What does malabsorption mean? (A slow breakdown of natural body functionality)

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Today, I’m going to talk about nutrients and how we assimilate them to feed our bodies. In this day and age it’s crucial that we get all the nutrition that we can from our food. There is no drug or magic pill that will provide all our nutritional needs.

Eating food is all about how we stay healthy, how we fight diseases, how we recover from sickness and how we grow as a child into adulthood.

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Food isn’t just for heath, it’s our medicine, it’s our sustainability for survival and our main way of having social engagement with others.

Food is a staple of happiness, contentment and thriving. That’s a difficult task today with so many additives and unfamiliar chemicals that are added to our food supply that are making us sick.

The real reality is our unawareness of what is being added to our foods and those reactions that are happening in our bodies that make us ill.

The knowledge of what food additives, chemicals and toxins do to us is kept secret from us especially when chemicals are made in a laboratory and then added to our food supply.

So often we think of what’s being given to us or what we buy is safe when in truth, it’s all about making the consumer addicted to foods that diminishes health, making the consumer come back again and again for more, voting with their pocketbooks for poor quality food.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about what does malabsorption mean, and what is the cause of malabsorption?

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What does malabsorption mean? (A slow breakdown of natural body functionality)

When some foods are eaten, the nutrition from that food can’t be utilized and taken in by the body, therefore, there’s a lack of assimilation of valuable nutrients that the body can’t use. This causes ill health, malnutrition and starvation. This is so very sad and must be remedied if one wants superior health.

Dr Axe says at his website: Malabsorption Syndrome (Plus, 5 Natural Ways to Get the Nutrients Your Body Needs) that there are three components that our bodies use in order to process foods that assist in digestion for meeting our nutritional needs:

1. Digestive Enzymes which help us break down food

2. Other enzymes that make nutritional properties “active” for transportation in our Lymphatic system

3. The lymph system which has lymph fluid, moves these nutrients to where our body needs them

Dr Axe also says that when these three processes breakdown, our health suffers. This can lead to malnutrition due to poor assimilation of our food nutrients.

The other side to this is that the nutritional value of the food being eaten isn’t being consumed because of the type of food being consumed which lacks those nutritional values. For example eating processed foods versus whole foods like eating candy versus eating an apple.

According to Medlineplus.com on their blog post: malabsorption syndromes, they say that the small intestine stops functioning properly by not doing it’s job to absorb nutrition from foods. This can be because of inflammation in the body, diseases that may be present such as certain bowel disease like celiac or maybe lactose intolerance or the intestines have been surgically altered.

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I often struggle with not understanding how something eaten can cause bloating, or digestive issues when it seems to me to be a healthy food choice. How is it that we can eat and yet not be healthy?

Well, we all eat food. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it should be enough right? Eating a good solid breakfast every morning should be good enough?

Apparently, it is not and if one can’t get what is needed from the foods we eat, what’s the point in eating all that food? What do we do? How do we make it worth our time? How do we get healthy?

I’ve never considered that if the body isn’t working properly to digest food or there’s a food allergy or the chemicals and toxins in food may be a huge contributing factor here.

These things need to be looked at for each individual with their medical doctor. It’s something I need to look into more for myself as well.

What causes so much gas? Is it normal? Why does my stomach become bloated with some foods and not others? It’s something to think about.

According to an Ayurvedic practitioner at svasthaayurveda.com: malabsorption-according-to-ayurveda, Vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat are called micro nutrients that are vital for sustainable life. If we can’t absorb them well, our health suffers.

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Here at this website there is a long list of physical symptoms from brittle nails, anemia, thinning hair and teeth marks on the outer ridges of the tongue, diarrhea, indigestion and loose bowels, flatulence etc… can all be significant signs of malabsorption.

Do you have any of these symptoms? So what does malabsorption mean? It means living in poor health and it can lead to malnutrition and possibly early death.

What is the cause of malabsorption? (Underlying toxins we’re all exposed to!)

