Organic Whole Food Alkalizing Powder Product Review

Alkaline Powder By Nature’s Brands

Everything in life is either acidic or alkaline. The range of acids and alkaline levels are unique and different for each thing on this planet: from our body, to water, the ocean, our environment, animals, this Earth we all live on, to plant 🌱 life and our food.

The PH scale goes from 0-14. See below image. Our bodies are a bit above 7 which is neutral. Below 7 and things become much more acidic. Above 7 and things become more alkaline.

This is important to take note on because the foods we eat can affect our PH balance and make it either lower, potentially worse or higher than it needs to be.

According to, our blood is slightly at base 7.3-7.5 which is more alkaline than being right at 7 base. They say and I quote: “If blood pH drops below 7.0 or goes higher than 7.8 the body can no longer function and dies.”

It’s the potential of hydrogen that is being measured. The more hydrogen, the more acidic things become.

At, they talk about how as we break down foods that we eat, storing them in our bodies to nourish ourselves, acid then builds up in the body. This can happen rapidly, especially if one is eating the wrong types of foods.

Some of these acids in processed foods can form inside us as a kidney stone or diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Even our waste builds up from eating foods that can cause acids to form and lowers our PH. Foods can rot or stick in the intestines causing an acidic environment within us.

If we don’t remedy this unhealthy situation, we can suffer and die an early death.

This is all very serious and something to consider when working on improving one’s health.

This is the number one reason to supplement the diet and bring balance back into daily living.

What is Alkaline Powder?

Alkaline powder is a food supplement that assists our body with becoming more alkaline. This herbal supplement in the form of a powder will give your body back the needed alkalinity our bodies require in order to be healthy and thrive.

This supplement has some awesome healthy ingredients that are organic and unrefined.

List of ingredients: (seeds, leafs, roots, bark, fruit, bulb and aerial)

Organic Anise (seed), Organic Barley Grass (leaf), Organic Burdock (root), Caraway (seed), Organic Celery (seed), Organic Dill (seed), Organic Fennel (seed), Organic Fenugreek (seed), Organic Flax (seed), Organic Mustard (seed), Organic Wheat Grass (leaf), Organic Bilberry (leaf), Organic Rose Hips (fruit), Organic Tumeric (root), Organic Horseradish (root), Organic Dandelion (root), Organic Ginger (root), Organic Parsley (leaf), Organic Garlic (bulb), Organic White Willow (bark), Organic Dulce (aerial), Organic Kelp (aerial), Organic Bladderwrack (aerial).

What does Alkaline Power do for your body?

This product helps to bring balance back into your body by increasing your alkalinity. By bringing your PH back up to alkaline you’ll be able to start healing and bring body functions back to homeostasis.

We eat food to sustain ourselves and most of the foods that we eat daily are processed foods that lack nutrients.

Do you consume foods that are in a package or are from a fast food restaurant? If so, then you’re compromising your body’s basic necessity to be healthy.

Taking a food supplement such as an alkaline powder will bring back balance, specifically a good PH balance and it’s fiber will help heal your gut.

How much does it cost?


You can subscribe to their auto order subscription and you’ll save 10%

Pros of Alkaline Power

1. It balances out the body making it alkaline

2. It can be put in any liquid drink or water

3. You’re getting root, leaves, seeds and bark fiber into your diet

4. It makes one feel centered and wholesome

5. It’s organic with no processed chemicals

6. It’s vegan and plant based only

7. The company I’m recommending it from has lots of good reviews.

Cons of Alkaline Power

1. You’ll have to remember to take it and add it to your diet

2. It can be a bit messy

3. It’s more expensive here than most on the market

4. The company I’m recommending doesn’t have current reviews and seems to have approved all reviews on the same day.

What are others saying about Alkaline Products?



The Take Away

Adding a good alkaline supplement to your daily regimen will enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

This can also be accomplished by eating the right kinds of foods, vegetables in combination with healthy raw fruits and fiber.

If you need a shortcut or need to get healthier faster or just would like to supplement your diet with some whole food goodness, consider purchasing this product.

You can add it to your water bottle if you’d like but it’s much better added to vegetable juice or your smoothies.

This product has 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. No one can go wrong with a bit more nutrients in their diet plus a bit more fiber.

As nutritional experts are always saying that people in general do not get enough fiber; this supplement will assist in this area. Why are people not getting enough fiber and alkaline foods? Because some people are not eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

Most people are eating fast foods and takeout more then ever before. Check out this supplement product and decide for yourself.

Try it for 30 days and see how you feel afterwards.

The take away for me is that the benefits out way the negatives and there’s nothing wrong with adding additional seeds, leafs, roots, bark, fruit, bulb and aerial foods to your diet.

Your body will thank you. It’ll benefit your body in the long run and help improve longevity and immunity.

How often do you consume these specific special foods? I bet not often.

Please give this product a try, and tell me if you feel any different.

Thank you for reading my product review.

Living a nutritional healthy lifestyle is simpler, creates a disease free life and makes life overall better. May you live life in abundance and have vibrant nutrition.

Foods are either acidic or alkaline By Pixabay

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  1. Thank you for this article. I realised I know very little about this other than that an Alkaline state is healthier than an Acidic one. Your article has provided me with all the information and much more. Thank you for this.

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