How to quit eating sugar – A difficult struggle

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The truth about sugar is staggering. There’s so much scientific information and mounting evidence that sugar is very harmful to our health.

In order to stop eating sugar one has to make the decision to quit eating sugar and develop new sugar habits and to make a lifestyle commitment to daily healthy eating.

How can this be accomplished when sugar is everywhere? It’s so acceptable to be eating sugar in our society and in our homes that we are not taking a moment to stop and think about the damage it is causing.

We are not taking a moment to stop and ask questions about sugar and we are not looking at what we are doing to our bodies, how it’s desecration to our health is a violent mutilation.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about, how to quit eating sugar, how to avoid eating sugar and sugar and a fatty liver.

Even though some people in general know sugar is bad, they still eat it by justifying it in some way. This justification needs to be turned around on its head to a reason as to why NOT to eat it.

Some people are still eating sugar or processed foods by going to fast food restaurants, getting take out and buying the donuts for the office. Why? Because it’s addictive, because sugar is a drug that is very hard to say no to.

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There’s sugar everywhere and in almost all processed fast foods that are readily available and for a low cost. If one is short on cash, the cheapest food will most likely be purchased.

It’s also likely that being healthy is not that important to many people and so eating habits stem from convenience.

If you don’t care, you will not get well. No one will care as much as you care and love yourself. The only person that can turn this bad habit into a good one is to start caring for yourself.

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It’s important to remember that we all vote every day with our pocketbook. Every time you buy something at the grocery store, you’re voting to keep that product in stock. It’s called supply and demand.

During these times we are in now as I write this blog, our food distribution has ceased to exist as Covid-19 pandemic has taken over the national economic food cycle.

With stay at home orders across the nation being enforced, demand has gone down causing restaurants to close and a staggering large portion of our population have applied for unemployment.

People that have never been on unemployment ever before are on the jobless list. The demand for good quality foods has gone down while the restaurant businesses have had to adapt to take out foods.

A hotdog By Pixabay

Most people are ordering take out foods more then ever before which is putting large amounts of processed foods into the mouths of our children and general population.

Fast foods are being purchased at alarming rates while wholesome food like squash, milk, eggs and cheese are being thrown out. Even so we must demand better food even in a pandemic.

Seek out the best food you can even if it’s for delivery only. We vote with our money, our pocketbook and so use it wisely to love yourself more.

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How to quit eating sugar? A difficult struggle

It’s so hard to quit eating sugar especially if you’re in the habit of eating it all the time. The best thing is to detox from sugar first and then after the sugar detox has been completed, it is important to see how you feel living life without processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates and all fake foods.

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You’ll notice that you feel better, have clearer skin and will start to crave healthier foods. When it is time, it’s good to implement the right kinds of sugar, healthy nutritious fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and real sugars back into your diet slowly.

How to quit eating sugar? Besides saying no all the time and being diligent to being healthy, we need options. So, fill your sugar cravings with replacements. Dr. Axe in his blog post: 11 Best Sugar Substitutes (the Healthiest Natural Sweeteners) has some good sugary food alternatives that if we are to win this battle against the evils of advertised sugary foods and drinks we must do so with intention and mindfulness by giving ourselves good substitutes to enjoy.

Here are a few to implement into your diet:

  • Fruits like dates and all fruit – eat up to 25 grams a day per Dr. Mercola and don’t over indulge

    Fruit bowl with dates, mango, pineapple and strawberries By Pixabay

  • Stevia (Organic and in a pure form with no other added ingredients)

    Stevia sugar by firstmomsclub

  • Monk fruit (Organic and in a pure form with no other added ingredients)

    Monk fruit sugar

  • Honey (raw and organic, with no high fructose corn syrup and the label must say “unheated”)

    jar of honey with honeycomb on wooden table

  • Xylitol (Organic and in a pure form-this product has no nutritional value but is good for teeth and doesn’t increase blood sugar) it’s probably the only processed sugar that is not harmful, but use in moderation

    Xylitol by

  • Coconut sugar (Organic and in a pure form) (warning: if the fructose is too high it may defeat the purpose – use sparingly or not at all) see how your body does on this as some organic sugars have the same affects as white GMO processed sugar because of high levels of natural fructose.

