What Is Oxygen Deprivation? How wearing facial masks cause many unwanted problems

Our society is in fear and believes falsely that wearing a cloth over the mouth and nose helps prevent sickness and disease. The opposite is what is true. It is causing oxygen deprivation, and this is very serious!

We need to talk about this topic because oxygen is our breath of life, our sustainability to living here on our beautiful earth.

In this blog post I am going to go over why wearing a mask is harmful to your health.

I am also going to talk about what is oxygen deprivation, the long-term effects of oxygen deprivation, oxygen deprivation symptoms and oxygen deprivation treatment.

What Is Oxygen Deprivation?

Oxygen deprivation can lead to death. I do not know about you, but I do not want to die that kind of death. We need oxygen to live, period.

What is oxygen deprivation? It occurs when you cannot get enough oxygen to the brain. This is called Brain Hypoxia. According to Healthline.com, anyone with a profession that risks oxygen deprivation increases the likelihood of brain hypoxia.

Such occupation types that are too physical or straining in nature can deplete the human need for oxygen. Activities such as swimming underwater for too long or rock climbing and hiking in high altitudes can cause a lack of oxygen in the body. Loss of oxygen into our lungs can happen quickly and death can occur very fast.

Globaly, we are getting closer to death as mass extinction is currently playing out by the elites or globalist’s eugenics’ agenda. They are initiating their plan of population reduction all over the world.

They are doing it with vaccine jabs, requiring everyone to be wearing cloth masks, and with false green energy carbon lies that indicate there is too much carbon dioxide on the planet. And they are in a hurry about it! Sounds like a fraudster to me.

If you do not have a red flag and bells going off in your head, you should! It is so blatantly apparent, and it is something everyone should be concerned about and be talking about. We need to reject their plans for a dead planet, a dead future.

From what I understand they want to kill billions of people and they want to do it fast.

So, what does oxygen deprivation have to do with the eugenics agenda? Well, they want to starve us of our most precious gas, oxygen. Therefore, we need to be informed on this topic so that we all can recognize signs of oxygen depletion happening in our bodies if it occurs, to prevent death.

Wearing a facial mask puts a cloth cover over the mouth and nose cutting off the air flow of breath, causing a reinforcement of carbon dioxide to be inhaled back into the lungs upon respiration. Therefore, wearing a facial mask is detrimental, it stops our natural breathing process.

Long Term Effects of Oxygen Deprivation

Long term effects of oxygen deprivation depend on the amount of oxygen that is being reduced in the brain. According to a website called Spinalcord.com, two situations can occur: brain hypoxia and anoxic brain damage.

The first can happen when the brain does not get an adequate supply of oxygen and therefore symptoms occur that can result in brain damage and eventually death. Some examples are holding your breath for too long underwater or above water and or being choked unconscious by someone’s hands on the throat or by putting a bag over someone’s head.

This can also happen by wearing a face mask over the mouth and nose which then is cutting off oxygen breathing. Long-term use of face masks or wearing them on your face while exercising will lead to fainting and sudden death.

The second one, anoxic brain damage is where death happens faster if there is strangulation like choking or hanging from a rope or if a heart attack happens or cardiac arrest occurs. If the person survives brain hypoxia, there is brain damage. That person will not be the same person you knew before.

We are most likely going to see more brain damage in people and or mental illness as our overall oxygen in the atmosphere of the earth starts to be reduced by the globalists, well, if they have their way and if we continue to wear these god-awful masks.

We do not need to help this along by wearing masks. The lack of oxygen by blood transference minute by minute is not making its way to the brain which makes all the difference in survival rate and the severity of our existence.

Oxygen Deprivation Symptoms

Oxygen deprivation symptoms include the failure to focus your attention which leads to making uninformed and bad decisions according to Spinalcord.com. Plus, forgetting things that you know and an inability to move physically, having headaches and drowsiness are cause for concern.

One can also have a personality change or a change in their mood, the inability to learn new things, recall memories, have motor skill problems and an increase in chronic pain, mental illness and the brain can age faster. All this can happen with lack of long-term oxygen deprivation.

Here are some numbers that are important to know. If one is without oxygen for even 30 seconds to 180 seconds, unconsciousness will envelop your body. At the one-minute mark without oxygen our brain cells start to die and within three minutes without oxygen, brain damage occurs. At ten minutes without oxygen, the body will go into a coma and at fifteen minutes without oxygen, death is almost certain.

The point of no return can be when you have seizures, then a coma will develop and then death.

According to Jennifer Margulis of jennifermargulis.net, who says it is extremely detrimental to our health to be wearing masks, says in her article that wearing face masks can cause an increase in carbon dioxide levels (our respiratory waste), increase infection, and that masks do reduce our immunity – our ability to fight infections.

Children specifically should never be in a mask and yet airports are requiring them to be warn even on airplanes. It causes asphyxiation in children says the Cleveland Clinic; this is very tragic.

It is important to be mindful that when wearing a facial mask, that there can be higher counts of bacteria spreading on the mask cloth from saliva in the mouth or nose fluid that is sitting on the cloth multiplying and the result can be of one getting pneumonia if masks are not washed frequently.

Wearing masks over long-term use cause oxygen deprivation according to Reports Healthcare where symptoms include fogginess, headaches, and cognitive problems. If you find you cannot think normally or logically, really ponder why you are submitting yourself to such bodily harm?

