How to improve stomach digestion – (Some simple tips for better assimilation – eat animal fat raw or cooked)

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Digestive issues and bowel problems are so prevalent these days, how do we as a society overcome such disease and irritation within our bodies? With indigestion, Crohn’s disease, celiac and ulcers there’s so many diseases of our intestinal track afflicting our good state of well-being.

We can’t ignore these recrudescence conditions any longer. Today I’m going to talk about how to improve stomach digestion and how to keep your mitochondria healthy.

How to improve stomach digestion – (Some simple tips for better assimilation – eat animal fat raw or cooked)

The Weston Price organization recommendations are to eat more whole natural foods like raw milk, eggs and raw dairy, X factor butter oil, fish, fermented foods and limited grains such as fermented sourdough breads and sprouted grains.

How to improve stomach digestion? Eat raw or cooked animal fat. This is the path to more sustainable healthy body development.

These raw animal fats lead to a healthier body and help us digest foods better. According to Sally Fallon Morell, the founder of this organization, she says that they did a study on lactose intolerant people and found that over 80% of them were actually not lactose intolerance at all, their bodies were intolerant of heated milks which would include pasteurization and homogenized milk.

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That’s So fascinating! Over 80%!

This is something I came to the realization of back in 2007 when the man I was dating introduced me to drinking raw milk and over time as I slowly consumed it, I could have pasteurized milk again. It was shocking for me.

Now, because of drinking raw milk I am able to consume heated milk better and not have the lactose intolerant issues I thought I had.

Drinking pasteurized milk is not what one should consume on a regular basis or if ever as it is not LIFE giving food.

So, how does this miracle happen? This happens because the enzymes’ and bacteria in raw milk help bring back the enzymes’ lactase in the stomach to replenish good bacteria in the microbiome.

It’s the lack of having lactase enzymes’ in the gut that causes lactose intolerance and possibly not having other important good bacteria in the gut. There could be other possible factors that come into play here as well too.

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Eating animal fat has been practiced for many thousands of years by indigenous people. How did we get off track and forget our God given roots?

I was listening to a podcast interview by Matt Blackburn with Sally Fallon on Mito Life radio: The power of animal foods with Sally Fallon Morell In this podcast she says that vegetable oil, industrial seed oils are the worst things in our diets and that they are even more detrimental to eat than even sugars to consume because they have poisons in them that are very toxic.

These oils are rancid, are highly processed and are hard for the human body to digest. Plus, she said that these vegetable oils don’t have the minerals and vitamins that animal fat oils contain and that our bodies need this to assimilate foods and aid digestive health.

This is why she believes people are so sick because so many people are eating bad oils with no nutritional value which (with the high toxins in the oils) leads to infertility.

These fake fats she is talking about are called trans fatty acids which contribute to joint disease and the slow breakdown of the human body like the inability to digest foods well.

These oils include margarine, soy oils, canola oils, and all partially hydrogenated oils. The intake of these industrial seed oils aids in the promotion of cancer, and contributes to heart disease and joint pain.

One thing I found interesting that Sally Fallon had said in the interview was that eating meats are very hard to digest without eating the fat with it. It’s the fat that comes along with the meat that helps break it down and allows it to become more utilized in the body.

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It makes me wonder what’s in the fat that aids digestion?

What she says is important here and that this fat is providing MK4, a high amount of vitamin K and other nutritional minerals and vitamins that are in a natural form that our bodies can easily absorb.

She says that the best sources of vitamin K2 is from chicken livers, chicken and duck fat and that they also contain vitamins that we need like vitamin A and vitamin D.

Sally Fallon was taking about Cod liver oils and how essential they are to our diets because they have vitamin A and D vitamins in them, in all their forms.

High vitamin butter oil or what’s called X factor butter oil has MK4, and vitamin K2. These forms of the vitamins are utilized better than other forms of processed vitamins because they’re fat soluble animal fats, not synthetic.

Sally Fallon says it’s good to eat desiccated hearts, livers, and oysters and says to avoid isolated vitamins because the synthetic mixture of these chemicals are not friendly to our bodies.

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Too much vitamin D reduces the amount of vitamin A and vitamin A is needed to synthesize vitamin D.

I’m going to repeat myself again because this is important: There are many forms of vitamin D and vitamin D2, so, getting them in their natural state from foods is best because we get ALL forms of vitamin D this way that synthetic vitamins can’t EVER reproduce or replicate.

The processed types are mostly toxic anyway, added with lots of toxic fillers.

Sally Fallon gave some great advice and reminded me that some cod liver oils have synthetic vitamins or genetically modified organisms added to them and this is not the way we should be getting our fat soluble vitamins.

Get a pure source. Read labels and research the company selling the fish oils.

The read deal is ideal.

Sally Fallon says to eat fermented foods daily or drink them daily. I definitely don’t do this everyday. I eat them but not often enough.

Sally says that it’s important to have fermented foods like fermented raw meats such as fish with tubers, salami, fermented raw dairy, fermented raw vegetables.

