Why do we get dark circles under the eyes – A possible iron deficiency?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Are you wondering why your face looks pale with a sunken depth of dark blackness of death underneath your eyeball? You are not alone!

There are many other people that get these dark circles, women and men and children too. They seem to appear out of nowhere and yet, sometimes stay for days or years.

What are those dark circles under my eyes, I wonder as I cover them up with foundation? I look like I am sleep deprived! Seriously, and sometimes I feel like everyone is staring at me wondering why I do not sleep. Or that could be my imagination. Ha!

Truly, I do, and I know just perfectly well that I get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. So, where do these dark circles come from? Have you ever wondered?

These dark circles under the eyes make an unwanted visit every so often and then there are days when I do not have them. Weird! How did they get there? Well, the main thing to come away with is that it is an indication that something is wrong.

We need to remember that our body is communicating to us and telling us that something is amiss within our sacred temple. In this blog post I am going to talk about why do we get dark circles under the eyes, how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, and some home remedies for dark circles under the eyes.


Why do we get dark circles under the eyes?

The LaBeautyologist on her YouTube video has some good advice about correcting dark circles. Why do we get dark circles under the eyes? Well, she says that she knows the truth. Here are her tips as to why dark circles make their appearance known:

  • It is lack of blood circulation due to the thinness of the skin under the eye and the blood vessels that reside there. She says it is because the blood pulls and can clump there showing darkness like a blue color in the vanes.
  • Lack of hydration or moisture in that area where the skin is very thin. This is because it does not produce oils making it look unhealthy.
  • It is hereditary, so many of your family members may have it and so do you! (I am not sure about this 3rd one because I truly believe the health of the body determines the level of darkness in the dark circles under the eyes. However, you must make up your own mind.)

Medical News Today says in their article that dark circles under the eyes can be due to aging and having allergies, bad sleeping habits and bad diet, plus it could also be from smoking, it could be genetic, it could be an iron deficiency, a thyroid condition, and dehydration.

However, they say that no one really knows why people get dark circles under their eyes.

In my own opinion, I believe it is from an inability to absorb vitamins and minerals along with stress, bad eating habits and taking medication or antibiotics that causes toxins to buildup in the body. When the body is ill, it is playing catch up just to survive. I believe that when we are sick and our body is trying to maintain its equilibrium, it is using up most of its own resources that are stored within it for internal body functions.

Those resources are vitamins, and minerals it uses to sustain itself and consequently we look sick in the face. When we are ill, we need more nutrition, more supplementation to keep up with our body using up all our internal resources. It is like the body is a bank of health which contains the money of our wealth of nutrition.

When we are ill, it uses up that wealth of nutrition that is stored in our body tissues, blood and bones and fatty tissues, and it does a withdrawal. This withdrawal is keeping us stable and from death. Yet, we look sick, since we are still withdrawing those nutrients to stay alive. And if theses nutrients are not given back, the body continues to compensate every day, monthly and yearly.

Bad eating habits and using medications over the long term can lead to malabsorption and unwanted vitamin and mineral deficiencies which lead to disease and low life expectancy.

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes – Supplement up!

So, how do we really get the dark skin under our eyes to vanish? We must look at how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, for real, so that we do not look like a raccoon.

Dr Burg says in his YouTube video, What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes? that the best way to absorb iron, if this is an iron deficiency, is to eat animal protein like red meat. He says to eat liver and any or all red meats plus sea food. If eating animal meat is not possible, there are iron pills one can swallow.

The iron pill must come from a food based source and not anything that would be made of plant foods or synthetic toxins because otherwise it is harder for the body to assimilate.

He says it is much more difficult to absorb the iron in green leafy vegetables due to the nature of how our proteins assimilate this mineral in our body.

Animals like cows eat the grass and transform the iron in their bodies into a form we can break down well and easily use. We then consume that transformed iron which we call red meat. This is utilizable for us, not the grass or plants.

We can get iron from plants like spinach and broccoli and anything green, but it is not as absorbable in our bodies as red meats.