Realize, that what your mask is doing to you: it is harming your body.

Wearing a face mask is also a big immune system suppressor because if you cannot get enough oxygen into your lungs through breathing, you cannot get enough oxygen into your blood to allow your immune system to function properly and efficiently.

A good supply of oxygen is known to keep us youthful, joyful, and all systems in the body working well. Check yourself if you feel any of the above symptoms when you are wearing a mask because this is your body giving you a warning sign that something is NOT right.

No one should be wearing a mask and for sure not even when exercising. If you faint, you know you have worn the mask too long and by this time it may be too late, you may already be dead. Do not be stupid. Stop wearing masks.

Requiring people to wear masks is unconstitutional, it is illegal, and it is an eventual death sentence. Wearing a mask is a statement to shut up, to be silenced, to stop breathing your normal breath and to stop living your precious God given life.

Oxygen Deprivation Treatment

What oxygen deprivation treatment would be best for recovery? Check with your doctor. It depends on your brain injury or what side affects you are feeling or grievances you are having.

One option is to increase exercise which through breathing increases oxygen. Also taking in oxygen by way of a portable oxygen machine where the plastic hose goes into your nose and supplies the gas is very helpful. Preemie babies are often given oxygen to try to help them survive when they are born too early.


Or some people buy high end air purifiers and filters that can remove dust and particles, helping to disinfect the polluted inside air.

Specific therapies may help like having physical therapy or your physician may put you on a tracheotomy, or occupational therapy maybe subscribed.

These are just some examples of treatments a doctor might initiate.

Then there is eating food. Eating raw meat brings in 98% utilizable oxygen into the body, this is according to Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his book We Want To Live. This ensues because when you cook meat, you lose the water content in the meat which reduces the oxygen uptake. Water has O2 and our bodies are made up of almost 75% of it as well as animals that we eat for food.

Another great therapy is more of a natural one and I think a no-brainer and that would be to add plants to your room where you sleep at night and put them around your office where you work. Plants take in carbon dioxide and they breathe out oxygen.

We have a symbiotic relationship with plants. As they breathe out their oxygen waste, we breathe it into our bodies to live. As we breathe out carbon dioxide (our respiratory waste), they breathe that into their plant bodies to live and survive. It is a wonderful plan.

We want their waste, and they want ours. How beautiful is that God given design?

Some people might think it is weird to consume a plant’s waste, but it is life giving, it is natural, and it is the way it is on planet earth.

There are also many breathing exercises that can help get more oxygen into the body like alternate nasal breathing and deep breathing drills.

And the last idea of course, is to take off your stupid face mask! Taking off your facial cloth will allow you to breathe deeper and bring more oxygen into your blood.


To summarize, we all need to keep our eyes and ears open for anything that would cause us all bodily harm, including Brain Hypoxia. Remember to safeguard your precious life and to imagine ways to increase your oxygen uptake.

Time is too short to allow globalists to have total control over our freedoms and our breath of life. We must fight for our survival and always do the right thing.

Please do our society and your body a favor and get rid of the mask for good. Masks are only supposed to be used in short term circumstances. Masks are intended to be used for bee keeping and they are used by doctors during surgery to prevent bodily fluids from mixing.

Masks can also be used temporarily for chopping wood or to keep the face warm while in the snow from frost bite and cold weather conditions. Other than that, the mask is very detrimental. Oxygen deprivation whether from a physical injury or by wearing a facial mask is a serious consequence of our own stupidity and negligence.

We need oxygen to live, it is the gas that sustains our life here on earth. A reduction in oxygen levels will cause death and this is how the globalists are trying to eliminate our species.

Do not let this be your fate. Please let me know your comments below and may God bless our world and our priceless lives.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Amazing Article!!!

    I knew before lockdown started that wearing masks could protect us against the virus, but on the other hand we can be lacking oxygen, and it’s really bad for our health, so to think about if you prefer to get covid19 or deprive your brain from oxygen.

    At this point I don’t know which is better, we saw many people dying from the virus and we get advice to wear a mask.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing information.

    • Hello Ana65,

      Thanks for the nice comment. Just to educate you, the studies that were done on masks preventing infection, were very slim. The ones that were done, came back with data that showed that masks do not work to prevent anyone from COVID-19. This has to do with the small particles of COVID virus that are smaller than the cloth or plastic mask particles being worn on the face and nose.

      Your survival rate of living from SARS-CoV-2, is approximately around 97-99% for a healthy person.

      The people that did die from this genetic man-made flu were of the elderly and the immune compromised. Most had underlying health conditions that caused them to be already weak and therefore they could not fight the virus. This was just a bad flue virus that was hyped up with mega fear. There has been so much false information out there about COVID-19. Many people that had it survived, including myself and others.

      1/3rd of all the deaths from SARS-CoV-2 came from nursing homes.

      The virus needs to be called out for what it really is, the Wuhan virus where it originated from. Just like all viruses are named after their outbreak origin, this one should have no exception.

      Recently, Canada came out with a warning on single use masks because they contain asbestos like particles that can damage the lungs. They also have plastic microfibers in these disposable masks that are causing environmental issues as well, all around the world. It is overall, just bad for us.

      I would rather have SARS-CoV-2 than to wear a mask that will for sure kill me over time, silently.

      Especially since there are many natural remedies for COVID-19 that work great!

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