    Coconut sugar by

  • Brown rice syrup

    Brown Rice Syrup by

  • Banana puree

    Banana purée by

  • Maple syrup

    Maple syrup by

  • Blackstrap molasses

    Blackstrap Molasses by

  • Balsamic glaze

    Balsamic Glaze by

  • Jam from real fruit

    Real fruit jams by

Substitution is a way to replace the sugar you’re ingesting when sugary foods are needed by the body. Since our brain does need sugar, it’s important to feed our bodies and brains with the right kind of sweetness.

It’s not about implementing a sugar deprivation on the body, because that will never break the sugar habit.

It’s about providing our brains with a better healthy alternative that will satisfy that need to have a treat and at the same time while feeling good about avoiding the death sentence of GMO sugar and its many diseases giving gifts.

This can be accomplished by adding in the above sugar replacements in moderation.

Most of these sugary substitutes have nutritional value that the body can understand, implement and utilize without compromising the immune system responses and depleting nutrients.

If there’s still an issue with the above substitutes, it may be because you already have an underlying health condition and you may want to consider removing all sugary products from your diet.

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Make sure to speak with your medical doctor or dietitian about your diet.

Depending on your disease or health condition, one may want to avoid sugar longer than thirty days or until healing can occur and strength of health returns.

Cells inside us have mitochondria by

According to Dr. Mercola’s blog post Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease, sugar creates what he calls a “metabolic disease.” Once the mitochondria are damaged by sugar then they become deranged and dysfunctional.

The mitochondria of our cells, which if you’ve never taken a basic biology course, is the powerhouse of every cell in the body. It’s a major part of us because our bodies are made up of many, many trillions of cells and each one has mitochondria.

What do our cells do? They eat. This is just another reason why we all eat besides being hungry: we need to feed them to feed ourselves.

Dr. Mercola’s blog mentions that the way our mitochondria eat changes at a very fundamental level by converting sugary foods into glycolysis through a fermentation process which allows cancer to feed and multiply.

Mitochondria normally feed on natural sugar from fruits and vegetables and breaks down these sugars by oxidation not fermentation. So, our mitochondria develop mutations in cellular metabolism.

This is why sugary foods and drinks disrupt our metabolism cycle causing weight gain and other health problems.

It’s very important that when we choose the right kind of foods to eat, we choose them not just for taste, we choose them for nutritional information that our bodies can understand, breakdown and provide our immune system a foundation to operate from.

Whenever you go shopping at the grocery store, think about your cells and think about how you would like to feed them, feed your teeth, feed your immunity. This is what I call mindful eating. It’s like a meditation. We don’t just want to eat to eat, we need to eat to gain nutrients to live and thrive well.

Mitochondria and food consumption by

When we chew we need to slow down, allowing our saliva to break down our food and prepare it for intestinal digestion which will in turn carry it to every cell in the body by our blood.

When we eat, this is a time every day when we can truly enjoy food. Tell your food you appreciate it’s sustenance and bless your food to give you abundant energy, strength and health. Just like some people bless their water, bless your food.

Make a list of all the sugary foods and drinks that you consume on a day to day bases. Once this is discovered about what you are eating and at what time of day you’re eating sugar, have an action plan put in place.

Make a list of foods you eat and times sugar is eaten. Image by

For me since I work in a call center and need that mid-afternoon pick me up for my brain, I go for what satisfies me best: chocolate. I used to eat just any old chocolate. Not anymore!

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Those office chocolates are discussing now that I eat the right kind of chocolate. I eat a chocolate bar that is made with bitter unsweetened chocolate, dates and fruit berry’s mixed in with nuts and stevia. Other times I eat one with just raw honey. These types of sugar replacements are very wholesome and filling.

You could even try making something like this yourself or make something that you like from scratch. My grandma used to dehydrate fruits like fruit roll ups. I loved those as a kid. The only thing we didn’t need was the powdered sugar.

Another example of something good to consume is a natural soda drink, take bubbly carbonated water and add fruits to it or add a natural immune boosting vitamin mix to it. My favorite natural soda is from David Avocado Wolf at his website longevity warehouse. He has the best natural soda drinks.

There are all kinds of substitutes to make with foods and drinks that are natural and healthy. Just find some you like or make some and enjoy the ones that work for you. Explore! The world is your oyster.

