What is the difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation?

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Inflammation can be difficult to cope with especially when there’s pain and it seems like it’ll never go away. As strange as it sounds, but it’s true, we need inflammation in order to heal our cuts and bruises.

It’s fundamental to how the human body’s immune system heals itself from infectious diseases and internal or external wounds. So, why do we get inflammation?

Having a better understanding of it will help us heal our bodies and find health. In this blog post I’m going to talk about what is the difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation and foods that heal inflammation.

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What is the difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation?

In acute inflammation, the human body can quickly repair and heal itself with steadfastness. At the blog Sciencedirect.com, they say acute inflammation is short-lived and painful. It doesn’t last long and it’s usually followed up by symptoms of fluid rendition called edema, while the innate immune system pours white blood cells into the affected area.

Pain is centered around the cellular damage where it’s hot in temperature, tender to stimuli, and becomes very red with lots of blood flow to the infected area. Sometimes fever can set in which is just a common way the immune system responses become engaged to help fight infection.

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In chronic inflammation the inflammation gets worse because when the body cannot manage acute inflammation, it than becomes chronic. It means: “Houston, we have a problem.” (quote by John Swigert)

It is harder to heal from chronic inflammation than acute and here’s why: the damage to cells is still damaged. The area of hurt is not healing and the body, remarkably, keeps trying to fix it when it cannot.

The conditions for healing to occur are not being allowed or are stopped in someway and our own repair processes can’t fix the injury. This is when chronic inflammation continues, persistently, possibly for years.

The result is distorted tissues or deformed cellular tissues at the injured location and possibly having scarring allowing the body to become susceptible to further diseases such as autoimmune disease at the infected area allowing many other diseases to find your welcome mat rolled out and your front door unlocked.

If there is inflammation in your body, there could be more than one area that has infection or possible inflammation. It’s important to get it checked out by a medical doctor to see what treatments or therapies are available otherwise other issues can occur and other diseases can manifest.

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What I find so amazing about our bodies is that they are constantly trying to repair themselves, no matter what is going wrong, the human body is designed to heal itself to stay alive and be healthy. It’s giving our bodies that chance to heal that will allow for greater health and strength of body.

This is hard to accomplish when either inflammation continues to be persistent or the wrong application to therapy techniques isn’t working, which doesn’t help solve chronic inflammation.

Suffering continues because nothing is being done to help the body to heal itself and pain gets worse. Thus, acute inflammation is usually managed quickly, while chronic inflammation isn’t.

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Foods that heal inflammation

There are many foods that heal the body, our guts and our mind. It’s been said that your gut is your second brain and if that’s true we need to feed it well.

Below I’m going to discuss some foods that help fight or ward off inflammation and with that being said I do want to just touch bases on mindset.

If you believe you can help yourself to heal and you want to live a strong healthy life, you can. The powerful messages we think of in our brain and in our thoughts help to shape our reality. We do create our own reality. We manifest our destiny.

We create our own death. In many ways we spiritually agree to the way we are going to die. This is a metaphysical concept.

I believe that no one wants to die young or before their time. However, when pain takes you to a whole other level and you’re hurting in ways that compromise your well-being and pursuit of happiness, that’s when the situation changes.

It’s when the pain gets too much or the body is too sick to recover that some people tend to rather die than live because they are no longer thriving well, and are in a state of survival of their life!

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There’s no hope at this stage and there is no faith that they can get better, especially if they’ve tried every medical procedure, pill or medical process recommendations. This last stage before death, the process of wanting to die is the giving up stage.

Once this decision has been made, there’s no help for the individual to recover to live. I’ve seen it too many times.

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So, just to be clear and state something important here: there is always help for those that seek it. There is always a way out of every situation. If you seek the answer, you will find it. Even miracles do happen!

It’s just a matter of postulating your desire, practicing meditation, prayer, dreaming, being tenacious, seeing opportunity and enforcing your willpower.

If someone doesn’t want to live, no one can help. They do not want assistance even if the answer to healthy recovery is out there. This has been very hard for me to accept.

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Everyone has free will and this one is very strong. It’s also about timing too because with some diseases and depending on the stage of the disease, there may not be anything that anyone can do.

