What are some common autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune diseases are becoming more rampant within our population and as a people, we are experiencing an awakening of awareness to this situation. What we have going on within our bodies is a weakening of the immune system, a breakdown of normal body defenses internally.

This signifies an imbalance, not just in our outside world, but a breakdown of bodily functions. What is it that we are reflecting inside that is a direct correlation to our outside world? What is it that is not working in life that causes this collapse?

It is time for inner contemplation, to look towards ourselves and within our being. We must ask, what is out of balance? In this blog post I am going to talk about what are some common autoimmune diseases and go over the 10 most common autoimmune diseases and talk about what is rheumatoid arthritis disease. Let us go over a few of them and define them.

10 most common autoimmune diseases

What are some common autoimmune diseases? 10 most common autoimmune diseases are as follows and are as in order from E medicine health.com, Doctor’s Response:

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis: is an inflammation of the joints and tissues of organs causing pain, swelling and fatigue. It is considered the most common autoimmune disease. (Medical News Today)

Some believe that there is more going on here than just labling RA as an autoimmune disease such as on the website Elixirindustry.com. They say that the real reason inflamation flaires up causing these symptoms is due to the joints, muscles and bones being metabolically weakened.

They say this is due to a “false alarm” of some kind, being initiated by something “unknown” where the immune system is getting mixed signals and attacking these vital stabailizing areas of the human body. They say to reverse this condition that the metabolisum of joints and muscles needs to be increased. Wheather this is true or not is unknown.

2. Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis: is a thyroid problem that causes the thyroid to become under active which can lead to dementia and seizures. In sever types, this can lead to loss of body functions like muscle spasms and jerking. It can cause delusions, personality changes and paralysis. (Very Well Heath)

3. Celiac Disease: can cause intestinal damage to the cilia that absorb food. This is caused by a gluten (wheat protein) organ irritation and can cause malabsorption, malnutrition, and stunted growth in younger children and many more digestive issues. (Mayo Clinic)

4. Graves’ Disease: affects the energy level of every tissue organ in the body. The immune system attacks the thyroid in the neck area causing the thyroid to not work as efficiently. When this occures it is then becoming hyperactive which throws off hormone levels and creates a fluctuation of energy imbalances in the body organs. (Niddk.nih.gov website)

5. Type 1 Diabetes: is child onset diabetes. In this autoimune disease there is a problem with producing not enough hormone insulin by way of the pancreas or too little of it. Insulin is the sugar that goes into cells called glucose to allow for normal body functions and producing a satiation sensation. Thus, a symptom of type 1 diabetes is connected with extreme hunger and frequent urination. (Mayo Clinic)

6. Vitiligo: is a color distortion of the skin’s pigmentation going from light to dark and vice versa, affecting many serface areas on the body. Some of these areas include the face, hands, scalp, arms, and genital area. (Mayo Clinic)

7. Rheumatic Fever: is not too common in the United States of America. It is scarlet fever caused by a bacterium that causes an inflammation that is widespread all over the body and people will feel it in their throat or what is called strep throat. There is often pain within the joints and chest. Other sysmptoms include pounding chest, nose bleeds, shortness of breath with sweating and vomiting. (Heathline.com website)

8. Pernicious Anemia and Atrophic Gastritis: Can lead to each other –

Pernicious Anemia is where the body cannot make enough blood or red blood cells because there isn’t enough vitamin B12 in the blood stream to produce more, which leads to vitamin deficiencies.

Atrophic Gastritis is chronic stomach inflammation specifically in the lining of the stomach which becomes irritated because the immune system is damaging it. This autoimmune disease needs to be treated otherwise ulcers can occur making one extremely uncomfortable. Usually people get this from a bacterium called H. pylori which is usually contracted from polluted water. (Healthprep.com and Medical News Today)

9. Alopecia Areata: is an inflammation of the hair follicles which causes them the shrink or get small. This will cause a balding on the scalp, sometimes in patches and is genetic. (Drugs.com website)

10. Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura: is where the body does not make enough blood platelets. This means when there is an open wound, the body cannot clot it well enough to heal up the damaged area. Therefore, this can cause extreme bruising as well as excessive bleeding. (Mayo Clinic Webiste) 

What is rheumatoid arthritis disease?

Which autoimmune disease is the most diagnosed? Well, if you guessed arthritis, specially rheumatoid arthritis, you’d be right. What is rheumatoid arthritis disease? My gut intuition tells me that this disease has a lot to do with diet, but I could be wrong. In my opinion there may need to be some studies done on diet and autoimmune disease. Let us look at what Rheumatoid Arthritis is about and if there are any solutions for this common inflamation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: is an inflammation of the joints of our hands, knees, fingers…wherever a joint is in the body and the surrounding tissues. The immune system response attacks these areas causing pain, swelling and disfiguration. According to statistical analysis, over 1.3 million Americans have this autoimmune dysfunction in the United States alone. (Dr Weil’s website)

There may be a solution for some but it may not work for all people and that is the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by natropathic doctor, Dr Peter J. D’Adamo. He states that when foods are consumed, the lectins in the foods are binding to the blood molecules which creates some problems in the body with organs being affected and tissues gumming up.

