Life Activated Brands – LivCana Energy Product Review

What is Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy?

Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy are hemp CBD Energy Capsules. It’s a hemp oil vitamin blend that is mixed into a special formula.

It contains 10 mg of Hemp CBD oil which includes a 30-day supply. This product is designed to help boost mitochondria ATP energy output, calm the inner stress receptors and give focus and clarity of mind.

Ingredients include:

Guarana – is a vine originating from the amazon forest. Its a caffeine stimulant added to many soft drinks that can help curb hunger and promote healthy weight loss. The tannins in this plant tend to release into the body slowly which allows for stable alert focus throughout the day.

Green Tea Extract – a plant found in China and India used for medicinal properties which contain antioxidants and a substance called polyphenol.

Promotes mental and digestive health, regulation of body temperature, weight loss, positive influence on Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, controls bleeding and open wounds, helps heart health, and may reduce tumors in cancer patients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – is an antioxidant and in ancestral times was used for food consumption and not as a liquid stimulant elixir. The properties in green coffee bean are not included in your regular cup of Joe.

Chemical properties include: polyphenols, dicaffeoylquinic-acids, clorogenic-acids and caffeoylquinic-acids with the naturally occurring antioxidants when combined together in this natural wholesome food, creates a powerful stimulating anti-aging weight loss energy stimulant.

It helps lower cholesterol, reduce free radical damage, and lower blood pressure symptoms. Too much on it’s own can cause jitters and insomnia.

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) – is a chemical alkaloid. Benefits include: increased endorphins and dopamine levels in the brain, reduces stress levels in the body and increases positive moods.

It gives an enhanced feeling of increased energy and is a natural stimulant found in foods such as chocolate and red wine.

Ginger Root and powder – is an antioxidant and a diaphoretic. It assists in detoxification and has anti-inflammatory properties. and

Synephrine – “a biogenic amine” a chemical found in citrus fruits and citrus peels which aids digestion, produces enzymes for better cellular metabolism and promotes healthy liver functions.

It is an anti inflammatory contributor reducing free radical damage to help out the immune system cells by reducing oxidative stress at a cellular level.

It also provides energy at the cellular metabolic levels that increases energy in the hypothalamus to allow for more awareness in being awake.

Theobromine  – an alkaloid stimulant substance that mimics what caffeine does in the body. It is found in dark chocolate and tea.

Benefits: it opens blood vessels, it stimulates the heart for increased blood circulation, it increases the mind for more focus and alertness while although there is a possibility of more frequent urination.

It has a positive affect on cardiovascular regulation, promotes uplifting moods, regulates blood pressure, and promotes healthy lungs and provides a lowering of inflammation in the body.

Grape Seed Extract – is from grapes, a chemical substance that is extracted from grape seeds.

It has many benefits including: it speeds healing and wound healing, it has the ability to reduce cholesterol, improves skin conditions, helps in managing healthy weight or help in weight loss, regulates blood pressure, reduces swelling and inflammation in cellular injuries, continues to maintain fluid balance in the body and promotes muscular preservation from damage, plus it lowers fat absorption.

BCCA Blend (Leucine, Valine) – are amino acids.

Leucine – preserves new muscle tissues and growth, it’s a building block for protein synthesis and helps in tissue healing.

Valine– helps in cellular metabolism, aiding and promoting muscle growth and is found in fermented alcohol. It helps build enzymes for body building strength and muscle mass.

Both leucine and valine promote the reversal of cirrhosis of the liver and maintaining healthy metabolism.

L-Glutamine – is an amino acid. It’s found in proteins of animal tissues and plants. It’s also found in whey protein.

Our bodies need to get it from food to keep healthy because we don’t make enough of it on our own.

Health benefits include: it helps maintain PH alkaline levels, reduces leaky gut, is a digestive aid, helps in brain health, helps athletes preform better physically, helps to burn fat by aiding in weight loss and it also helps build muscle tissues.

L-Arginine – is an amino acids found in eggs, meats, and dairy foods. This amino acid cannot be made naturally by the human body so we need to get it in the form of foods and or supplementation.

Health benefits include: it helps the cardiovascular system functions, helps hormone regulation and energy output, helps human growth hormone and insulin stay stable, helps in high intensity exercise, lowers possibility of heart attacks, helps to reduce high blood pressure, increases immunity functions and memory loss, reduces sexual disfunction in men and reduces the potential for colds and flu.

This amino acid is an overall heath promoting anti inflammatory that is needed for overall successful thriving health.