How to avoid eating sugar – mindful avoidance

There are three things to do to avoid the sticky sugar trap and I’ll talk about them here. So, let me repeat again….how to avoid eating sugar? Well, let me show you a way with an action plan:

1. Ask if sugar is in your meal

2. Read labels to see if there’s sugar in the foods that you’re about to buy

3. Prepare ahead to take with you in your breakfast/lunch/dinner bag sugar free foods and or any sugar snack replacements that you love and enjoy

Fructose sugar is a very stimulating molecule that can do more harm then good. This would include fruits, agave and even honey.

Any sugar with very high levels of fructose can cause problems, even sometimes fruit or fruit juices. Which is why they need to be consumed sparingly.

However, they don’t damage our bodies nearly as bad as GMO processed sugar. Just be aware of how much fructose you’re consuming and consider it could be causing problems.

Onion rings with a sugar sauce By Pixabay

In my own opinion even though the science says to reduce this substance or eliminate it, there is a different in the DNA nutritional information that the body understands. The difference between laboratory processed sugar and natural sugar. It’s important to know the difference.

Natural sugary foods like fruits and honey do contain vitamins and vital nutrients/minerals that our body can utilize while white sugar does not contain these life giving gifts. It’s about feeding our cells nutrients, not starving them.

Processed sugar goes into the body aggressively and destroys nutrient absorption. Natural sugar like honey doesn’t do this; it’s metabolized slowly as so does fruits when consumed.

So, it’s important to avoid all processed foods because they all contain this high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, beet sugar, and or plain fructose.

Sugar By Pixabay

Sugar is not just toxic, it’s poison according to Dr. Robert Lustig in the article Sugar: Eliminate This One Ingredient And Watch Your Health Soar by Dr. Mercola.

He talks in this article about how sugary foods and drinks causes inflammation and not just one time but over years of sugar use which can lead to sugar abuse where people end up with heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, strokes and alcoholism. In a nutshell, sugar begets disease.

1. Ask if sugar is in your meals. Watch out for products that contain sugar or added sugar. It’s a good idea to ask if there’s any added sugar to the meal if there is concern about getting sugar in your diet unexpectedly because otherwise this can throw off your hard driven efforts.

In order to avoid high fructose corn syrup and or other added white sugars that may be lurking into ordinary meals that you’re eating, it’s important to know the ingredients of what’s going into your mouth.

It’s okay to ask the chefs at restaurants if sugary substitutes are being added to your food that you are ordering on the menu especially if sugar and fake sugars are being used. Don’t be afraid to defend and fight for your health.

This pertains to not just asking; it is relevant to read every processed food label at the grocery store. Plus, it means asking about how your meal is prepared when you order takeout foods.

Where add sugar is a concern, ask, read and take note of foods that have sugar in the foods you consume on a regular basis so that you can modify or adjust accordingly. It could be that you’ll need to order something else or avoid that one meal entirely that you’ve been eating regularly.

Fast foods By Pixabay

Sugar being added to meals is just like how flour is added to meals in cooking to make the food bind together better except with sugar, it’s done for flavor.

Sugar is added to make foods palatable or tasty and to a large extent it’s because the foods that you’re about to consume has no flavor or is of poor quality.

Pasta By Pixabay

2. Read labels to see if there’s sugar in the foods that you’re about to buy. Learn the names of alternative sugary substitutes that are hidden under the words “sugar free” that are being added to your meals.

Many of these alternative so called “sugar free” foods actually contain sugar and it’s being labeled under a different name, has a different molecular structure than sugar and was manufactured in a processing laboratory.

We must all learn these names of what sugar alternative words are on food labels because they’re usually just as bad for us as sugar.

A good example of this is the coffee creamer used at the office. It may say “no added sugar” or “sugar free” but instead it has added sugar supplements such as corn syrup solids, Sucralose, Splenda, acesulfame potassium or aspartame just to name a few.

There are so many names for sugary substances that it’s so important to know how to identify them, how they are harmful to your body, what they’re called and where they come from.

Therefore, it’s going to take some mindfulness in this process as our society is bombarded with sugary foods everywhere and we are not taught in school to read food labels.

We must ask if it contains sugar, we have to say “No” and we have to find a balance in our lives with it. Many of these sugary macros are made in laboratories that design the alternative sugar substance to be addictive and some are sugar just under a different name.

So, learn the names and avoid these trends. Mainly, keep an understanding that eating processed sugar is a Frankenstein food and that no mater how it’s made in the laboratory, processed is processed.

