mRNA Technology and Vaccines – Mass Death by Cheshire Cat propaganda

Delusions by fake science just like the Cheshire Cat in the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, are being planted on human minds through media, movies, medical advertising, and people in the medical field who follow pharmaceutical companies’ propaganda, and they are hurting our immune systems. These fantasies are sticking into the subconscious mind, the ego and the nefarious belief that being injected with poisons protects the vaccinated.

This is false misleading information about the immune system and how it operates. People all around the world have fallen for the belief, a falsehood that if they vaccinate themselves that not only are they protecting themselves, but they are also protecting others. This is not true. They are also saying that herd immunity protects us all. False!

There is no scientific evidence for herd immunity, and it is a bold-faced lie being imposed on people with what I call pestilential Cheshire Cat propaganda.

These untruths are causing anxiety which lowers our immune system and puts us on constant alert, in fear and increasing our adrenalin causing a disturbance within the body triggering an unbalanced focus of our life path, peace, and prosperity potential. News media in this day in age is entertainment and therefore void of truth.

In this article I will be talking about mRNA Technology and vaccines and why this is so dangerous for our health and for life and I am also going to talk about causes of a weak immune system.

mRNA Technology and Vaccines

Yes, let us not get upset over the “mad people”, we surely do not want to disturb them says Alice in the Disney film. So, let us comply and do what we are told, to emulate demonic ritualistic psychopaths who wear masks and who socially detach themselves from everyone who might be a disease-ridden person that will give us sickness. What a load of crap.

Oh yeah and let us continuously be in fear of our lives and take vaccines where the big pharma has brewed up their witches’ brew… of a little toad, a snake here and there, a little stir of the pot, put three eyes in and add a pinch of salt and watch it boil and burn oh how we love how the witch’s brews are made. No, thank you!

Yes, I am being factious.

So, do you know what is in these mRNA technology and vaccines? Have you even thought to ask? I say this because the information on it is being hidden, and the criminals in our government and elite crooks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) do not want you to know so they lie on their websites because they want you to believe that the vaccine is protecting you when in truth, it is a kill shot.

It is a plan to depopulate the world and of course who gets the vaccine first? India and then the list goes down from there on the next biggest country that has the most people. If you have not heard lately, thousands are dying in India, they are dying right now. We are in a massive global genocide states the ingredients of what is in vaccinations. They contain and I quote:“ African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains.”

There are even more horrible ingredients in this mRNA vaccine that big pharma is not telling you, like aborted fetal tissue and nano technology to change our DNA and how we process proteins. Oh, and did I mention the magic potion in these vaccines called luciferase? Yup, it is really called that, and it is in these kill shots. Check out this website for more information on it: alecsatin.

This is a Frankenstein injection code that is synthetic with an added luciferin poison which includes nanotechnology. These injections change our immunity functions and processes which is not natural to our genetic makeup. According to Dr Carrie Madej, she states in an interview with on April 20, 2021, that these mRNA vaccines…

“That [they] will suppress your immune check points, now again that is going to alter your immune system to allow it to enter the cell… more cancers can happen, other infections can occur, more toxins can get into your body and all sorts of things can happen.”

She says that this is deceiving to our bodies like tricking us so that our bodies will make a “spike protein” which will be let loose all over the body which may cause more infections to occur on their own. This is destructive to our body causing disease to grow inside it. I think this is horrifying, don’t you? We as a society are already in fear, as if there was not enough fear to be had. People that worship Satan feed off fear by the way. Did you know? Anyway…

She said we do not know yet the ramifications or long-term side effects that will be placed on vaccinated people and non-vaccinated people who are exposed to the jab takers because this is a big experiment, and the human body has never before been exposed to this type of computer technology.

Being injected into humans, this technology could be very dangerous causing illness, inflammation, a skewed inflammatory immune response, and more auto immune disease and possibly even death.

As more people become injected, we will find out as time goes on what health consequences this may cause as it is not natural for our bodies to have to deal with such high toxicity and alien alterations of our normal protein synthesis abilities.