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Drinking fermented liquid is a great way too to get good gut bacteria back into our intestines and stomach. Liver pate has great nutritional value. Make sure your livers are dark red and healthy looking.

However, I do not agree with her to freeze liver before eating it raw. Sally Fallon says to do this to kill parasites. However, according Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his book The Primal diet, We Want To Live, that freezing foods destroys nutrition in the food causing it to have less life force energy, enzymes’, vitamins and minerals.

He also states in his book that we Homo-sapiens have developed over many millions of years the ability to work in harmony with bacteria and parasites.

He says when the body gets toxic and becomes depleted in nutrition, that’s when one has issues with parasites. Drinking lemon juice prevents them from reproducing inside us.

He also recommends most of the time eating raw fat with meat just as she is saying to do.

Raw fat helps bind any toxins to it from foods eaten and flushes them out of the body. Raw animal fat includes, not just the fat on the meat, it’s raw cream, raw cheeses, raw fish or raw krill oil and raw butters like X factor butter oils.

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So eating fat with our meat seems to me to be all about paying attention to food combinations for correct food assimilation, just like as we need to eat black pepper to help assimilate turmeric, we need animal fat to assimilate animal protein.

Sally Fallon also said kale should be cooked in fat to help assimilate its nutrition and says that it’s harder on our digestive system to eat kale raw.

I’ve heard this same thing over the years with the importance of eating fat with fruit and sugar instead of starchy foods and sugar (natural or processed).

Its wonderful to eat fruits with raw organic cream with unheated honey. It’s to swoon over! Or eating raw aged cheese with fruit is sooo delicious.

Here are a few really good raw dairy websites: Try Organic Pastures for good raw dairy or Claravale Farm, and Miller’s Organic Farm. I always go to a very high quality fish oil at Green Pastures.

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How to keep your mitochondria healthy – (Eat a hunter-gatherer diet)

Normal body functions should be natural and easy for our bodies to preform when we get all the nutrition we need.

However, these internal body functions and processes aren’t efficient in doing what they’re designed to do especially when there is mineral and vitamin deficiencies, a toxic body, or severe trauma inflicted in and on our bodies.

These situations will cause a depletion of a healthy body, disease and thus our bodies breakdown slowly, aging.

This is why it’s important to take care of ourselves immediately.

We can change the course of our destiny. How do we do that? By taking care of our cellular mitochondria. How to keep your mitochondria healthy is the key to keeping our body functions normal and preforming at peak efficiency.

On some subconscious level when we go into pain or get a disease we think it’s okay to cope with the pain, we suffer longer than needed and we do this to survive.

However, over the long haul with no help in getting better or not having a plan of action to ameliorate the situation, our bodies breakdown faster and at some point there can be no point of return.

This is why it’s necessary to get therapy or change the circumstances sooner than later. At the end of the day, we need healing, we need health, we need our bodies to function well and in grace. This is stated by Dr Terry Wahls in Ted Talks Minding Your mitochondria.

Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and reversed her health condition with diet alone.

She says that the hunter gather diet or a Palio diet has much more natural nutrition at higher levels than the Standard American Diet (SAD).

She says and I quote that she eats daily: “three cups of green leaves, three cups of sulfur rich vegetables, three cups of bright color, grass fed meats, organ meats and seaweed.”

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This is how she changed her fate of illness and early death. The big issue here is that many people have food allergens or an intolerance to some foods but don’t make the important lifestyle changes that are so desperately needed.

Dr. Wahls says it is hard to diagnose organ and tissue irritants. This lady doctor is SO amazing!

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She is a true testament to how food is our medicine and how she brought herself back from a death sentence of Multiple Sclerosis into what she now calls a modern day hunter-gatherer diet.

She reversed her disease naturally and got her high quality of life back. Pretty astounding!

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In conclusion, eating a high fat diet or a hunter-gatherer diet seems to be a better course of action for better nutrition than the Standard American Diet.

Living life in peace with abundance of health and happiness is what we all strive for.

No one wants to be in pain all the time or die of disease when it could have been prevented. Don’t wait too long to get your heath in order.

Find a dietary routine that promotes good natural body functions. Take a good digestive enzyme to help the gut. Eat fermented foods and raw fermented meat and dairy.

It doesn’t take too long to get our health back as long as there’s determination to succeed and get back to homeostasis. Healing is the answer.

Let’s live our lives on our terms, not the terms of pain, diseases and low quality foods.

We are alive. Our bodies are bacteria. What does bacteria eat? It eats other bacteria. Our mitochondria are asking for raw live foods.

What better way to assist them than providing delicious fermented foods such as high meat, steak tartar, eating the fat of a chicken or lamb in a good juicy steak cooked or raw or getting the B vitamins out of an organic liver calf or poultry organs.

Try fermented vegetables and drinks like fermented coconut juice or pineapple juice. Trying something new just might make your life more interesting and fun. We’re alive; enjoy life!

By Liuda Brogiene

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