How to Stick to A New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2021- Immunity Health Goals

Happy New Year ImmuneFit Followers! It is 2021 and what a great time to be alive and to start some fresh healthy goals for the new year. What do you say? Don’t you agree? Are you ready to take this journey with me? In this blog post I am going to talk about how to stick to a New Year’s Resolution, set good daily habits to have strong immunity and why set smart goals.

How to Stick to A New Year’s Resolution

Some people may be thinking that New Year’s resolutions can never be achieved, so it seems pointless to write them, right? Well, I disagree. I have a friend that believes this nonsense, and she will not do any New Year’s goals ever. She is not into self-improvement; she does not want to change, and she is not interested in self-development.

How can we be friends you say? Well, we are, and we are opposites. She lives in another state too, but we keep in touch. Her life is very different from mine I must say. Maybe it is the opposites attract kind of concept, like a karmic connection that is there between us or maybe not. Well, I have news for her, even though she will not listen to me, she is dead set on never growing or obtaining self empowerment. I say it anyway: I know how to stick to a New Year’s Resolution. Here is how it is done.

The truth is, that most people give up on their dreams and goals. It is only because most of us do not stick to it that we fail or we do not believe we can do it and are feeling therefore,“not good enough” to have success so to speak.

What if you obtained that goal? What if you achieved it? What would you do then? That is true power, right?

It is in the picking us up off the ground and dusting ourselves off that makes the distinction. You will rise above all others if you do; you will be ahead of the game.

The grand idea is to keep at it and never give up! That is the difference between successful goal achievers and the later that never continue and by throwing their hands in the air and say, “I give up, it is too hard.” I have been there and done that.

So, now it is time to begin some new goals. Let us scratch the ones from last year and start over. That is the beauty of the new year, you get to dust yourself off and try, try again. How does that saying go? “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” By Thomas H Palmer.

Set good daily habits to have strong immunity

Le us set good daily habits to have strong immunity and in this way, we can remain fit all yearlong and be immune strong.

2021 ImmuneFit Goals:

1. Keep the immune system fit and stable by allowing it to do what it does best, learn from other immune systems, get out and mingle with others

2. Get some sun (Vitamin D) and keep taking vitamins, minerals, and good supplements like cod liver oil, MSM, and high doses of vitamin C. (Always check with your doctor for dosages)

3. Start and continue with a deep breathing exercises before bed and upon arising from sleep in the morning.

4. Begin your day with dry brushing of your whole-body skin from neck to toe.

5. Continue to maintain healthy gut flora and fauna by supplementing the diet with good probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes.

6. Continue to eat a rich diverse organic fresh diet based on blood type (for me I am an O) Meat, Vegetables, fruits and fermented foods and rich mineral water; supplemented with good raw foods like raw meat, raw dairy like raw cheese and raw milk, raw eggs and raw seafood.

7. Start and maintain a stretching routine before bed and upon arising from sleep in the morning: stretch the whole body and combine this with the breathing exercises.

8. Get 15 minutes to 30 minutes of light aerobics or cardiovascular exercise in the morning before getting into the shower. The point is to sweat, sweat, and sweat out your toxins! Or Do a sauna!

9. Do two liver/gallbladder and kidney detoxifications a year. Clean out toxins from internal organs, do a high enema as well.

10. Meditate 30 minutes-an hour a day as part of the de-stressing from the day’s activities.

11. Exercise the lymphatic system by either jumping/bouncing on a trampoline, taking cayenne pepper in your food, standing on your head, do some light walking or dancing, and or use an incline machine to move the blood from the toes to the head.

12. Start journal writing, get out toxic thoughts and emotions so that positive new ones can emerge.

Why Set Smart Goals?

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? Employers use this method quite often in helping employees obtain their goals and work job efficiencies. S = Specific, M = Measurable, A = Attainable, R = Relevant, and T = Time based. You can learn more about them at

This might be a great method for implementing your New Year’s Resolutions, especially if you are serious at being successful at achieving them.