A good rule of thumb is if it’s nature made, eat it and if it’s man (and women) made, avoid it.

Sugar is sugar by

3. Prepare ahead to take food with you in your breakfast/lunch/dinner bag: sugar free foods and or any sugar snack replacements that you love and enjoy. This is something that I practice. In this way you’ll always have something good and sweet to munch on.

You’ll feel better about eating something healthy and delicious. In this way it eliminates any guilty pleasures of sneaking sugar into the diet. It’s imperative to be diligent in the fight to healthy eating because it’s about creating a new habit, a new lifestyle that you love. It’s also about loving this sacred temple of our body that holds our spirit and our soul information.

We need to make a commitment to healthier living. If you don’t want to do that then make a commitment to yourself. Loving ourselves should be a top priority.

Dr. Mercola says and I quote: “Return to a diet of natural whole foods and avoid all processed foods and sweetened beverages.”

A wholesome meal Baked Salmon with vegetables By Pixabay

Otherwise, he says the sugary processed foods and drinks will lead to “needless suffering from poor health and premature death.” He says eating sugar causes raised blood pressure which can make our blood vessels change by becoming sickly inflamed and if it continues they can’t function properly so it then leads to strokes or heart attacks.

Why do the blood vessels get inflammation? It’s because when sugar is absorbed by your body, your body increases the Utica Acid levels which is a domino effect and then the nitric oxide in our body lowers its levels so then a protein called angiotensin that helps to increase blood pressure rises, causing our smooth muscles to contract aggressively.

This isn’t natural and causes bodily harm. It’s self-abuse. See how sugar is so evil? It’s just so abusive and aggressive on the human body. It burns faster than normal energy food consumed so it’s ability to infiltrate is quickened.

Sugar also doesn’t allow the body to interpret hormones properly especially the hunger/full hormone ghrelin and leptin hormones.

Sugar doesn’t allow our metabolism to function as well because it confuses it not knowing when to stop eating because ghrelin is continuously signaling hunger when sugar has nothing to offer in nutritional value to our cells. It’s doesn’t feed our hungry cells. So we starve.

In turn our cells do not get fed and then leptin doesn’t signal that the body is full. It’s a sad cycle of continuous hunger, dissatisfaction, compulsive eating, short-lived euphoric highs and bad down lows that can lead to diabetes, depression and weight gain.

So, you see how crucial it is to have an action plan to avoid the inevitable solicitation of sugar?

Sugar and a fatty liver – a common yet hidden disease

Fatty liver disease

Let’s talk about sugar and a fatty liver. I bet it’s not something you’ve thought about. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is an epidemic in our country, if this is not controlled then it can cause death.

If you need another good reason to stop eating sugar, it’s because sugar causes fatty liver disease without ever drinking a lick of alcohol.

According to the American Liver Foundation they say that it affects our population in the United States of about 5-30% and about 100 million people have nonalcoholic fatty livers.

That’s terrifying to think about. These processed sugary fast foods are doing us harm, silently. It’s something to think about.

Many people have a fatty liver without realizing it because most of us believe that fatty livers are a result of just drinking alcohol. It’s not true. Sugar is causing fatty liver disease.

Some people are eating so much sugar that their health is declining much more rapidly than others would be. Sugar is causing life threatening disease that many people are not aware of and it’s killing people. It’s kind of like how non-smokers get emphysema without ever smoking.

A normal liver versus a fatty liver

Yes, fatty livers are made with drinking alcohol but it’s not the only way to get this disease. At the blog The Toxic Truth by Sugar Science, they say that eating sugar will cause a fatty liver just like alcoholics get from drinking.

Why? It’s because alcohol is sugar and when it is ingested by our cells, it is broken down in the liver. This is the organ inside of us that has to process it to get it out of our system and get it ready to be excreted by the kidneys as urine.

Our livers get overwhelmed by the sugar in alcohols as so it does with sugar itself.

Sugar Science says that fructose has fifty percent fructose and even organic sugar cane has fifty percent fructose which is too much for the liver to handle.

When there’s no fiber being consumed with sugar, the metabolic rate of breakdown is fast and so there’s no way to help absorb the sugar to make it metabolize slowly. It’s absorption is faster than nature intended.

Natural sugar is made up of fruits and vegetables to help fill that sugar need and to feed us nutrients. Fruits that have sugar and fiber like an apple or an orange or blueberries are better to eat then white sugar (human made sugar).

