Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Drops

What is the Sunshine Vitamin and what is all the hype around it? Why do people even need it? Well, Vitamin D is very valuable and without it, life is hard and painful. I would go even further and say it is not just the Sunshine Vitamin, it is the Liquid Gold Vitamin, a liquid of life vitamin next to water.

Vitamin D is a hormone and nutrient called a secosteroid. Without this vital molecule in our body, we can suffer from bone disorders, declining cognitive health, suffer from rickets, psoriasis, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, cancer, and we can suffer even more from colds and flu.

This is how some people avoid getting sick year to year, they take Vitamin D supplements. Many people are deficient in this hormone vitamin that even being in the sun may not be sufficient which is why both are needed, sun exposure and supplementation.

The Mayo Clinic states in their blog post about Vitamin D that without the Sunshine Vitamin, our bodies do not absorb calcium very well. So, if you take calcium supplements without taking vitamin D, you could be causing your body more harm then good. It is best to check with your doctor and get checked out.

The Mayo Clinic also states that Vitamin D is so critical a nutrient for us to take daily that it helps our cells to function better, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports our immune system to function better and protects the brain and body muscles and is neuroprotective. That is an amazing hormone supplement, wouldn’t you agree?

According to doctor Mercola, he says in his blog post that there are 14 signs you might be lacking vitamin D in your diet or lifestyle and these include: aching muscles, painful bones, fatigue, reduced muscle performance, leading signs of brain disease such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, poor sleep, having a sweaty head, dizziness, hair loss, heart problems, excess body weight, reoccurring infections in the body, and having a reduced cognitive function.

I would say the biggest insightful thing that Dr Mercola has said in his blog post about Vitamin D is that it can help reduce the likelihood of getting COVID-19.

He states in his article that there were a couple of studies done on vitamin D and COVID that indicated that 82.2% of the people who are deficient in Vitamin D that were tested, tested as having COVID. The people that had supplemented with Vitamin D while in the hospital with COVID increased their survival rate by 64%. That is very good information. That cannot be ignored.

Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Drops – How it works

This product simply works by placing one drop on the tongue and that is it. It is simple and a sure thing. It has a base in all-natural olive oil, so there is a hint of flavor.

Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Drops – My testimony

After taking this product I noticed I felt stronger, my immunity was sharper, and I did not feel like I would be getting sick. I ran out of vitamin C tablets, but it is okay, I was adding this Vitamin D supplement into my diet and voila, I felt it working almost instantly.

I have tried other vitamin D products and I have never felt a shield of protection working so well inside of me like Health Ranger’s Vitamin D. This product is truly the best I have ever found in the market.

After taking it for a couple of weeks I decided to take more in one sitting. I now take 2-3 drops depending on my body’s needs. I will muscle test myself to see if I need more then one drop.

My body usually tells me “Yes” or “No” after taking one drop. My advice is to take one drop and than ask yourself through muscle testing, if your body wants more, if yes, then take one more drop than ask your body again if it should have another. Good body being communication is essential. Your body will tell you what it needs.

Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Drops – Product Reviews:

5-Star Review: Optimal Vitamin D 2000
Jenny B. on Apr 01, 2021

This is the best vitamin that I have ever had. It’s easy to take. Just one drop and you’re good to go. I take it every other day with food. It tastes good. One bottle lasts forever. I am very glad with my purchase. Would definitely recommend it. Thank you!!

Alexandra F on Mar 14, 2021

The is the most cost effective vitamin I’ve seen! So easy to take – I drop a day, right out of the precise dropper! I can trust Mike to buy any product from him that it’s clean and at the highest standards! So go for it!

5-Star review I really prefer liquid Vitamin

Catherine P on Feb 15, 2021

I’ve needed to supplement my Vitamin D for years, especially in the winter. This liquid is so easy to take, especially for those of us who have difficulty with pills.

5-Star review Unbelievable strength in each drop!

Greg S on Mar 09, 2020

This one bottle has 900 servings! That’s incredible and works out to only .02/serving. There is nothing out there as cost effective as this that I’ve seen before.

5-star review This is the only thing that worked

Twyla W on Aug 03, 2016

I have been chronically low on vitamin for several years. I would take mega doses of prescription vitamin d for two months and two months later it was lower then before. My hematologist wasn’t sure what to do with me. So I said that I want to try something different and lets check it again in 4 months. I went from 15 to 46! Yes, taking this daily has helped me and I feel it. I have tried other natural remedies but this is the only one that has worked. I highly recommend this product!

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Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Drops – Pros and Cons


1. It is very potent stuff so there is only a need to take one drop to get benefit

2. It tastes good with the light olive oil flavor

3. One can take it every other day or everyday if needed

4. It helps to build the immune system and helps protect it against colds and flu viruses and COVID

5. It is in liquid form which makes it easier to take unlike pill form

6. There are no fillers or bad preservatives, the manufacture tests for many toxic contaminants

7. It is easy to travel with and the bottle does not leak, so I can carry it in my purse very easily

8. It can be taken in smoothies and in beverages


1. The dropper leaks the liquid Vitamin D out very fast so, be careful, it will spill quickly when taken from the bottle

2. Be mindful not to take too much – It is not recommended taking a full dropper full; one drop is 2000 IU so check with your doctor if you need more then one drop

3. The Vitamin D is in a glass bottle, so be careful not to drop it and do not let little children play with it

4. Overdosing on Vitamin D can have some complications so do no take too much!

According to the Mayo Clinic overdosing on Vitamin D will cause heart rhythm problems, confusion, disorientation, weakness, constipation, poor appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, Kidney Stones and Kidney Damage.

Please stick to the bottle instructions and or listen to your body about what dosages you feel you may need to stay healthy. Only you and your body know what you really need, however it never hurts to check in with your primary care physician.

In Summary

Vitamin D is so essential for so many body functions that to deny it as a necessity is ludicrous, hence take the appropriate dosages and check in with your health care practitioner.

Vitamin D has been shown to help us to curb the needless sufferings of the body like bone and muscle pain, infections, and diseases, as a result you will want to consider finding the right supplement to help keep you healthy.

Personally, I have taken other Vitamin D supplements over the years and I have to say this is the only product that has been worth it because of its high purity standards and its immediate good effects on the body.

Vitamin D is also known to build up the immune system and protect it. Therefore, it is a good immune builder against flu and viruses. Since we all may be exposed to many viruses naturally in our world or be coming into contact with man-made viruses, it is good insurance to have a naturally God given back up plan.

Think of it as a good preparation for staying immune fit and buy up some Vitamin D today!

Where can you buy it? The Health Ranger Store ==> Click Here for more information on how to buy it

The Cost: $26.65

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