What affects the immune system? Overwhelming stress and toxins can lead to weaker immune functions

The variety of variables that can effect our immunity are vast when negative circumstances are present or forced upon the immune system.

When this happens it becomes weaker, fragile and responds with less of an ability to control its actions. It’s functions are lowered and it appears silent unable to identify foreign bacterial invaders or viruses.

It loses strength in its ability to fight infection, buffering against diseases and is phased out of its communication network system not understanding positive feedback signals for proper job defenses.

What causes this immunity dysfunction? How does it get to that point? Let’s identify some serious immune system issues and talk about what causes our immune system to malfunction. In this blog post I’m going to talk about What affects the immune system.

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What affects the immune system?

There are some serious concerns about what affect the immune system by what we are doing and we may not even realize it. Awareness is the first step in being able to make changes.

Four things that affects our immunity are 1. Excessive intake of toxins externally and internally, 2. Excessive stress, 3. Toxicity in foods and water, 4. Excessive damage done by free radicals, infections and disease.

1. At the website Nutritional Healing Center, NHCAA (The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor), they talk about how a weaker immune system is developed by poor diets and poor food choices and how our internal immune system organs that are not functioning properly are weakened by these poor food choices.

These internal organs include the big and small intestines, our lymphatic system and our gut microbiome or microbiota.

They say that overuse of certain things that are consumed excessively can be detrimental to our body and can cause weakness in our immune system.

These things that causes weakness include pain medications, antibiotics, vaccinations and foods lacking any nutritional substance.

All these things are disruptive or destroy our gut flora causing not just inflammation but a sick immune system. So, now you know what affects the immune system-Chemicals and toxins! These are the main culprits.

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We are consuming chemicals and metal toxins all the time that are in our air, water, and foods.

There are dangerous chemicals in skincare and hair products that are toxic and they are also having an adverse effect on how our immune system functions.

Unless you buy organic or can understand what the cosmetic label says, you’re going to be putting toxic chemicals into your body.

This would also include toxic makeup and lotions with chemicals in skin care products that are damaging our ability to have good strong immunity.

These chemicals are added to our food supply and our beauty products which consumerism contributes to in excess and that’s part of the problem.

Many big corporations don’t care about what ingredients are in their products selling them to us anyway and the sickening part is that we trust them blindly thinking that they have our best interest at heart when truly, they’re just trying to make a profit.

Toxins in the air By Pixabay

So, now how do we fix this problem? We fix it by being more mindful of what we are putting in and on our bodies every day.

We vote with our pocketbook. Money is the ultimate vote, the real vote. It’s something to think about. No one is going to lookout for you but you.

Read labels, learn what is toxic and what is beneficial for your body because at the end of the day, it’s your health and your immune system that will pay the price.

2. What causes extreme stress? There are some other toxins that need to be addressed. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages can become too much for our bodies to handle and we became toxic which we call drunk. Drinking too much alcohol will allow bacterial infections to occur causing colds and flu.

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Having too many surgeries taxes the immune cells with inflammation making it work harder to try to repair and replace damaged cells.

Even taking too many vaccinations or inhaling toxic chemicals from cleaning products that have heavy metals and toxic materials in them are causing the immune system to become confused and have been known to be endocrine blockers.

This can be dangerous for children as Dr. Mercola states in his article about the Worst Endocrine Disruptors Revealed and They Could Be Raising Your Family’s Cancer Risk. Then the immune system has to now eliminate these toxins because they are foreign and they don’t belong in our bodies.

Image By the cdc.gov

Having too much excessive stress will weaken the immune system. Some examples are physical abuse stress from when someone physically hurts your body, or emotionally being stressed out from a verbal abusive person being a bully to you or extreme sexual violence or sexual assault stress that can cause an overworked, over dysfunctional and weak immune system.

Anything in excessive consumption causes a weaker immune system which would include crying, hypertension and elevated blood pressure.

This is something that we all need to bear in mind because it can create a domino effect if there’s any other underlying health issues and cause sickness. This opens the door to disease and early death.

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Excessive toxins are present when taking in cigarette smoke, inhaling smoke or by getting second hand smoke in our lungs causes immunity cells to be susceptible to infection.

Cigarettes put heavy toxins into the lungs that can contribute to asthma, cancer and emphysema. Basically too many toxins are causing stress on our immunity which in turn causes diseases to develop faster.

Then there’s being overweight which isn’t healthy either but it does help in one area: having extra fat on your body does help pull toxins away from the internal organs to prevent organ failure and death by storing the toxins in the fatty tissues.

This is the body’s way of protecting itself. However, being too overweight can still weaken the immune system’s functions by overworking it; it can’t keep up trying to clean house by being constantly flooded with foreign invaders and constantly trying to eliminate toxins at the same time.

Being overweight makes the body have to work harder to maintain healthy homeostasis. I know because I have firsthand experienced in this area.

3. Did you know that toxins exist in our food supply? Yup, they do, so let’s wrap this back around to food because this is a major factor in our survival and immunity.

The majority of our immune system is in our guts which is where our microbes live and thrive and help us digest foods and nutrients.