If you decide to use this smart goal method, you will find reaching your goals are effortless because now you have a plan: 

  • You have something that is Specific or narrowed down and to the point of what you want to achieve.
  • You have something that is Measurable in a way that you can treat yourself to your accomplishments if you reach the small steps, this motivates continuing with your goals and you can see your progression through measurable means.
  • You have something that is Achievable, something that is obtainable or reachable. Be realistic about this because some goals are not achievable at all. Really make sure this is something you can reach for.
  • You have something that is Relevant to your theme or actions and going toward a long-term goal or the bigger picture in a way that improves or helps the overall focus of your result.
  • You have something that is Time-based, a specific time to do it and only that specific time to get it done.


Do not focus on losing weight or gaining weight, focus on body functionality by becoming healthy in mind and thoughts and physically fit in your body to maintain health. Once your body is radiating and glowing in health, then the body will naturally fluff off unwanted pounds and have weight loss happening or weight gain will occur.

One of my good friends says that sometimes we need to stimulate or “wake up” the internal organs. If they are not working property, getting good blood flow in them and they are not getting enough nutrients and oxygen, they cannot work at their optimum level.

Having our bodies function the right way, the way God and nature intended is ideal for a fit body and a strong immune system. This takes place because all the organs and blood and the lymphatic system work collectively for your protection, so it does happen the opposite way as well. An unhealthy body will have unhealthy inactive organs not working at top execution; therefore, the immune system will not be at top performance.

I have a friend who creates his goals and then he does them throughout the year. Some of his goals are so big that he will focus on nothing but achieving them by December 1st.

His goals start way before the new year day even begins and he meets his goals head on with success. I believe to be successful with our goals, it is the little achievable goals that matter the most. Make your goals reachable, make them SMART goals. Once you have finished the task, it gives energy and motivation to continue.

Start some simple small SMART goals to begin with and then do it, try them out to see how they work for you. I say, never give up on your dreams, your goals, your wishes, and aspirations. At the end you will see how powerful you are and you will know you can do anything you set your mind to.

If you can feel better about them when you do them, you will see the result of them. You will start to see how the plan to success supports and enhances your life on a day-to-day level. These little routines will become habit-forming, second nature and they will not be goals anymore, but a lifestyle in staying ImmuneFit.


Readers Comments (4)

  1. What is dry brushing?  This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.  I never have much luck setting and reaching goals.  The setting goals part is easy, but for some reason when it comes to working on them I just don’t have the follow through.  It’s almost like I have a natural resistance after I’ve set goals.  I work better with deciding what I want to do and determining how much time I will work each day towards that end.

    • Hi Thomas, 

      Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, it is difficult for most to follow through with goals. That is why I added the SMART goal technique, because it really does work. 

      Most of the time I use an excel sheet and set myself a timer on my phone as well to remind myself to do my daily activities. Some people take an hour out of their day and do 15 minutes on each or 20 on each until it is done.

      I however like to add in my health habits to my daily routine. First thing in the morning, I am on my treadmill getting a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise. I just time it all out and do it. 

      I start small with my goals and then if I achieve the small goals, I stretch my capabilities. If I do not do it daily, I do not do it. If I have a “cheat day” I get right back up, dust myself off and start again as if I never fell off the bandwagon.

      Dry brushing is good for exfoliation; it helps to get the lymphatic drainage started and reduces wrinkles. I like it because it makes me feel good and gets off the top layer of dead skin cells

      Check out: Healthline for more information on dry brushing. I will add it as a link in my blog. Good tip!  Lily  🙂

  2. Well i like your philosophy ,According to everything that goes in the world these days. I guess if we can do 30% of what you are mentioning and stick to it….that is an improvement..right there… i am in my late 50’s .. i have some limitations but try my best to stay active and eat well with supplement … I specially like this one of yours”Do not focus on losing weight or gaining weight, focus on body functionality by becoming healthy in mind and thoughts and physically fit in your body to maintain health.” Love it.. Mind health is very important for me… I have a retirement to take care of and prepare…. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Pierre,
      Thanks 🙏🏼 Yes, I think getting our thoughts and mind straight is more than half the battle. It sure is a journey, no joke. I definitely have my days where I fall off the bandwagon. However, I just get right back on my feet. It is important to bounce back well. Having a good nutrition plan is So important. Remember that we are all eating for the next 7 generations.

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