This occurs because these lectins will either gum up the blood or not, depending on blood type and what our ancestors ate. In his book he talks about how for each blood type: O, A, B, and AB, that there are highly beneficial foods, natural foods, and foods that are bad for us to eat.

We all make choices every day on what we will eat. If we make good choices, we can have better health and less inflammation. Dr. D’Adamo says that the body will reject these protein lectins that are harmful, and thus, this is creating an inflammatory response, an acidic body. When this goes untreated, an autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can develop.

As a Type O, I tried this diet method back in 2006 and it worked for me, I lost 30 lbs. in 3 months. I did not have arthritis of any kind; I just wanted to lose weight and feel better. I was amazed because as an O blood type, I could still have my wine and chocolate, my red meat and pineapple and prune juice.

There were things I could not have like coffee and milk. I was okay with eliminating these food restrictions. The hardest part for me was eliminating wheat bread. So, in most cases I would have it sprouted to change the protein content of the gluten.

The diet plan worked amazing for me, however like any diet, I did not stick to it. However, I’ve been thinking about going back to this diet. It was one of the best diets for me. The thing to watch out for however, is that one does not become deficient in a specific nutrient or become malnourished.

If one is eliminating dairy or some other vital nutritional need, it is important to find a replacement or substitute. There are not too many good substitutes for calcium unfortunately, raw milk has always been the best supplement by eating the food itself. However, there are some good calcium products out there in the market as there are bad ones.


In conclusion, there are thousands of autoimmune diseases out there in this world. Some are exceedingly rare while others are common. There is one thing we know for sure: Inflammation is at its core.

We know that something is off track within our bodies. We know that there are warning signs, signals that our immune system gives us to pay attention to our health. If we do not listen, if we do not think about what is going on, we might miss the signals of all the small fires and alarm bells that are going off in and throughout the body. If they are ignored, the health issues will get worse.

However, if we take the mindset that nothing can be done and succumb, then one will never know if one can get better. It is worth the effort to try and succeed. Doing nothing is failure and failure is giving into the autoimmune disease that has grasped us with a tight fist.

If the inflammation in the body can be corrected earlier than when the autoimmune disease progresses, I genuinely believe that healing can take place. Our bodies want to heal themselves.

Remember not all lectins are bad, it depends on your blood type and what type of foods our ancestors ate. This is important because it indicates how our ancestors survived and how our blood adapted during those times. Our blood recognizes specific food molecules and proteins and can adapt and use those proteins well or not and become sick. These are interesting findings for sure. It is something to pay attention to. Wouldn’t you agree?

These genetic tendencies in our blood have stayed with us for thousands of years or longer, since our begnining. Just like a wound or a cut on the skin, our bodies start to heal it. This is how our body fights and heals itself. The same is true of autoimmune diseases. The key is paying attention to your body. Talk to your body, ask what is wrong. Go to doctors and specialists. Find answers to your questions. Ask many questions and ask for help from others.

Research your symptoms and conditions and find out what the missing health link is for you. What is causing you to be on fire? What are you eating that is causing the fire in the body? Is it food? Is it your environment? Is it a person causing toxic emotions to run high creating a stressful life? Is the fire needed or can you subdue it reducing it to steam?

The answers are there, listen, go within by meditation, and find the solutions you have been waiting for. It is possible to heal from autoimmune diseases. Trust yourself and your intuition and you will find answers. Do not let things get out of hand for too much longer or it can be too late to turn back the clock of autoimmune diseases.  


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  1. Hi, Lily, Fascinating article.
    I had Hashimoto’s Disease for decades and have been treated wrong. My doctors didn’t tell me that I have to change my lifestyle; they were prescribing hormones and told me that I would finally lose my thyroid.
    When I could hardly get up the stairs anymore, I investigated the internet. Finding out I had a gluten and milk allergy, I completely stopped eating them, including eggs and changed my diet—80% vegetables and fruits, seeds, organic meat, and wild-caught fish. I took Vitamin D3 plus Vitamin K2, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin C, B complex, and Omega 3. And I cured myself! Amazing! I don’t need any hormones anymore. The disease stopped! Your website is really great! I hope that lots of people will read it and find their healing!

    • Hi Sylvia,
      Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words. I love my website too. It is so fun to blog about Heath.

      Yes, isn’t it amazing how we can remove bodily imbalance and disease with nutritional foods and supplements? It’s the best kept secret. I want to tell the world! 🤠

      Great job on improving your health and kicking the Hashimoto’s Disease to the curb. If everyone did what you are doing, finding out which food intolerance they have to avoid and adding in nutritional supplements, they’d be living better quality lives.

      Keep up the good work. You’re doing an amazing job on your health. You are a role model for others. And don’t forget that we are all eating for the next seven generations.

      Blessings to you,

      Lily ✨🌻✨

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