She says that big pharma has been saying that this will burn off over time, however, she believes differently. She believes that it depends on the health of the person as some people may produce more virus than others.

No one knows the consequences of this vaccine or even if the people being vaccinated will be what is being called “super spreaders or vaccine shedders”, transmitting disease among the populations creating more illness through viral exposure.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Doesn’t this sound like a witch’s’ brew mixed in with new technology? This is very dangerous.

And doesn’t it sound like a genetically modified organisms, GMOs? Or even a new form of human genome? No one knows what the adverse effects will be with reproduction or even if the human species will even be able to procreate after taking this new gene therapy, they call a vaccine.

And that is what it is, a gene therapy, it is not a vaccine, yet everyone is calling it one.

Many people have died already and there are many reports of it. Check out where they talk about the deaths and harmful side effects.

The scariest thing they talk about besides death, is that if one does live through these vaccines’ jabs, that the mRNA is not reversible, it changes us forever! I do not know about you, but I do not believe I need to change anything about my natural genetic make up because God made me perfectly imperfect the way I am.

Think about it! Yes, they want to genetically modify humanity and kill us all off all at the same time. Really look at those components in vaccines. Would you want this injected into your child? Or would you want to inject these ingredients into your own body? How do you think your immune system will respond to it?

There have been serious vaccine injures reported already such as facial paralyses, confusion, and a dumbing down of consciousness, brain swelling, lack of coordination and many deaths just hours after taking the jabs. More information will come out as time goes on. More people will die and possibly more this coming fall and winter.

These are just a few of the ones I have heard about. Plus, people are driving off the road unexpectedly or getting into car accidents, most are confused, people are having heart attacks, women having very bad menstrual cycles and many other bodily malfunctions are occurring because of these demonic vaccines.

Causes of a weak immune system

Causes of a weak immune system mainly has to do with toxins that are entering into the bloodstream which then poisons the body. These toxins will increase the white blood cell count drastically and autoimmune disease can set in because all these pollutants are being blasted into the body which confuses it. This is what vaccines do.


Because they are made up of foreign material that the human body cannot accept or work with and it must eliminate it. These toxins can include pathogens, foreign viruses, live DNA of other animals and aborted fetuses from dead babies. And heavy metals such as mercury, and other bad pollutants such as monosodium glutamate, (MSG) which is a neurotoxin.

The bad news about this is it interrupts our body’s innate healing processes and makes it so that we cannot heal ourselves naturally. Our bodies must work that much harder to get back to normal homeostasis because that is what our bodies do daily and constantly is self-care and self-healing by repairing and rebuilding itself. Now, with these vaccines, that course has been disrupted.

Inflated white blood cell counts can put the body on “red alert” which can cause stress if elevated for long periods of time. This immune response can sometimes last for months or even years while the immune system is trying to sort itself out and get back to normal.

Our bodies now have a lowered immunity because of its lack of ability to remove the pollutants and to identify where these foreign invaders come from. We are then immediately putting our bodies at war with ourselves.

This is called an autoimmune disease, an internal war that now must deal with potential side effects like Cerebral Palsy, skin that flakes off, hair loss, sores, and excessive bleeding in menstruating women. Our body tissues become so contaminated that our blood becomes overloaded with deadly poison.

The human body cannot handle it. These foreign particles of impurities which are injected into the blood stream can cause blood clots to occur often killing people.

These are just a few of the vaccine injuries being reported by people that have taken the vaccine or have been reported from family and friends of people who have passed on.

You can report vaccine injury and harassment here: Report a vaccine incident


You were born with a special power to overcome disease and death by way of an innate immune system. This magical immune system is given by God and it is your God given right to have a healthy immune system and be unhindered by vaccines. Please do not go with the herd and just because the herd is doing it does not mean that everyone should be getting the jab.

Since, this is not normal for our bodies to ingest, our immune response goes bonkers trying to work itself out. This is hindering our normal body immunity to function at its best to help fight infection and inflammation when a vaccine gives just that, a hyper immune response which causes more viral reactions than there may already be in the body to begin with. If you are in pain somewhere or you have swelling, why would you want more inflammatory response?

