What is a Spike Protein?

Vaccines that are being injected into people are basically toxic time bombs, vaccines that kill. As the Health Ranger states in his Situation Update, dated March 26, 2021, “Vaccinated People Are Walking Biological Time Bombs,” where he states that they will be shedding super viruses that may infect others. Since we are now in May 2021, information has come out that it is not a virus that will be shedding from the vaccinated, but it is a spike protein.

When he says, “ticking time bomb”, for me this refers to that knowingness that it is just a matter of time before people die from this vaccine because of how the virus is disrupting our innate immune system, confusing it, and poisoning it with toxins. In this blog post I will talk about what is a spike protein, and shedding spike proteins and how to protect yourself from the spike protein. 

This vaccine situation that we are all in, is a big experiment and the main media and many people recommending it are lying to everyone about it. These vaccines (which are not vaccines) – these gene therapies are so dangerous that they will cause early death, and possible infertility. This is the sad truth. And, yes, these are crimes against humanity.

It is such a big experiment that it has never been done ever before on humanity and so the consequences are unknown. However, we can guess what they might be with critical reasoning and logical deduction.

This experiment is global, it is sad and medically unethical. Not knowing the long-term side effects of this so-called vaccine, only time will tell as more and more data is collected before death occurs and for some people it will be sooner than later.

You are either part of the trial experiment or you are in the control group. I am worried about everyone, the vaccine takers and non-jab takers. However, we need to discuss the control group because if anyone is to survive this ludicrous experiment, it is the control group and their offspring, and those are the people I am worried about right now which is why we need to talk about it.

Dr Mercola ran an article called COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease where he interviews Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. and I highly recommend reading this article because it is very in-depth. Here are a few highlights from this article: Spike Protein Shedding, Children as spreaders and the consequences of this and how to protect ourselves from the vaccinated all the while we must be around them or work with them as some could be loved ones.

What is a Spike Protein?

What is this spike protein thing anyway? I am hearing about it everywhere from doctors and conservative patriots, what is this new protein? What is a spike protein?

Dr TenPenny says:

“All four shots, the mechanism of action is to make a spike protein and make an antibody to the spike protein. The spike protein can bust through the blood brain barrier, it can manipulate your genes and it can modify proteins in your brain, it can cause pulmonary hypertension, it can cause cardiovascular problems; it is a lethal weapon.”

Yes, all shots currently being offered have the mRNA technology, that means Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 Vaccines.

Here is a good clip of Dr TenPenny explaining how the mRNA vaccine changes our protein synthesis. She says there are 8 ways we can die from it and what the symptoms people will experience and how it causes autoimmune disease.

Dr Senef says that this mRNA Vaccine is a technology that edits our DNA, mutates it, and makes it preform differently through this new protein synthesis process. It forces our bodies to make a toxic protein, and this is a big concern because our bodies make proteins all the time, it is what we do everyday without thinking about it. We do this with the food we eat when it is broken down into its simple parts so that we can use it for energy and fuel to sustain ourselves.

So, the spike protein is a toxic gene altering tool designed to manipulate our protein synthesis so that we can become Walking Biological Time Bombs. The Health Ranger is right! Check out Dr Mercola’s article for more specifics on how this gene sniping technique works.

Here is a very impressive video called “Blood Clots and Beyond” by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi that I highly recommend checking out because he talks about what a Spike Protein is and how it creates blood clots in the brain by way of antibody dependent enhancement. This video is over 43 minutes long. If you have the time, you can check it out here below.

Shedding Spike Proteins

How is it that everyone is being infected or experiencing a transmission of Spike Protein from the vaccinated person? Dr Seneff says that spike protein shedding is inhaling these exosomes that are released into the air we share with a vaccinated person. These exosomes or what she calls “misfolded prion proteins” (altered proteins) go into our lymphatic system to be stored.

Why do they go there?

It is because they are toxic and that is what our bodies do with toxins, it is how we discard toxic substances. Our immune system must fight and protect us otherwise we could die from toxic exposure and our internal organs need protection. These toxic proteins are sent to our lymphatic system to get them out of the way until later and then they end up in our spleen where they can live for years.

Dr Mercola states: “In an in vitro study of the blood-brain barrier, the S1 component of the spike protein promoted loss of barrier integrity, suggesting that the spike protein acting alone triggers a pro-inflammatory response in brain endothelial cells, which could explain the neurological consequences of the disease.

Prion diseases are a collection of neurodegenerative diseases that are induced through the misfolding of important bodily proteins, which form toxic oligomers that eventually precipitate out as fibrils causing widespread damage to neurons …”

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Yeah, no! I do not want toxic proteins to enter my brain and cause me problems.

The idea of these toxic spike prion proteins entering my brain, breaking through the blood brain barrier sounds horrific. Don’t you agree?

Now we talk about children and how the long-term effects of this could be a disastrous result for our humanity, our population, and our future.

Dr Seneff talks about the “Killer Calves” who had a viral diarrhea which was a viral protein that they were born with. When the little calves were around their mothers and other adult cows, they got them very sick by spreading around the viral protein that their own bodies were generating.

She said this can happen to our children as well because vaccinated people will be passing along the spike protein to their unborn child who will then make this new form of protein naturally.

This new form of protein synthesis is not natural in nature and our children born to vaccinated people will be making a new genetically altered DNA protein called SARS-CoV2 spike protein all because of the mRNA vaccine people are taking.

Yes, this can be transferred from the sperm of man into the egg of a woman and a new genetic protein synthesis code will be planted into new fetuses.

Why is this bad?

It is devastating to the child because the child cannot develop antibodies against this foreign contaminated invasion as the body will think it is natural because it is in their genetic code.

