What is Microcytic Anemia

When someone is low in iron, they may feel unable to do normal things like pick up objects and they may feel like they have less energy to function day to day. People who have anemia have a difficult time just functioning in daily life and may feel tired all the time. They also cannot give blood at a blood bank because of being too weak and almost faint like which is not a sign of good health.

There are most likely deeper signs of other problems in the body when someone is anemic. Possible underlying issues that some people may have, could be contributing to other hidden diseases and if not treated, it can lead to something much more serious. Therefore, it is important to check with your doctor to see if you may have an iron deficiency. In this blog post I am going to talk about what is Microcytic Anemia?

What is Microcytic Anemia?

At Khan Academy, they talk about what is Microcytic Anemia in their training video and they say that it is caused by being deficient in iron. They also talk about it here in their other video: What Is Iron Deficiency?

Microcytic means a small red blood cell and anemia means lacking in iron. So, we are talking about the mineral iron. Iron is a big component of blood and it is vital for our well-being. When we have low iron, there is less life-force and stability within the body.

An Iron deficiency is a Problem with making blood which is where iron is stored and it is a vital mineral needed for a healthy body and proper blood flow.

Khan Academy says that children are most susceptible to it because they are growing and the demand for this mineral is high during their development. This seems to me to be strange that children would be most vulnerable and yet we must ask, why does this occur in children?

This happens to infants and children when the red blood cells shrink with lack of iron being absorbed into the blood. When this come to light, it is because their little bodies are using up all the stored iron it has accumulated in the blood and they are using it for growing bones, muscles, and bodily functions. Hence, it is so important for children to get good nutrition when they are young so that they can be given a constant supply of iron.

Children are growing into adults, and they need the proper minerals to grow. Infants get iron deficiency as well because there is no iron in breast milk and possibly some baby formulas.

The lack of iron in the body whether child, infant or adult, is a problem and not getting it into the gut can be detrimental. Our bodies carry it by way of the blood for absorption which is then transported to other organs in the body. If one has an issue with absorption, then there could be a problem in the duodenum organ which helps to absorb iron.

There could also be a problem with the body not producing enough stomach acid which is needed to absorb iron as well. See how other issues or problems can come about with low iron or having anemia?

We need to find out why there is low iron because it could just be an organ not working properly or something completely different.

Another issue that can arise is Celiac Disease which is the body’s reaction to being intolerant to grains. This can be an indicator of low iron especially when having a gluten intolerance expresses this condition. Yes, keep an eye on your gluten sensitivity because there is a correlation here.

The inflammation in the duodenum can cause an irritation deep within and then because of that, the internal fire destroys cells in that organ. This can cause even more serious issues when this organ is not working properly because it will not absorb the food one is eating and the minerals the body needs to function correctly.

This is called malabsorption as well. See my blog on What Does Malabsorption Mean?

In essence, there can be a domino effect when one thing is not working, it can affect many parts of the whole body because everything is connected, one body dysfunction leading into another body dysfunction or disease.

According to Medical News Today, Microcytic Anemia happens when there is not enough blood oxygen saturation in the body. This occurs when the oxygen cannot be transported to other organs of the body.

Hemoglobin carries oxygen molecules and when there is not enough blood or hemoglobin or red blood cells, then there will be low oxygen in the body. Since there are different types of anemia, the conditions of Microcytic Anemia can be varied and is usually diagnosed with a blood test.

Some reasons why Microcytic Anemia will happen:

  • Hereditary, by way of Thalassemia which prevents a protein to be made that is found in hemoglobin
  • Hereditary by way of Sideroblastic Anemia
    which is a condition where the bone marrow in our bones does not make enough red blood cells
  • Anima of Chronic Disease or what is just inflammation in kidneys, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, bowel diseases, and infections of the bones, cardiopathy and HIV
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Blood losses like in menstruation in women, hookworm infestations, or PUD (Peptic Ulcer Disease) which is where a person will bleed and therefore blood loss and iron leak out of the body
  • Damage to tissues or muscles where blood loss can happen with an open wound and in bleeding growths like in cancer tumors or colon cancer patients make them bleed internally
  • Lead Poisoning from paint, toys that are tainted, air pollution and contaminated water

Talking to your doctor about remedies for this situation is key. In this article they do talk about correcting this with nutrition, surgeries, medications, antibiotics, hormone therapy, iron pills and blood transfusions. It does depend on your condition, your situation and how severe this medical condition may be.


In summary, Microcytic Anemia sounds manageable and fixable depending on if caught early in one’s life and if it is not a hereditary problem. Knowing that being healthy in life is the key to everything and that it helps us stay strong and stable to have a vigor body, then we know that it is also essential to make healthy blood, have all our organs working properly, making sure our microbiome gut is in good condition and getting our nutritional needs to be met can help forestall Microcytic Anemia.

I do believe that prevention is key and making sure that our little ones are fed the nutritional values in food that they require. I believe blood tests are important to see what is going on with an individual. Some blood tests might be more important than others so find out what blood tests are available other than just common blood tests.

If you have found this blog post helpful, please leave your comments below. Have you ever had iron deficiency or Microcytic Anemia? Please let me know your thoughts. As always, live a life of vibrant health and prosperity.

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