Listen to your gut intuition, your body and learn, study, and look for truth. If you blindly believe others, you are doing just that, being shepherded to the slaughterhouse and if not death than you are being usurped into a very painful unhealthy, broken body that may potentially not ever recover from this biological rape and warfare.

Yes, you heard me right, this is medical rape, a complete violation of our natural biological human functions.

People are taking them without questioning their efficacy, their ingredients and asking about their long-term side effects. Whatever happened to informed consent? Don’t you want more information before you inject something into the holy temple of your body?

This is what I call running off the cliff blindfolded with a mask on. Why are people not thinking? Why are people not using their brains? Why are you not questioning everything? Why? Why? Why?

I am dumbfounded at how so many individuals, even my own family will stick up for the pharmaceutical industry and accept the vaccine when they themselves are buying the Cheshire Cat propaganda false lies and reasons for taking it. Oh yeah, I do have family that is defiant in defending it. I am so disheartened by this. I may lose half my family to this kill shot.

Some people in my family defend it so strong without even knowing anything about it all because their doctor said to take it or because their friend took it or because everyone else around them is doing it. I am literally astounded and in shock.

Whatever happened to the scientific method being taught in our schools? What ever happened to independent thought and critical thinking? What ever happened to thinking for ourselves? This is a sad year, a very sad year for 2021. I pray that God’s hand will save us all and deliver us into His glory. God Bless everyone!

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  1. I am still undecided about getting a Covid vaccine. I am doing a lot of online research. Today, I am learning about what exactly is a Protein Spike and what it is for. That led me to reading your posts here….I was not able to listen to the YouTube talk by Prof. Scharit Bhakdi MD. I could here the interviewer’s questions, but Bhakdi’s answers were muted apparently on purpose (?)….If I am to get the Covid vaccinations, I need to understand what the heck these vaccines are and everything else about them. The nonstop propaganda about the covid vaccines makes me more worried and is having the opposite of the desired affect on me….Thank you for providing detailed information on these viruses, our immune systems, and the vaccinations….On a different note: I am almost positive I had Covid the week before the lockdowns officially began in California. I had a fever, sat in bed for two days, and I had a fairly bad case of the “Covid rash”. Of course, at that time, I had no idea about Covid or that I had it….I am going to get a blood antibody test to see if I already have immunity.

    • Ann,
      You have every right to be concerned about getting vaccinated. Informed consent it your right and the big tech and big pharma are trying to take away our rights. First, this is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy. Second, it is experimental and not approved by the FDA except under emergency authorization. Third, this is a big experiment on humanity, and it has never been done before and when the experiments were done early on, every child and animal injected with the spike protein died when it met natural COVID. Forth, the mRNA is a gene therapy that changes the way we process proteins in our bodies which literally fractionates the protein and causes our bodies to make the “Spike” protein which is toxic and has been causing blood clots, many other health problems like paralysis and death. Plus, there are other ingredients in there that are just insane!

      Some very established and credible doctors believe that anyone that takes the jab will be dead within 2-5 years. This is horrifying. Human life is very precious.

      My advice to you is to check out these doctor’s on and anywhere where there are censored videos. The more you know the more power you have under your belt. The communist socialists do not want us to have power and they are in alignment with the globalist elites who are trying to reduce the population down to 500,000,000. Google the Georgia Stones. This is very serious. We are in a global genocide currently and that is not me saying it, it is doctors that are being censored saying this. Check out Doctor McCullough and Dr Michael Yeadon and Doctor Sucharit-Bhakdi. Also, check out Dr Lee Merritt and Doctor Carrie Madej. These doctors are all very knowledgeable. Also, the front-line doctors too and check out Dr Vernon Coleman. Save your life, do not take it! check out my other blog: What is a Spike Protein.

      If you already have had COVID-19, you are already immune and you have innate immunity which is what this so called “vaccine” is destroying in everyone that takes it because they are aggressive antibodies that cause antibody dependent enhancement.

      God Bless!

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