It is, however, important to eat green vegetables for their vitamin content and other minerals as well as fiber is needed for overall health. So, this is no excuse to not to eat your vegetables!

Best Skin Evers

Dr Burg says children have dark circles under their eyes because they are iron deficient. He says that the symptoms of this mineral deficiency are as follows: fatigue, dizzy, pale, irritable, craving ice to suck on and there is delayed bone growth. Honestly, I have seen this in some adults as well, this is not just a childhood problem.

Dr Burg says that there can be a few reasons for it:

  1. The child is not eating foods that contain iron
  2. The child is consuming foods that block the absorption of iron
  3. The child has a digestive disorder like IBS or Crones disease which does not allow for absorption of the iron

It is a good idea to check with the child’s doctor to see what could be going on and then to also get multiple opinions. Dr Burg says that there are two types of iron: 1. Heme Iron (animal protein), 2. Nonheme Iron (from plants). It is the Heme Iron that is needed most.

Another reason he says children get iron deficient is that sometimes there is not enough acid in the stomach and low acid content will not allow absorption or if one has taken antibiotics, this too will block the absorption of this valuable trace mineral.

According to Dr. Burg, there are some foods that block iron and those foods that do this are grains that contain phytates. Many people consume phytates daily and do not realize that they are not helping their body to absorb nutrients effectively.

Adults and children alike that have a problem with phytates are consuming whole grains where the phytic acids have not been broken down or processed in a way that allows for consumption.

Foods that contain this blocker are beans, lentils, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and oats. All these can block the incorporation of iron as well due to the phytates which bind the iron to it.

One can fix this problem by soaking the wheat, barley, oats, lentils, and beans overnight in water, and then one needs to throw out the water because that will contain the phytic acid being leached out of the grains and lentils.

Many grains that are sold in the grocery stores have not had the phytates broken down before processing. This is where finding a good vendor or baker that knows how to process these grains well will benefit families who buy these products regularly.

Think of it this way, that the breaking down Phytic Acid regularly before consuming these food products is helping your digestion.

According to Healthline: Phytic Acid 101: Everything You Need to Know, phytates block many minerals from foods being absorbed by the body. Such minerals include zinc, calcium, and iron.

Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes

Here are some home remedies for dark circles under the eyes, by Dr. Burg from his blog post: Dark Circles Under the Eyes:

  1. Do Nasal Rinses like using a Neti-Pot for rinsing the nostrils with a nasal solution.
  2. Take Colostrum because it helps to correct the immune system by putting it back on course and plus it helps to eliminate allergies.
  3. Take Mormon Tea which is very helpful for immunity. It is as he calls it “a weak version” of ephedra.
  4. Take Milk Thistle which can help to repair liver damage.
  5. Take long walks to reduce adrenal fatigue, increase Vitamin D and improve sleep.
  6. Get some sleep by fixing a sleep deprivation issue; when you are tired, sleep.
  7. Reduce stress by taking potassium rich foods and Vitamin B1 and get your vitamin D.
  8. Take Vitamin C, especially higher amounts of it, dosages were not given so check with your doctor.

Dr Burg says that potassium rich foods act like a tranquilizer which can relax the body and will help to eliminate excessive sodium uptake that is consumed by eating bad food.

This combination of fast-food eating will cause tension in the eyes, which is the fluid that builds up under the eyes.

The Potassium/Sodium ratio issue is what creates the bags under the eyes, therefore eliminating this is essential to correcting this eye problem.

Note: He says children can have an iron deficiency and not be anemic.

According to Dr Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his book We Want To Live, dark circles under the eyes is a vitamin deficiency.

He says to recover from this problem, one would eat raw fruit and raw fruit juices mixed with unheated raw honey and to eat salads without the oil to make enzymes more readily available which he calls “bioactive, enzyme bound vitamins for proper assimilation and utilization.” (page 321)

He does not recommend taking vitamin supplements as taking the wrong kind can be toxic. He says that the symptoms of vitamin deficiency are as follows.

