What is platelet rich plasma injection therapy – the magic of blood plasma

When we give ourselves a chance to regenerate our cellular tissues, we get well and heal. Some folks may feel like a miracle has happened; however, this is our natural birthright, a natural body process. In regenerative medicine, our bodies are given a chance to heal themselves with therapies that may not be currently at the forefront of most medical treatments given to ordinary people for musculoskeletal injuries, especially when one is in pain.

Thankfully, platelet plasma therapy is a technique that can be used to help heal these types of injuries and is in this category of medicine. Platelet rich plasma or what is called PRP is used by a select group of people like athletes to help them recover from tissue injuries and muscle injuries such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and tears in the rotator cuff. It is used to repair ligaments and tendons as well. Today I am going to talk about what is platelet rich plasma injection therapy and why it is so life giving.

What is platelet rich plasma injection therapy?

Musculoskeletal injuries happen all the time due to overuse of the body or of too much repetition in body movement. These abrasions can occur when a movement is done the wrong way or not done in an ergonomic fashion or can be caused by an accident. These hurts are causing damage to major areas of the body and soft tissue damage. It can be difficult to recover if the right therapy is not used and this is where platelet rich plasma injection therapy comes into play. Some people are in chronic pain for years and never really recover because they do not get the right healing modality.

So, what is in blood that can help heal these grievances? We have of course the plasma, which is the platelets, we have red and white blood cells, we have vitamins that make the blood rich and salts, and we have water. The plasma is what is so miraculous here, because it not only has these rich growth factors that stimulate other tissue to repair themselves, it has blood clotting factors in it too, which help to clot blood when we have an injury. See how amazing our bodies are?

According to hss.edu and their blog on Platelet-rich plasma therapy, they say that this type of therapy requires the use of a centrifuge. This centrifuge is used to separate your blood cells with your plasma, about two to four tablespoons of your blood, the medical specialist will then use this plasma to inject it into your injured body part. Your plasma has what is called “activated platelets” because it contains stem cells that are designed to help put back together damaged cells. It is like having your own growth stimulator within your plasma.

One of their patents had this to say about his experience with PRP and I quote: “Even though still considered experimental, PRP is the newest medical research that jump starts the healing process using your own blood stem cell fluid allowing your body’s DNA to recognize your blue print.”  By Robert (Al) Capasso. Using an ultrasound, the medical practitioner will inject your own plasma right into the injured area. Together with the knowledge the medical provider brings to the table, it is a match made in regenerative healing heaven.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, some use this as an alternative to surgery and call it “speed healing.” I think it is called this because of how quickly patients tend to recover from this type of procedure. Some recover within two weeks, others two to six weeks. That is surprisingly good! Plus, one does not have to have surgery, take drugs or painkillers to do the therapy. That is a huge bonus. Harvard Health Publishing says that this small amount of blood condensed makes it a potent healing cocktail because it becomes 3-10 times more powerful than when whole blood is used and concentrated.

This is a new type of therapy just emerging recently, so not too many studies have been done on PRP. Although there have been a few, more studies are underway. There are many testimonials on it and there have been many athletes that have undergone this treatment with good success, an outcome of resilience and their tissues being healed. People report being able to go back to the sport or exercise they had done before they got injured. For me, it is about living a pain free life and the best quality of life one can live. If this type of treatment helps with pain reduction, then that is something worth pursuing more than ever if it helps get one off opioids and narcotics.


In conclusion, our blood is truly blood of life. In essence God has given us everything we need, literally. By using platelet rich plasma injection therapy using our own stem cells and separating our blood from its parts, a new frontier has emerged in what is called regenerative health care. I believe this is the future of health not some surgical medical procedure that continues to cause life debilitating disease and pain. By injecting our own plasma into our injured tissues, we can now allow these stem cells to do their magic to bring back the unit to a whole and reunite broken and damaged areas.

My understanding is that it costs around a thousand dollars and insurance does not cover the expense. However, you will need to shop around to check and see who provides this experimental procedure and if you can get on the doctor’s list. This type of PRP therapy may possibly be only available in selected locations.

As science continues to surprise us and we learn more about how to heal our bodies and recover faster from injuries, we learn to take pride in our genetic DNA make up and see it for what it really is: a powerful healing source. God gave us these healing abilities, let us not waste them. Let us learn more about how our body can heal itself and support our immune system at the same time. Isn’t it wonderful how far we have come medically within this science? It is awesome! Healing when we allow it, is truly our own little miracle. So yes, it is both, this is our natural birthright, a natural body process made by God.

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