What is Metabolic Disease? (A precursor to other diseases and aging)

Many people struggle all the time with their weight, they go on yo-yo diets, eating diet plan after diet plan and never lose the weight permanently. Most people just give up all together. Some people go to extremes and do intense cleansing and fasting or maybe dabble in intermittent fasting. I am one of these people.

I tried many diets, intermittent fasting and dry fasting as well. It worked, they all worked. If I stuck to it, it worked. So, for me it begs the question, is it meant for long term use? Are these diet plans and fasting plans sustainable over the long haul?

I say No.

Well, that is my answer for myself. You should find your own truth in that. For me, fasting is not sustainable for a lifelong habit. I do not mind doing it to jump start a body cleanse to clean out my internal organs or kick start autophagy. Yes, I believe that does need to be done once or twice a year, but over longer use, it is not for me.

If the body is deficient in nutritional vitamins and minerals, this needs to be corrected. It is much more important to correct the void of nutrition first and foremost. Once a body is healthy, it will lose or gain the weight naturally. Usually, there is an imbalance in the body that is not corrected and therefore the body is compensating for what it is lacking and that is usually good quality high density food.

Nutrition is the main component for the body to heal itself. Our bodies know what it needs to do to be healthy if we help it along on that process. In this blog post I am going to talk about what is metabolic disease and signs and symptoms of metabolic disease.

What is Metabolic Disease? (A precursor to other diseases and aging)

Metabolic Disease has specific characteristics of precursors to diseases. According to Dr. Mercola what is metabolic disease or what he calls what is Metabolic Syndrome; he says it is high blood pressure, low blood sugar or an insulin resistance problem with food (where one does not metabolize blood sugar well), where one has a high fat content on their body, i.e., a large waist size circumference, and having many triglycerides or dysplasia. So, in essence a fat person’s disease.

When we think of Metabolic, we think of metabolism, right? Our ability to utilize food properly for digestion. When that function is defunct, it is a disease or what is called a Metabolic Disease. This can be a reason why some people do not maintain healthy weight.

All our organs work together to sustain health and balance within us. When one of these processes is off kilter due to something else being out of whack, what happens? It is a domino effect and other parts of our body or organs start to become dysfunctional.

The thing of it is, is that there could be many variables, and everyone is different based on what that issue might be. For example, if someone had a traumatic experience or an injury, this may cause other parts of the body to either stop most of their internal function or be less effective at what it does, and then other parts of the body must compensate to help things move along smoothly.

This is designed to help that injured body part or organ to try to heal itself by the way it allows itself to stop or do less of what it normally does to heal itself. The energy output that it uses has been diminished.

The energy in that organ or body part is needed for healing much more than for the function of what that body part or organ was intended to do for the body. An example would be metabolizing fat in the liver, the extra sugar gets turned into “liver fat” which as a result means you end up with a fatty liver.  This can happen with excessive use of alcohol or high sugar consumption.

Another example of this would be when our bodies get too acidic on the PH level. If your diet is void of vegetables and high in sugars, then you are most likely much more acidic.

Our bodies are smart and will pull on the alkalinity reserves trying to keep us at around a 7 P.H., when our body may be below that mark. If we get to a point to being too acidic, we die.

Therefore, the human body must pull on its stored alkalinity deposits and use them to keep the body from death.

Think about your own life for a moment. Have you had any trauma? Have you had any problems that may be causing your internal organs to not perform as effectively?

Maybe that organ or body part does not have as much mojo. You may also have an injury where your body is focusing all of its internal energy to try to constantly repair that part of the body, that injury. Yes, it is trying to heal that area.

Healing is a natural part of living.

Yes, our bodies are remarkable in that they are always trying to be in balance and are always trying to get back to normal, trying to always fix and repair any damage that is going on so that it cannot just survive, but thrive. What abuses our bodies endure in life is truly tremendous.

We do need to survive; we need to live. Our cells are designed to heal, repair, and replace old cells. Our bodies are truly healing and repairing mechanisms; truly they are remarkable.

Signs and Symptoms of Metabolic Disease

The Mayo Clinic says that there are no specific symptoms of metabolic disease. However, they say if you have some indications such as increased thirst, you feel tired or have exhaustion, you use the bathroom a lot to urinate or have any vision problems like blurred eyesight, that these might be some signs and symptoms of metabolic disease.