This is dangerous because if the child is exposed to the real SARS-CoV2 in nature, it will not recognize it as foreign or something to fight against.

We do not know what will happen, but most likely a result would be death to natural COVID in the wild. Here is a great explanation of it here: See this link based on a football analogy

She says and I quote:

Exactly how sick they’ll get or whether they’ll get sick at all, I don’t know,” Seneff says, “but their immune system won’t react and they’ll be able to carry that virus for their entire life and then pass [that genomic trait] on down to their children …

We don’t know that, really, but many say the real problem is the overactive immune response. People are dying of the immune response to COVID, they’re not dying from the virus. The virus is not killing them. It’s the immune response to the virus that’s killing them. So, if you don’t have an immune response, what happens? Nobody knows.”

So, do you see what she is really saying here? Yes! She is saying that these vaccines are destroying our own innate immune system.

She is saying that these vaccines are making our own natural God given immunity a liquid pill of confusion and suppression.

This is very bad for our species to have this spike protein injected into our human genome and potentially spread into our DNA for all time. I do not believe that God will allow this to continue for much longer.

Plus, she is saying, but not saying it, if you read between the lines of her words, that by not having the proper immune response, death can occur.

Here Dr Seneff says:

“They have done studies where they only expose the [animal] to the spike protein, showing it was toxic in the brain and the blood vessels. So, it’s causing immune reactions all by itself that is damaging to the tissues.

It’s basically a toxic molecule, and I think it’s toxic possibly because of it being a prion protein …”

Do you also see where this is going? Yes, sickness, more disease and then death.

First it will be prion diseases which are Mad Cow disease in a nutshell just as it is Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

These all lead to death.

How to protect yourself from the Spike Protein

These vaccine jab takers have bought the lie that they were protecting themselves from COVID, when, they were actually being used as a disease spreading machine to depopulate the world.

They are still being used that way, right now because we are in a global genocide.

And once you take one shot you must take a series of shots because now, they own you and you are part of the experiment. I think for Pfizer the experiment ends in 2024 but I am not sure on that.

What is important here for the non-vaccinated, is to know how to protect yourself from the spike protein. How do we protect ourselves from these vaccinated people transmitting toxic proteins?

These disease spreaders will infect us and make everyone sick.

Dr Mercola recommends in his article that the unvaccinated must:

1. Do intermittent fasting to eliminate the deranged prion proteins in the body, it is called initiating autophagy. This will eat up the dead or damaged cells and proteins that the body needs to discard. This is very easy to do, just skip a meal like breakfast and fast for 12-16 hours before eating.

2. Take a Sauna every day, it is called “sauna therapy.” This will help the body to refold the proteins back to their normal state from the deranged spike protein that the mRNA vaccine makes. The heat in the sauna “tag” the damaged proteins so that the body can remove them. So, sweat your heart out.

3. Stop eating Seed Oils because these oils are highly contaminated with glyphosate in their processing. Seed oils are not only laced with toxic chemicals, but seed oils in general accommodate damage to the mitochondrial organelle of the cell called the “powerhouse” of our cells. They contribute to oxidative stress and weaken the immune system. You can find many seed oils in fast foods and potato chips or corn chips. Try making your own and use olive oil or coconut oil.

4. Get into the sun and get some sunrays where getting Vitamin D will help the body to detoxify and promotes healthy hormone balance and healthy living.


In summary we now know what this spike protein is, a toxic lethal molecule and the potential for its danger in causing early death and that it will be shedding to other non-vaccinated people. So, now it is a question of how will this affect the relationships between many immune systems that gather socially? How do others respond to the spike protein through shedding? Only time will tell.

These people who get vaccinated or the walking biological time bombs as Mike Adams calls it, that the jab takers have accepted, will have contaminated DNA and bacteria.

As far as I am aware, there is no quick fix for these people who have taken the jab, all the doctors I have listened to report no answers to saving these vaccinated people. It is so heartbreaking. Once they meet covid in nature, there is no recourse.

My good judgement is to say to those of you reading this post that have been vaccinated: prey to God or whatever God you pray to, be as healthy as you can, try to go within and find some way to stay as healthy as you can to prevent blood clots which is what these spike proteins cause.

I do not like the idea that people are being injected nevertheless even with other animal bacteria in the vaccines. They are snipping the DNA and RNA process, altering it possibly forever. Does that not shock you?

It is devastating news.

The vaccine makers are playing with fire here and vaccine takers are now contaminating their own protein synthesis process, the one God gave them. Satan has no right to alter this natural process. This again, is Satan at work trying to manipulate our reality, our minds, and our bodies.

I am amazed at how many people have taken the vaccine already. This is Satan’s last-ditch effort to gain souls for his evil schemes.

What if people have sexual intercourse and we know people will with or without the vaccine, what implications are there here?  What if a couple wishes to produce children together? Will it cause still births or will we even be able to reproduce our species?

Will taking so many vaccines over and over being jabbed multiple times cause harm on levels we do not know? It is abusive. Now, people must take booster shots even after being vaccinated. There seems to be no end to this medical rape.

Why is there no faith and reliance on the scientific method? Why are adults allowing children to take the jab?

The real science that shows how our immune system functions and protects us is being ignored and suppressed. Our innate immune system is our key to survival, and yet it is being demolished. I believe Satan knows this which is why it is a direct attack on our ability to protect ourselves naturally in nature.

Also, how will this take a toll on our mental health as a society? I am very concerned for our future generations. We may be causing a problem of making our own species become extinct.

So, please try to stay healthy, stay away from processed foods by eating organic, eat an anti inflammatory diet and stop getting vaccinated; choose life!

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