How to protect yourself from the spike protein

Many people now, millions of people have been so called “vaccinated” with this experimental gene therapy, spike protein. Information is coming out about how toxic it is. Countless people have been either injured or have died or will soon die from its destructive intent. This is so frightening, what do we do now? How do we prevent death from this spike protein?

Now that you know you might die from it or have health complications as a result from being jabbed, how do we preserve life? In this short article I am going to go over how to protect yourself from the spike protein. We will go over some therapeutic remedies on how to help heal from these deadly injections and I pray we can save some lives. Let us do this together so that we can all survive this genocide.

How to protect yourself from the spike protein

It is shocking to know there is not much time left…tick, tick-tock…we are on limited time for when the next flu season comes around the corner which will trigger antibody dependent enhancement in vaccinated people. This is very scary and thus, how to protect yourself from the spike protein that has been injected into you is a must if you want to live.

This is talked about by many doctors like the Front-Line Doctors and many others that have been censored, hushed, and blocked from speaking out about how dangerous this spike protein is. Time to reveal some truth, how about it? Yes!

Knowing that these vaccines being imposed on us have been destroying natural immunity, have aggressive bulling antibodies that will ignore natural covid in nature potentially causing people to die when the flu season comes upon us, is very frightening.

These spike proteins from the vaccinations are so evil that they cause blood clots, are associated with cardiovascular problems, infertility, are responsible for causing brain damage, paralysis, and antibody dependent enhancement which will result in death.

How is it so toxic?

Well, what this pathogenic toxic protein is doing is attaching itself to the ACE2 Receptors on our blood platelets, and they attach themselves also in blood vessels that travel all around the body by way of our blood settling in internal organs. This is freaking scary!

These receptors are on blood platelets and blood vessels where no such toxins are supposed to be! Plus, they cross the blood brain barrier which then gets into our brains causing brain damage.

They are attached to these receptors and so it circulates throughout the whole-body causing destruction. Therefore, blood clots are happening, and people are dying from this gene therapy.

In an article posted by, it states that according to VEARS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), there have been over 4,000.00 deaths since the vaccines were administered into the public population and over 15,000 hospitalizations from vaccine injuries. Babies have died from drinking their mother’s milk with the spike protein causing death of newborns.

This is tragic and sad especially when all of this could have been prevented with natural remedies that have been proven to be safe drug therapies for over 70 plus years.

Some very astute doctors are saying that we are essentially sterilizing our population and jeopardizing our continued existence in this world if we continue to allow big pharma to inject us with these poisons.

The VEARS reports have more than enough evidence to shut down these shots. However, our government has been pushing everyone into taking these vaccinations (gene therapies) under emergency authorization use only which means that the FDA cannot authorize them without emergency status.

Do you think they are trying to kill us?


As far as I am concerned, it is no different from a gun in my face, instead of a gun it is a needle in the arm. No question!

So, what do we do? How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones?

According to Doctor Judy Mikovits about fifty million Americans will die from these vaccine gene therapy shots if something is not done right away to prevent these deaths.

Dr Mikovits says that if people do not take care of themselves on a health level, continue to take the shots, eat bad food, eat genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and disregard their health, they will parish. This is because most people do not care about their health or do not know how to take care of their own bodies and because of this simple reason, most will die.

Yet, if people that are vaccinated want to save themselves from death, there is still hope. She says:

“I have huge confidence in our God given immune system, well placed confidence that we can fix it with the knowledge of those scholars… We have a God given immune system that has many, many type one interferon defenses.”

She says you can use ozone therapy to heal the vaccinated. She was one of those people that was infected with a spike protein and healed herself. That is remarkable! We need to learn from her experience.

So yes, you can heal your body! You can heal from this if you pay attention to what is needed for your body to restore and sustain its vitality and natural energetic flow of life. I truly believe God has given us all remedies to poisons on this little blue Earth. We just need to be willing enough to ask questions, look, research, and go within with God to find the answers we need.

Dr Mikovits says to go to this website to learn more: The American Academy of ozone therapy.

She also says that one can do antiviral therapies, ozone therapy, ozone creams, eat organic foods, eat clean foods, stop putting toxins in our bodies and stop injecting ourselves with poisonous vaccines.

She says to start to get healthy by supplementing with clean vitamins, minerals, and real food.