My friend Mamta Landerman who is an Ayurveda practitioner tells me that what people eat can put toxins in the body and if we’re already sick in our bodies then it’s harder to digest and absorb nutrients for daily body functions. This means that not only are some foods we eat not really feeding our cells, it’s harboring toxicity and in addition to that, adding to what toxins may already be present in our body causing an inefficiency within digestion.

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The human body becomes so toxic that it’s body functions start to deteriorate. She has told me because I am a Kapha body type in Ayurveda, certain foods are aggravating my system, causing a fire or heat inside my chemical make up that doesn’t need to become inflammatory.

So, I cut out eating so much oatmeal. I would notice that my stomach would bulge and get gassy whenever I ate this porridge. That’s astounding to me!

I knew that food had some toxins but I just didn’t realize the severity of the issue and how complex it can be.

So, the question needs to be asked… what toxins? How does one know what foods are clean and which are toxic? Do hamburgers have toxins? What about broccoli? What is clean food?

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There are many ways our bodies get toxins: air, water, food, consumable products.

Some toxins to consider being exposed to would be toxins in our food like chemicals added or sprayed as in pesticides, in our air there’s chem trails, acid rain and pollution.

And in our cosmetics we have lots of toxic waste like petroleum and mineral oil which is also added to hand lotion, plus hand sanitizer has solvents as well as it is in plastic bottles, water bottles like BPA, wood alcohol, and benzine to name a few.

In foods we need to look at what processed foods are being stuffed into our mouths. How are the food processed and do they come in a can or in plastic?

Wouldn’t you rather eat something fresh off a farm or buying vegetables from a health food store or farmers market? I would.

Apparently that bun on the hamburger stays in our stomachs for four days because of the preservatives used in the making of the bun.

We’re not able to digest it like a normal whole food because there are chemical properties in the bun that have been added or sprayed on it that prevents our bodies from digesting it. Its called preserving food for lasting shelf life.

No wonder we’re not able to digest properly!

Oh and meat takes a long time to digest because we don’t have either the fat with it to break it down or the enzymes.

I’ve had to reduce my meat consumption to once a day. So far it’s working for me and my digestion is getting better. However, I’m still not there yet, 100%. I’m still experimenting with my body. I shall see as to whether or not I’ll maintain this activity.

Reading labels and knowing where our food comes from is important because we’ve got many GMO foods out in the grocery store-genetically engineered organisms that are being consumed by the everyday public grocery shopper.

We’ve got radiation being sprayed on our lettuce, wax applied to our apples, plastic surrounds our watermelon slices, chlorine bleach being dipped onto our eggs. What is going on? We are in Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Knowledge is power and we need to protect ourselves from this fast food, fast paced food industry.

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In conclusion, it’s much more important to find a healthy balance in one’s eating then it is to go to extremes in dieting unless one is sick and trying to get back into balance by temporarily fasting or juicing.

Eating toxic food only contributes to ill health, so eating as clean and nutrient dense as possible is the key to regaining healthy balance in our bodies.

Most people in societies don’t get enough vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

I believe the key to abundant health is to get more than the average nutritional value out of our foods.

Its vital to find out if there’s a food allergy causing digestive inflammation like to dairy or wheat or a vegetable that may be irritating the intestines.

Consider if there was surgical procedures done like a tummy tuck or if there’s already damage to your insides from diverticulitis or ulcers.

Considering all possibilities is needed.

Personally, I believe that taking good digestive enzymes is imperative. Experiment with your body and start paying attention to the foods you eat and how they make you feel inside your body.

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What emotions come into play? Start reading food labels. There could be toxins in the foods you eat or there could be a lack of vitamins and minerals in the foods being consumed not providing enough nutrition for your body.

At the end of the long day when we are ready for sleep, think to yourself, did I get the most out of my food today? Did I eat in nutritional abundance?

We need to have more than just enough or the minimal nutritional value – We need to exceed these industrial expectations.

What levels of nutrition are being added to the body’s bank account? It must flourish in excess if there is malnutrition in order to carry us on into the days ahead and into the future.

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