful situations are bad for you and learn how it degrades you physically.

Don’t forget to eat a probiotic rich diet which includes yogurt, fermented milk such as kefir, root vegetables such as beets, carrots, cabbage, turnips and Natto.

These fermented foods will help combat stress. Getting a good amount of sleep to where you’re well rested is healthy and healing. Don’t forget a good multivitamin, go play outside, hang out with some plants and smile in the sun.

There could possibly be other things going on in your life that are affecting your immune system.

Be patient with yourself and meditate on what you know is best for you. You know your body better than anyone. Take care of your body because it is your sacred temple.

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