Coenzyme Q10 – is an amazing antioxidant that our bodies don’t produce enough of and with aging and disease becomes less available.

So, it’s very important to supplement this into the diet. It’s found in seafoods like fish, meats and wholesome grains.

It promotes healthy physical movement, reduces muscle weakness if taking statins, reduces headaches, is helpful in reducing heart disease, and helps the nerves system when suffering from Parkinson’s diseases

White Tea Extract – a great antioxidant that helps to maintain youthful vitality. It helps in reversing the aging process by reducing free radical damage.

It also helps to reduce the chances of heart disease, may help in weight loss, lowering chronic inflammation, and is a possible immunity booster.

Black Pepper Extract –  comes from a tropical plant found in India and Asian countries. It’s a molecule called Piperine.

It helps absorb nutrients. It helps eliminate bad bacterium, fungi, mites, parasites, insects that bite and helps many other horrible conditions that people get like dizziness, bacterial infections, asthma and more… Best on foods and used to enhance flavors.

Hemp CBD Oil – is an antioxidant known for anti inflammatory healing properties that has been confused with marijuana and is not the same plant.

They are in the same family of plants called Cannabis sativa but they are completely different plants. Hemp helps in skin conditions like rashes and psoriasis.

Cannabidiol in its makeup and rich in phytocannabinoids, hemp seed oil has many healthy benefits.

These healthy benefits include: it helps to reduce pain, reduces inflammation, reduces stress and is medicinally therapeutic in helping people who are suffering severe illnesses such as cancer, chronic pain, nerve pain, mental illness and many other diseases or illnesses that people have.

Hemp CBD Oil is a godsend for many people and brings the human body back to homeostasis.


What does Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy do?

This special product helps reduce inflammation and pain while at the same time giving you that extra boost of energy to get you through your day.

It does this by opening up your endocannabinoid (ECS) system. In this way the hemp oils are helping you to become calmer and less stressed physically.

Hemp oil does this because it contains phytocannabinoids which helps to open up the pathways of pain receptors so that they relax and release inflammatory reactions.

This is also a nootropic because it helps neurons in the brain function better, helps memory and learning.

How much does Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy cost?

Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy costs $59.00 retail. If you want to get a discount on this price you can either do an automatic order every month called Smartship and get it for $53.10.

Or you can get it for $45.00 by becoming an IBO (Independent Business Owner) distributor and become a promoter of these products.

How to order? Click the link here ===> This is also where you can sign up to be a distributor and join my amazing team.


Pros of Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy

1. Gives one more energy that is sustainable throughout the day

2. No crashes of low energy or jitters

3. Helps relax the body with aching body pains

4. Reduces inflammation

5. Brings focus to the present moment

6. Helps memory and learning

7. Provides vitamins

8. Does not have THC

9. No coffee needed – a great coffee replacement!

10. It’s only purchased through network marketing, which means more $$ in your pocket

Cons of Life Activated Brands LiveCana Energy

1. If one is tired, there’s still enough energy at the end of the day to clean the entire house before bed 😅

2. If taken at night before bed, you’ll be awake all night 🤪

3. It’s not on the standard market, one can’t find it in health food stores

4. Some people are sensitive to the energy they receive and only take half a pill while others feel they need more and take two pills a day

5. If one does have coffee with it, nauseousness may set in and one could get the jitters

What are others saying about Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy ?

The Take Away

Life Activated Brands LivCana Energy is an amazing hemp oil CBD product! You can see why because it’s one of the company’s bestsellers.

This is my go to product for my chronic neck pain, tendinitis, tennis elbow pain and any and all inflammation.

This product keeps me out of pain while working. It’s been a Godsend for me and truly helps me get through my busy days; it really does everything I just described above.

When I use this product I have steady energy throughout my day with an ability to be focused, calm and relaxed. I don’t know of any other health giving supplement out there in the market that can do what it does.

I’ve never experienced any kind of low energy crash with this energy supplement like one would get with other types of stimulants, cups of coffee or by eating sugar.

It’s truly a one of a kind vitamin supplement with extra bonuses for healthy contentment. Plus, it got me off my coffee ☕️ habit. How great is that? Yes, awesome!!! 🤩 ❤️

Try this product and feel it for yourself! Please let me know your amazing energy results by leaving a comment below. You will not be disappointed! In fact, I bet you’ll be astonished by how wonderful this product is and how helpful it is to your overall wellbeing.

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