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If you were to juice an apple and eliminate its fiber, you’d be left with the apple juice. This too can be too hard for the body to utilize because there’s no fiber. The sugar goes right to the brain to be used as energy. The apple juice is metabolized quickly. The difference here is that the apple juice has nutrients.

When sugar is processed in a laboratory, the sugar is separated from the fiber. For example beet sugar, cane sugar or corn sugar are used in processing sugars. There is no fiber and all nutrients are taken out. It’s void of any real value to our bodies.

These manufacturing processes make sugar more addictive, more absorbing and more hurtful to our bodies. If I’d have my choice I’d still rather consume the apple juice.

Remember that sugar is a poison to the body, an addictive drug. (See my blog on What Does Sugar Do To Your Brain). Eliminate sugar and heal your liver by stopping what is causing the stress on the liver.

The liver does have the ability to regenerate itself as long as we allow our bodies to heal.

We need to be finding the right organic healthy sugar foods that bring balance to our nutritional needs while it promotes health and our sustainability.

Our brains require sugar so finding the right source is important. Eating GMO sugary foods and drinks causes a boatload of problems like weight gain, eventually diabetes, tooth decay and higher levels of triglycerides to be elevated in the blood which can cause an increase in the chances of getting a stroke.

Plus, kicking the sugar habit will help level off the cravings of sugar and bring about less agitation and allow a peaceful life to flourish.


The truth about sugar is astounding and it is worse than one realizes. It’s a drug addiction in the making with every bite.

It’s an addiction that if continued, allows malnutrition to set in, obesity to arise, diabetes to form, cancer to thrive and eventually our organs and immunity are so destroyed, early death is the end result.

Every time there is an attempt to reach for the sweats, sugary soft drinks, cookies cakes and ice cream or what have you, we must have an alternative back up plan!

Why? Because it’s not easy to say no and it is easy to give in one more time, or just one bite and then this habit continues. Well, I had on bite, I’ll just eat the whole thing. Well, wait! What about your commitment to your immune system?

What about your commitment to eating what nature intended? Sugar is made in laboratories designed to manipulate our brains and taste buds to constantly crave it.

Processed foods are so convenient that reaching out for fruits or honey instead isn’t that simple as it really is. It isn’t when sugar is readily available all the time. We all need to plan ahead to prepare for the sugar cravings and shop for the right kinds of foods.

If you have to have sugar pick an alternative sugar choice like real organic fruits, a fruit smoothie or if you must eat chocolate, do what I do and take an unsweetened dark chocolate made with stevia.

The hard part is the social aspect of eating sugar. It’s having the birthday cake or the summer ice cream cone with friends.

The best thing to do is plan ahead. Carry with you your sugar substitutes so when everyone wants to eat sugar together you’re ahead of the game. Or make your own cake or ice cream.

Homemade is healing, satisfying and an overall better way to eat then processed foods. Let’s not forget about our commitment to our future children?

Future generations will come after us. If anything this healing journey should be a commitment to your health, your well-being and our future children.

As soon as we can understand what sugar does in the body and understand how our immunity starts to break down from sugar consumption by getting diseases, then we can break this addiction to sugar and show it who’s boss!

Pomegranate seeds By Pixabay

I hope through this blog post that I have been able to show you how to eliminate the sugar cravings that are so embedded in our foods and in our eating habits.

So, let’s make some changes. You can change it; you can do it! Eating wholesome organic foods is the path to prolonged life and happiness and will make life easier and more enjoyable.

Experiment with your food and see how you feel after you eat something sugary versus something sweet such as real fruit. You’ll notice a difference with fiber in a wholesome diet.

Blueberries and strawberries By Pixabay

Hopefully you’ll become addicted to being healthy and cravings healthy foods. Our brains and our livers, can’t handle the toxic overload of sugar.

Watch out for high fructose corn syrup and any alternative words on food labels that say “sugar free.” It’s likely it is sugar.

There are many alternative sugar names that are being used in processed foods that you may not be aware of and they’re definitely NOT sugar free.

This is vital to know in order to stay healthy so that our health isn’t destroyed and our livers aren’t over taxed.

Try to make small changes that will lead to lifelong habits, and you will see and feel more vibrant, happy, more alive and sure of yourself.

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