  • A tongue that looks white and powdery,
  • Feeling fearful and nervous
  • Having flatulence or gas
  • Having less peripheral vision available or none
  • Having bad thoughts about the future like making problems where non exist.

He says that and I quote:

“A chronic vitamin deficiency is often misdiagnosed as a severe potassium deficiency. Ironically, consuming vitamin supplements increases those symptoms rather then mitigate symptoms.” Yes, so an uptake in nutrition by food is important here!


In conclusion, black circles under the eyes is essentially a cosmetic nuisance. It looks bad and it tells the outside world where we are at nutritionally, physically, or even psychologically.

Dark circles could be a deeper issue then one realizes even if there are no specific real answers out there.

Monitor your own health and see what happens when you get healthier. Test yourself to get more sleep or when you clean up your diet to see what health benefits may occur. Monitor you dark circles daily to see if they start to disappear.

Usually, when there is one mineral deficiency, there are other mineral deficiencies. So, it is very important to try to eat fruits and vegetables to correct it or take a mineral supplement. It is also critical to correct the absorption issue.

Again, I do believe that having dark circles under the eyes is a mineral and vitamin deficiency along with toxins that are built up in the body and a malabsorption issue where the body is trying to correct its health problem and sickness. Whether it is just an iron deficiency or not, I do not know for sure.

I do know that not being able to absorb our foods well is a more common problem then most people realize. Eating good sources of protein along with vegetable consumption are a fabulous combination at the dinner table.

One thing to keep in mind is to take vitamin C because it really does help to absorb iron.

I would recommend getting an iron test from your doctor to see if you are low on iron and see if there is a correlation to those dark circles.

Remember it is not just iron deficiency that could cause those dark circles to appear, it could be a toxic liver, allergies, mucus in the sinuses and adrenal fatigue or lack of sleep.

Sleeping on an inclined bed is good to help drain fluid downward during the night cycles we go through and getting quality sleep helps in regulation of hormone levels to reduce stress.

So, really take a note of your own daily habits, daily eating habits and nightly sleep cycles. Everything could be contributing to those dark circles. Find out for yourself by writing down in a journal everything that you do and eliminate some habits or add other habits to see what is or what is not working. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts? It is a journey this health path we are all on and yet it is about lifestyle too. SoothSayer Serum

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  1. Hereditary, that might be it! I was wondering why my dark circles never seem to end, I drink a lot of water and I exercise regularly and I sleep a lot too and it never seems to go away. Do you think there might be a chance that dark circles formed by lack of sleep years ago might be the cause? Back when I was still studying, I always stay up late but not now though, as I ave a lot more free time now compared to last time.

    • Riaz Shah, 

      Thank you for your comment. It is true, that what we eat and do now, sleep or not affects our future selves on a very real level. Your future you, you are forming now, so yes! Pay attention to all those things in your life that may be giving you ill health or great health. It is a journey. Sometimes supplementation is needed, or diet changes are required. When our bodies are trying to keep up with us, we use more nutritional reserves and do a withdrawal from our body. Those dark circles sure show it! Glad I could help a bit. It is possible that it is just hereditary. Be well. Cheers! 🙂 Lily

  2. Thank you for sharing your article about Living a nutritionally healthy lifestyle. I liked your post as it is very informative. You have provided a good amount of information. I am sure like me, other people will benefit from it as well. 

    I am suffering from the same problem. I have it most of the time because I am a hard worker (taping on my own back) in my point of view, it is because of over tiredness and fatigue because I had a blood test and the doctor told me that I am healthy and that nothing is wrong. So that’s why I think it is due to being exhausted. Only sleep is not enough. We have to have some time off from screen during our days and nights but me I am working most of the time with screens.

    Back to the site, thank you for sharing it.

    All the best!

    • Hello Meenaf1,

      Thank you for your comment. Do not lose faith, health is a journey we are all on. Blood tests are good to get, I agree and working with your doctor. Do not forget to keep trying new things to see what works for you. It is not just about being exhausted, however that could be a big part of it for you! It also could be that you are being exposed to too much EMF and that is another topic. Good luck! I hope your health improves. 🙂  Lily

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