At Webmd.com on their website blog “Inflammation,”it says that chronic inflammation is also associated with different types of diseases such as cancer, different types of arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and asthma just to name a few.

So, not taking care of ourselves and just suffering through the pain can lead to worse pain, more illness and diseases that are difficult to overcome if not mitigated sooner than later.

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Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are devastating to not just the individual, it’s the families that are taking care of the person in chronic pain too that suffer. It puts a huge strain on families physically and mentally.

As Dr. Axe says, and I quote: “Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Heart disease is inflammation of the arteries. The list goes on and on.”

According to livescience.com, anyone can lower their risk of inflammation by eating foods low in inflammatory substances. If it’s not controlled or lowered or eliminated, than our immune system responses can malfunction thinking that the threat to the body is still present if there’s inflammation somewhere but it cannot find it.

Therefore our immune cells will possibly attack our own internal organs and low and behold, an autoimmune disease can occur. To prevent this from happening and to take control of your chronic pain, take out the trash.

Eliminate all toxic waste from your body and mind by cleaning house, literally and the temple of your sacred body will thank you for it. This means chemical waste that is environmental as well as acidic foods that contribute to inflammation.

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Eat more alkaline foods and eliminate the acidic foods. So, remove out of your diet processed foods, trans fats, sugar, white flour, white rice, bad fats such as margarine, omega-6 fatty acids and GMO foods such as corn and other genetically modified organisms.

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This is the first step: awareness. The second step is making the decision to be doing something about it.

Dr. Axe in his blog post: Chronic inflammation at the Root of Most Diseases + How to Prevent!, talks about inflammation and says that it isn’t just caused by damages cells and bodily injury, it can be caused by being obese, meaning that the diet your eating can cause inflammation by the foods being consumed.

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When there’s chronic pain and possibly many areas of the human body that are stressed in inflammation, it can cause weight gain along with medications being taken.

This happens because toxins from medications are being stored in the fatty tissues to keep them away from our internal organs. Otherwise death could occur fast if our internal organs are infiltrated with toxins.

The obese human body is a walking inflammatory response to its internal environmental conditions. When the guts are enlarged and protruded, that’s inflammation.

Some people can live with it for years without realizing there’s a bigger problem going on because the weight gain is a response to this stress and the pain it is in.

Stress is a cause also and definitely a factor to consider because it elevates hormones by initiating the flight and fight responses, putting the body’s immune system on higher levels of alert.

He says depression can be a cause of inflammation as well as allergies and not getting any movement or any exercise. All these things lead to other diseases and sickness. Irritated bowels or what is called irritable bowel disease can contribute to inflammation because the gut microbiome in the body is off kilter.

He even says that being exposed to toxins all around us contributes to chronic inflammation such as air pollution, toxic inflammatory foods and smoking.

So, how do we eliminate or reduce inflammation? It’s hard to even think about how to manage pain when the pain is so painful. This is where a trained specialist or doctor may help.

Sometimes managing it in a way that is better than the way your currently handling your pain, is best. So seriously, please try to reduce your pain! It is imperative. That way a plan of action can be taken and wellness can begin.

Through that process though, it’s important to remember our pain and what caused it in the first place otherwise it’ll return with a vengeance and you’ll have a big reminder as to why it occurred. It will remind you of what your currently doing or eating is not working. If you’re really inflamed, consultant your medical doctor to get help.

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Here are some good remedies from Dr. Axe’s website:

1. Eat foods high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables either raw, cooked or juiced

2. Eat a Mediterranean diet which includes eating a variety of vegetables eaten daily along with fruits and organic eggs, proteins high in fish and or lower amounts of proteins if eaten along with some dairy, red wine and wholesome organic foods

3. Drink red wine to help reduce inflammation as it contains Quercetin which is anti inflammatory, anti carcinogenic and fights inflammatory enzymes with the help of resveratrol which reduces oxidative stress on the body.

Try substitutes such as green tea, apples, red onions, kale and blueberries which all have Quercetin in them if you don’t want to drink red wine.