Please check with your doctor to see if there are any of these symptoms in extreme.

One strong indicator of metabolic disease is Vitamin D deficiency. Studies have linked some signs and symptoms of metabolic disease to low counts of vitamin D deficiency along with low levels of glucose assimilation, diabetes, and heart disease. These are some good reasons to increase vitamin D supplementation in your body and or get a test to see where your vitamin D levels are at.

Dr Mercola says in his article: Vitamin D Can Significantly Lower Your Risk of Metabolic Syndrome, that magnesium helps utilize Vitamin D and is another important vitamin to take because magnesium is needed to “activate” Vitamin D.

On his website there is a Vitamin D calculator you can check out to see how much your body needs based on body weight and current vitamin D levels. So, you will need to know where your Vitamin D levels are at first before you use his calculator.

If you are low in vitamin D, chances are there are other underlying health issues in your body, such as a lower immune system response, a much higher risk of getting colds and flu, a faster rate of aging and potential dental issues.

A paper done in 2016 from Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews states that Vitamin D is an issue that is not just local, it is a worldwide problem. It plays a big role in why people are obese, diabetic, insulin resistant, have cardiovascular problems or irregularities, and why people have hypertension.

They say and I quote from sciencedirect.com: “The discovery of vitamin D receptor expressed ubiquitously in almost all body cells such as immune, vascular and myocardial cells, pancreatic beta cells, neurons and osteoblasts suggests an involvement of vitamin D mediated effects on metabolic syndrome.” This is something that cannot be ignored.

According to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams in one of his articles: Every person needs sunlight exposure to create vitamin D, obesity impairs vitamin D absorption. He interviews Dr. Michael Holick whom wrote the book “The UV Advantage,” and he states that the vitamin D that is trying to be absorbed by an obese person is difficult.

The reason for this is because the vitamin D is locked in the fat tissues and cannot get out so the body can utilize it. This should be a wake up call for all obese people or anyone considered medically obese by their doctor.

The increase in vitamin D levels in the blood according to a study he did on non-obese people and overweight people was astounding because for this one fact, that the obese study group could not get their vitamin D blood levels up high enough. This is a major health concern!

Check with your doctor on what vitamin D levels are needed.

However, Dr Holick suggests that a plump individual should take 2000 units a day! He also states that it is not enough to just get vitamin D from food, like milk or orange juice, one must get out in the sun and take vitamin supplementation.


In summary, getting as healthy as possible is key to losing weight. If your body is not able to repair its damaged cells and or it is compensating for a lack of function, you may be well on your way to having a Metabolic Disease.

It is so important to find out if you have Metabolic Disease or are on the pathway to that problem. Measure your waistline, check your vitamin D levels, and go get some blood tests to see where you might be faltering in your nutritional uptake.

Insulin Resistance and weight gain is no joke and can lead to much more serious consequences in living a healthy life. Do you have any symptoms of being tired and or having blurred vision or urinating too much?

Start to pay attention to see if maybe you might have insulin resistance. Of course, since vitamin D has such a strong correlation to our health, this is the first test I would go get. You cannot go wrong in finding out where you are at in relation to where you and your doctor evaluate where you need to be.

Most of the time, any disease or issue is just a nutritional deficiency. Just remember that in some situations if the pain or the inflammation or the body imbalance goes on for too long without being addressed, the likelihood of correcting it with nutrition might be difficult.

Some issues go beyond repair unfortunately. It depends on how much damage was done to your body.

I feel it is never too late to try to get healthy. We all need to start somewhere. Do not give up on your body and always give it the chance and opportunity to try to heal itself. It will always try since you are alive, and that is a beautiful thing.

Now, it is the quality of life that must be achieved and that is first done by getting nutritionally sound and immune fit. The stronger your immunity the better. The only way to a strong fit immune system is through a healthy strong nutritionally sound body. This is the beginning of a higher quality of life.

Finding the right healthy weight balance for your size and bone structure is super important. This is the result you will achieve once you get your body back on track.

No one wants to be on the path towards cardiovascular disease and diabetes or even cancer. Some people who have insulin resistance and be that way for years and never know it or address this problem, so start now and your body will thank you.

Please let me know in the comments below how your health journey is going? Please share any healthy tips you have and let us leave Metabolic Disease in the dust.

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