The main concept she wants to get across is for people to stop injecting themselves with these poisonous drug therapies, stop the toxins, stop eating food void of nutrition and people will save their own lives and live longer and heal.

She recovered and said that thousands of lives can be saved. This is awesome! It fills my heart with happiness that there are remedies to behold. God is so good.

Another article at shows that drinking dandelion tea blocks the spike protein from binding to the ACE2 receptor. It talks about how there was a study done in Germany that found out that dandelion leaves block this binding spike protein by drinking this common weed tea and many of the mutant strains.

That is fantastic news on how to block a toxic substance from adhering to the blood and traveling to all parts of the body. The article says to take 4-10 grams of the dandelion leaves and steep them in hot water and drink this tea three times a day according to European Scientific Cooperative.

My only question on this is if the vaccine has created a “program” like a new software system, the mRNA injected into our cells, into our DNA to fractionate protein, to program the body to continuously make spike protein synthesis all the time, changing the way we make protein in general, does one have to constantly take the tea for the rest of their natural life?

This is what I am wondering.

It might be good to ask a doctor about this question. I am not a health care practitioner and so this would be something to research more on. For how long does one have to take the tea for the dandelion leaves to do their job?

That sounds like having to take a drug for the rest of one’s life if there is no end date. Well, at least it is tea and not some drug pill from big Pharma. I would rather have the herbal tea than the poison.

I believe more studies need to be done on dandelion tea to find out how long it takes to remove the spike protein. However, this is a great start in the process of finding answers.

Other options that are being suppressed by main media and big pharma and the communist government that has now taken over the United States is Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine or (HCQ). It has literally saved thousands of lives during the Plan-demic (pandemic), and it can save many more lives currently if implemented.

Also, pine needle tea has been said to help minimize the spike protein synthesis because of the shikimic acid and suramin that are molecular compounds found in the pine needles. However, it is important to get pine needles from pine trees that are not toxic pine trees otherwise death can occur, and other complications can result if one is pregnant.


In conclusion, yes there are some things we can do to save lives. We can first start by making the decision to get healthy and then implement better lifestyle changes. First the big picture here is to prevent blood clotting and to eliminate the spike protein to get it out of the body to preserve life.

I am not a doctor so do your own research on these therapies, check them out and find your own truth.

Ozone therapy in my opinion, sounds great to me, so does dandelion tea, pine needle tea, ivermectin and HCQ.

The most important lesson out of this whole mess we are in is to stop and think about what is it that we are about to put into our bodies. Ask the question. You are entitled to research, think for yourself, find your own truth through the God of your own heart, and require of others to give you informed consent.

We must have discussions about these things, we must get advice from multiple people and find out all the information from both sides of the coin so to speak. Yes, you can get advice from multiple people before putting anything into your body.

This is the takeaway, do not blindly trust a doctor or a nurse or a friend just because they said so, or because it worked for them, or you see that their body did well with that drug or that medication. Your body might not have the same reactions or end results.

So, please do more research on everything, even these remedy therapies I am providing information on here in this blog. Please find out all sides of the issue.

As we can see here in this mass experiment of so-called vaccinations, we can see what they are doing with these emergency authorizations for use only shots, they are killing off humanity. And these jabs are not vaccines, they are injecting people with gene therapies that are very deadly.

A big mistake has been made by blindly trusting criminals who we thought were good authority figures who apparently truly do not even care about our wellbeing.


It is because they worship in a satanic order and killing is what the end goal is for them.

Thinking that they are on our side is false. Why? Because they are demons, they are not human, remember they have blue blood. That is what I think because any sane human being would not be this cruel and have this horrible horrifying agenda to kill off billions of people all around the planet.

In this way, we cannot blindly trust them because if we do, it can cost you your life and our loved ones their life as well. It can maim you and I for life if we do blindly trust, comply, obey, and repeat. That is hell, that is slavery forever and death.

Let us not take that chance anymore. Let us come together and rethink this action we are all taking.

I am in favor of finding truth and finding answers to problems to help heal the body, preserve life, and spiritually grow in the body. So, while we are here on Earth, why not try to enjoy it and find truth in health and healing. Wouldn’t you agree?


So, the answer is to prevent blood clotting and to be as healthy as we can be. The decision now is more imperative than ever before to be healthy so that we can live the rest of our God given lives in peace, harmony and without pain and suffering. God Bless you all!


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