4. Get some exercise whether outside or inside, which helps increase oxygen blood flow in the body

5. Meditation is good for reducing stress and calming the mind and it helps in healthy self evaluation, mindfulness and awareness

6. Take Willow Bark a tree that has pain reducing properties in its bark, but ask your doctor first especially if you’re on other medications

7. Omega 3-fatty acids are good fats such as flax seed, fish oil, krill oil, muscles, oily fish, salmon, algae oil, green vegetables and chia seeds

8. Turmeric is an herb root that is used as a spice containing curcumin in its properties that reduces inflammation

9. Pineapple contains bromelain to decrease swelling at infected areas

10. Green Oolong Tea and White Tea is great because of its antiflmatory powers and rich antioxidants that reduce oxidation

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I find the human immune system to be very fascinating. It’s something so wholesome to living that most of us don’t stop and realize how it’s helping us every day to stay alive and healthy. It’s continuously on the move, moment to moment, our immune system is protecting us and keeping us alive.

It’s a superpower that we all have inside of us, a powerful superpower that if we start practicing healthy habits to protect it and start honing its ability to do its job efficiently, our immune system will sustain us fully, for life.

Please think about this seriously! Truly our superpower will not just fight well for us, it will do so forever allowing for longevity as long as we help it to fight for our survival along the way.

Why do I say this? It’s because our immune system is intelligent and it learns. Once it knows how to fight the right things effectively, it will always know how to fight it and helps to defend us. It’s our ultimate protector.

It’s when it’s low on it’s internal nutritional reserves that things can get dicier and we get sick for the worst. This is why being healthy and staying ImmuneFit is ideal in this world we live in.

For example at one moment when we have lack of sleep or come into contact with something unwelcome like a pollen or unwanted illness, our immunity can become compromised and yet if it has the right information to fight it when it enters into us or any diseases for that matter, foreign substances like unwanted bacteria or pathogens, there’s a chance at sustainable life. Its the little things that we don’t realize that can affect our immunity if we don’t take care of ourselves and allow body aches and pains to continue…. So shall long term suffering such as chronic inflammation.

So to recap, at Pathwaymedicine.org, they say that in acute inflammation there is a flood of immune cells that go to the main point of contact site which is mainly caused by cellular injuries somewhere in the body. Then white blood cells along with other immunity cells try to take control of the damaged area by reducing the infection by gobbling up foreign microbes, viruses, bacteria etc..cleaning up the garbage so to speak.

When acute inflammation continues building steam for its fire and doesn’t go away and the immune system responses can’t fight back, the immune system is having trouble mitigating the cellular damages and can’t fix what’s wrong.

This is where the situation changes from acute inflammation transforming into chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation sets in making its home at the injured site, staying a longtime, lasting days, if not years putting the body’s homeostasis in jeopardy which creates a weaker compromised body and immune system, possibly for life.

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Anyway your figure it, constantly being in pain and having flair ups of inflammation in your body will weaken your body and your willpower to thrive will be reduced. You’ll become more susceptible to diseases and possibly early death. This occurs when the cellular damages is not fixed and the injured area continues to be injured.

In order to reduce chronic inflammation, continue with good healthy eating habits, meditate, do stress reducing activities, get some exercise and do some deep breathing.

While meditating remember to use positive affirmations and bring forth your willpower to say hello to yourself which includes the trillions of cells, bacterial colonies inside your body and celebrate your life with them.

You do have millions if not trillions of bacterial colonies inside you. You are them and they are you. We are an organized arrangement of bacterial organisms in one unique body.

You’re communicating together all the time. So, if your bacteria colonies in your gut tell you to eat sugar or candy it’s because they’re communicating to you directly to eat that type of food. It means there’s too much of that type of bacteria in your gut and NOT enough of the other kind. Your gut microbiome may be out of balance.

Please consult with your medical doctor to see what can be done to reverse the path of not just chronic inflammation, consult them about lowering your risk to a shorter lifespan as well.

My father, along with some other good friends of mine, gave up the good fight to death because of chronic pain. Have you ever had chronic pain? Has a loved one in your life ever wanted to give up living because of chronic illness and pain? Please share your story at the comments below.

Life is an amazing odyssey, it’s the journey that embarks growth at all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Let yourself cherish this opportunity to reduce pain and suffering, reduce chronic inflammation.

Let’s bring ourselves back into the glory of living life the way it’s supposed to be lived: in a healthy simplistic lifestyle and free of pain.

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