Why is this so important to discuss? Because we are alive, our microbiome is alive and we need to feed it.

The plain truth is this: we feed it S.A.D. (standard American diet) with no nutritional value therefore we suffer and stress out our immune system faster.

If we feed it good fresh organic foods like a macrobiotic diet, Mediterranean diet or a whole foods diet, we thrive on in life in healthy vibrant bodies.

By overloading our bodies with excessive stress as mentioned above whether that’s from chemicals or heavy metals through food, water, air and any type of abuse, we compromise immunity lowering our adaptive ability to stay healthy.

So, what foods should we be eating? Well foods should be as nature intended: non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), organic, no pesticides or herbicides, preservatives or exposed to radiation in any way. So should our water.

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Drinking water should be free of chemicals like chlorine, bromine, wood alcohol, plastic particles and fluoride.

When our immune system is being bombarded with all these toxins we are overloading our immune system so it causes it to be overworking and it gets overwhelmed with things to fight and eliminate.

What if a real threat comes into your body and you’ve already overworked your immune system with so much extra garbage to take care of?

How is one to survive a big epidemic? If you’re immune system is working so hard all the time, every day being taxed, it won’t be able to handle the big invaders when faced with harm or be able to survive heart attacks or strokes.

Coronavirus By Pixabay

This is something to think about especially when every year there’s a big virus scare and it seems to be getting worse year by year. 

As I write this we are in a survival mode around the world with the coronavirus (Covid-19), unprecedented in current times and in my opinion, instead of an epidemic it’s a pandemic.

The takeaway is that protecting and nurturing our immunity cells is imperative to survival and needs to be done daily and not just when in a crisis. Don’t wait till you’re ill or with diseases.

Be proactive in your health day-by-day by using preventive measures to stay healthy.

4. Another danger to our immune system function is free radicals. They cause not just cellular damage, they cause a lowering of our immune system.

What are free radicals? Free radicals can cause oxidation in our cells making them become damaged which promotes diseases and aging.

According to the website Live Science, these free radicals are in toxins and causes oxidation stress on our body and immunity.

Therefore, eating a diet rich in antioxidants would help ward off free radical damage.

Other things that can cause some negative affects to our immune system functions include getting multiple infections in various parts of the body, getting fungus infections, getting multiple tumors, being in grief, getting in an argument, feeling stress, having a panic attack and even having an allergic reaction to something that was eaten, a food or a medication that the body cannot handle can all cause stress on the immune system.

When these things occur and one has a nutritional deficiency or possibly many nutritional deficiencies, our immune system is worse off because we don’t have the nutrient reserves stored in our bodies to pull on those nutrients when needed for the stress we are facing.

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We need nutritional foods for healthy protection. If we are nutrient rich in our bodies then it helps not just our immune system functions be better equipped with defenses, it helps to overall cope with stresses when they do come at us.

Living in this day and age we need to practice not just knowing about how to battle stress and fight toxins to prevent diseases, we need to practice it and we do that with mindfulness in our choices and giving ourselves self-love.

Bring more peace and kindness into your body by physically relaxing, eating and drinking healthy foods, avoiding all stress and making conscious decisions about how to live life in a self-caring loving way.

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Since we are living in a more polluted environment these days and toxic chemicals are everywhere, it can be a bit overwhelming to handle.

Some people throw up their hands and say I give in, screw it I’m eating that plastic chemical processed meat hamburger and sugar drink!

Well, hold back a second and let’s rethink our thoughts. Let’s make sure our thoughts are positive.

If we all give in, into the game of commercial consumerism and say we don’t care than what are we doing in this world to make life less stressful? What are we doing to make life easier, better, more peaceful and fun?

If we all give up then we are not thinking about the next generation, we are not being kind and caring to our body. In my opinion, having excellent health is worth fighting for!

Your body, this environment, our whole earth is worth fighting for!

If we keep positive and continue to strive to make things better not only are we making life better to live, we are making it better for someone else too.

So, let’s find happiness within our future, let’s eliminate our stress, our toxic chemicals in our air, water, food supply, beauty products, cleaning supplies and let’s clean up our environment.

Let’s eliminate free radical damage.

If everyone does their part in making life on this earth better, whether it’s eating organic or buying organic healthy cosmetics and makeup, we’re on the right path.

We don’t need to add any added stress to whatever is already stressful. Life is meant to be enjoyed and to give back to the earth.

Let’s give back to each other because making this world a better healthier place to be will provide blessings ten fold.

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  1. Camilo Buitrago May 15, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    What an amazing post full of useful information. Toxins are everywhere so we have to be careful and take care of our environment.

    • Thanks Camilo,
      I appreciate your comments. Our environment is so important, inside and outside our bodies. We all have to do our part. 😊

  2. You provided an extremely amazing article on what affects the immune system, and I totally agree stress and all the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to today are the major contributors to our weak immune systems.


    • Hi Jeff,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. Our immunity seems so fragile these days with so many toxins and variables in our environment. Be well. 😊

  3. What a great article. I found it very informative and useful. I have bookmarked it for future reference. thanks!

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